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Dr.Disc 08-08-2012 06:20 PM

I have a qjls 1.8 I was wondering what the 1.8 is is this a run number if so is this an old run

Johnny Depth 08-08-2012 06:26 PM

Rim size maybe? Not sure

KRATC 08-08-2012 06:35 PM

The first number is the mold number and the second number is the run number, if I remember correctly. Regardless, if you search "millennium" in the search bar, you can find threads that will contain more info.

zj1002 08-08-2012 06:38 PM

the current QJLS run is 1.10.

Millennium numbers each new run. 1.8 is from about a year and half ago.

The 1.8 run(opaque and yellow-green) is actually the Q Polaris LS that was "oops" molded, marked and stamped as the QJLS by Innova. It is not collectible right now. Some people do prefer it because of the grip and added stability, while others dislike it because it is not really a QJLS.

Dr.Disc 08-08-2012 07:51 PM

Huh mines ice clear with a super light green halo in the rim thanks though for the info

zj1002 08-08-2012 07:51 PM

Is it lighter weight(sub 170g)?

Dr.Disc 08-08-2012 07:54 PM

160 grams

zj1002 08-08-2012 07:55 PM

yeah its older. so its an actual QJLS. still nothing special about 1.8 run

Dr.Disc 08-08-2012 07:59 PM

Yah its a weird not very durable champion plastic not like any other champ ive ever owned from ce to current its a real soft easily chipped junk plastic thats what made me curious about the run thing

tomsdiscs 08-08-2012 08:24 PM

Love my 1.8 QJLS
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My ORANGE 1.8 QJLS is one of my favorite discs and is holding up fine, and the ground is pretty hard on my local courses, we do not have grass in a dry place like CA.

In fact, if anybody has a 1.8 9+ 172G+ orange QJLS they want to sell, PM me.

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