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DGPT 09-07-2016 08:15 AM

DGPT: Host a Pro Tour House Party: Win a DGPT Zuca Cart!


Full details: http://www.discgolfprotour.com/news/...-watch-parties
Finals webpage: http://www.discgolfprotour.com/finals.html


This is the Super Bowl of disc golf.
  • The top 4 women. The top 5 men.
  • One round, winner takes all*.
  • $2,000 to the ladies champ. $10,000 to the men's champ.
It is time to have a house party. And it is time for you to host it.
  • East Coast / Central: Sunday Cookout House Party - starts at NOON! / 11 AM!
  • West Coast / Mountain: Sunday Brunch House Party - starts at 9 AM! / 10 AM!

We will give a DGPT Zuca Cart to the host with the best Pro Tour Championship House Party. Period.​
  1. Host a house party to watch the Tour Championship.
  2. During the live broadcast, with the action in the background, take a picture of your crew wathcing our crew.
  3. Post the picture on Facebook and/or Instagram with the #DGPT hashtag.
  4. We will pick the best party / photo and the host will win a DGPT Zuca Cart.

*All women in the finals will earn $750. All men will earn $2,000. Only the champion will win more.


ohtobediscing 09-07-2016 11:17 AM

Oh, you mean a VIEWING party. The title makes it sound like a throwdown at my place for the pros (which would be a bad idea anyways---they don't much like each other).

Great cart, though! Just texted some geezers in MS who I know could use a cart and have the room for a fracas! :thmbup:

DGPT 09-07-2016 01:15 PM

I debated between calling it a House Party or a Watch Party. If Viewing Party works for you, there it is. :hfive:

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