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SpikeHyzer 04-03-2015 08:52 AM

Got in a quick test sessions with the P-MD3 yesterday and all I have to say is it was love at first throw. I am guessing that all of the proto's are flattish? Now, I wonder how one of these would fly if it had the same shape as the recent run glow's? I really hope that DM keeps this version of the MD3 around. I can really see myself cycling P and C versions of the MD3 for my midrange slot. I wouldn't be apposed to a run of firm S-Line MD3's either. Those could be pretty sweet flyers as well.

hurricaine 04-03-2015 01:00 PM

are the P MD3's KCP or more of their gummy pro that the PD's come in. PP2's and PPD's feel like different plastic to me, so just wondering before i order

fasteddie 04-03-2015 01:20 PM

I think that this P line run is more akin to KC PRO.

hard/velvet/seasonable is what I've gathered?

rarintal 04-03-2015 02:03 PM

wow! this thread is active!

Originally Posted by Brodysseus (Post 2726866)
Absolutely, other 1.9 sized rim discs hold up well and have a good life cycle in DX (Firebird, Viking, Valkyrie). I'd buy a stack of 10 D-Line PDs the day they came out.

Interesting I'll keep that in mind for the future.


Originally Posted by Mocheez (Post 2726922)
I would buy 2 stacks of 10 (20 total).

Thanks for the insight!


Originally Posted by Brodysseus (Post 2726924)
There's 30 right there, how many would you need total to do a run for us?

Well, we would need a little more than that!


Originally Posted by notroman (Post 2726934)
I guess it depends on the price. I like how it looks/feels but I don't throw it because I know I won't find a replacement and my stash of 3rd runs is enough to hold me over for a while.

What are first run C-PDs going for these days? 10/10 could be 9/10 not sure if there's storage wear.

Check out the "Discmania Collector and Throwers" on Facebook


Originally Posted by Jack Daniels (Post 2727024)
+1 on the D and XT PDs! As king as they mold up flat I would buy several. That would fill a hole I currently have in the bag..

What hole is that? Would a CD2 fill that spot?


Originally Posted by august dupree (Post 2727065)
Ohhhhhhhh, and XFDs too!!!

We have a had a lot of requests for this. In P-LINE (KC Pro like) and X-LINE. Would you guys be interested in the Driver P-LINE? like the P-LINE PD2 & DD2 plastic?


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 2727159)
I'm not in vinyl decal business... 😊 what I meant, get a high resolution shield stamp image and take it somewhere where they can put it on whatever product you want.

Copyright issue does exist, but if it is a single guy doing a single item for their own enjoyment, I know I would not really mind if I was the copyright owner.

I used to do this back in the day to make custom band tshirts and didnot feel I was doing anythibg wrong since they were just for me and not for sale.

If you're really interested the proper thing to do would be to email us at [email protected]


Originally Posted by AlexJensen86 (Post 2727190)
Looking at the DM website, why do the c line p2s have a different flight rating than the p line. im not sure if it a mistake where the p3 numbers ended up on the p2 or if it is actually that drastically different. specifically looking at the factory seconds.
Also-FINALLY max weight p2s-THANK YOU DM

Yeah, Sorry about just fixed the flight numbers for the P2, I accidentally put the P3 numbers in there. We are working on keeping up, you guys love those!


Originally Posted by Vorpaljesus (Post 2727195)
The c-line is significantly more over stable than the base plastics versions, and happily manufacturers have been acknowledging that with updated flight ratings

If we would update the flight rating it might make this ---> 2,3,0,2 (the 2 fade is the only thing we would change instead of 1)


Originally Posted by Rol6566 (Post 2727208)
Yea, the C-P2 definitely fade harder than the S or D lines i have thrown. The D and S can have some turn when thrown hard, the C seems to hold the line longer before fading

Yes, they have tested well. The are very durable too, it took me all winter to want to replace the one I have now.


Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains (Post 2727247)
Does Jussi have any input during the designing of molds or is that all up to DaveD?


At the moment Jussi, myself, and the rest of the Discmania staff do most of the testing. As you all know we are very cautious to add new molds. When we want to fill a slot we present the idea and then work together with Dave Dunapace and the Innova Staff to reach our desired goal.


Originally Posted by andrewv (Post 2727507)
Those who have read this thread or anything about Discmania know Jussi (and the Discmania staff) have ALL the input on mold design.

We have a lot of input, be we like to listen to all parties involved. Dave has a lot of experience in this area, his input and opinions are very much valued.


Originally Posted by Broken Shoulder (Post 2727993)
X-P1x in white please. (Bonus for mini store stamp.) Will buy at least 6 - 10. :)

We'll keep that in mind. We created black this time and it was quite popular.


Originally Posted by DanJon (Post 2728010)
Stoked for P Line P1x.

What do you guys think? ...it looks like I put the wrong price for the prototype P1x, our mistake is your gain.


Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains (Post 2728275)
Not according to a few posters around here that "work" at innova -- all DaveD. That's why I asked, as I was wondering if they actually know what they are talking about.

I always thought the PD was Jussi's baby but was told that Dave is responsible for all the design.

Who are you referring to when you say "Not according to a few posters around here that 'work' at innova"?


Originally Posted by sjberry2017 (Post 2728702)
Pretty sure that Jussi said in the interview they did with him in Disc Golfer that Dave does the design, but the Discmania guys do a lot of testing and consulting; either way they make some great discs, they've slowly been taking over my bag (however, gyro also holds a few slots).

So the first day of spring is Friday, and I'll reask the same question:

Any ideas on when the Lite Basket will be available here in the US? I've been holding off on spending money on a few other baskets because I really think the Lite is going to be awesome! I'd just love to get some idea on a time frame so I can start planning around purchasing one.

What spots are those that the gyro discs are holding down that we don't have? We are working on getting the baskets here and available for sale soon. The basket catches amazing. When we got them to test here in the US we were quite surprised at the level this thing catches. We hope you guys will like them just as much as we do.


Originally Posted by tylerc (Post 2728903)
will there be any runs of flat s-line pd2s?

We will work on that for the future.


Originally Posted by JTacoma03 (Post 2728973)
It's a mutual collaboration. Discmania discs as they have come to be would not have turned out that way without the involvement of both of these individuals from the start. It's best not to worry about the power structure and just remember each person owns their own respective company, and each makes individual decisions for their own company, they're just part of the same family.

There are also other very important members of the family that don't always get their due, but Jussi and Dave are the figureheads.

I have no info on the release, but I can say that the Lite surprises me constantly. I really like it. (lightweight, portable, catches most like a permanent basket)

Exactly. Good job Jamie, thanks for helping answer questions :)

rarintal 04-03-2015 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by SpringDgLover (Post 2728998)
So has anyone here tried all runs of C-PD's, if so can they make a listing of them from OS to US? Im looking for some beefy PD's I can beat in and some straights out of the box. PS: I love this mold.

In order of most overstable to most understable

1st Run C-LINE, Metal Flake C-LINE & Glow C-LINE PD (made at the same time as the 5th run), 5th run C-LINE Jolly Launcher, 6th & 3rd Run C-LINE are very close to the same along with the early run S-LINE PD, 4th run and current run S-LINE PD, 2nd Run C-LINE (plus mold) and P-LINE.

There will always be certain discs within each run that will move up and down the stability ladder. For example the hard P-LINE PDs can move up to the stability of the 6th and 3rd run C-LINE PD but they don't stay there for too long.


Originally Posted by Um... (Post 2729234)
1st runs are always going to be king, but they're really hard to find these days (not to mention $$$). The Metal Flakes in the DM store currently are nice and beefy. Definitely more beefy than any recent run's I've thrown, including the 5th run JL's that were advertised to be close to the 1st runs in terms of stability. I have one in the bag to cover those big hyzer lines. Also, though I've not thrown them, the Euro Open glow PD's are supposed to be pretty beefy too.

As far as straight(er) C-lines, the flat, stiff and pearly 3rd runs were awesome, and apparently the new flat 6th runs are similar. I think there are still some 3rd runs floating around out there in the wild and the DM store has the 6th runs (categorized under 'Flatter Jolly Launcher')

Pretty good!


Originally Posted by davidrboy (Post 2729412)
I've not thrown a Fist Run, but the EO Glows are noticeably beefier than the 5th Run. Not WAAYYY beefier, but noticeably.

Yes those and the metal flake PDs have some extra fade for sure.


Originally Posted by fasteddie (Post 2729432)
OS to US

1st Run
3rd/6th Run
4th/5th Run

you don't want second runs, accidental plus rim.

Pretty close!


Originally Posted by fasteddie (Post 2729436)
I also chime that other than 1st run max weight it's hard to see the difference (it's mostly in the late fade portion of flight that there is one i.e really dumpy or forward)

All PD's fly like PD's so don't be discouraged about not being able to find a specific run (though it shouldn't be any trouble) they are all HSS with nice LSS.

It's the best driver I've ever thrown, all plastics and all runs (except for 2nd :)).

Hey, there are some people that call in looking for the 2nd runs every now and then.


Originally Posted by notroman (Post 2729459)
Strange. The 5th runs I've thrown flew similar to the 3rd runs. Not as "flippy" as the 4th runs.

The 5th run? was it super see through and had a moderate dome to them?


Originally Posted by fasteddie (Post 2729463)
sorry, switch 5th and 6th.

good call.

there you go:)


Originally Posted by DeLa-Loc654 (Post 2729495)
Sorry can someone post the agreed upon OS to US spectrum?

does my post help?


Originally Posted by davidrboy (Post 2729602)
OS to US

1st Run
EO glow BEAR RAGE!/ Aussie Open MF
5th Run
3rd Run
6th Run
4th Run

You don't want second runs, accidental plus rim.

Here's how I see it. But we are really picking at some pretty fine differences.

pretty good!


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 2729872)
Ive seen a few folks specifically in search of 2nd run plusrims. They are not necessarily garbage, you just want to know what you are getting to avoid surprises.

We agree, that's why we try to separate out runs on the Discmania Store so you know what you're getting.


Originally Posted by Peter_LG (Post 2729929)
when/where can i get one of the discmania california shirts master lizotte is wearing in the speed gun video i saw this morning?


We will have them soon on the Discmania Store. They do have them on the flying circus tour as well.


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2730223)
I'll tell you what...the couple of JL PD x-out's I picked up have kicked my Firebirds out of the bag. They're reeeeeeeally overstable...very similar to first runs stability-wise.

this is true. The lighter weight "Flatter Jolly Launcher" PDs were actually a part of the 5th run and have a really "tight" feeling top and are very overstable for lighter discs.


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 2731125)
mega os glideless putter, mid and fwy
ternish speed 11 driver

Have you tried the Echo S-LINE DD2? They have the most glide of the DD2s.


Originally Posted by JTacoma03 (Post 2731484)
We already make 3 of the 4.

Glow C-Line P3 for Putter
Mid/Fairway hybrid speed is the FD2
Tern-ish driver is a TD2, maybe a P-Line DD2 for bigger arms. My Terns were rather understable so that's my experience.

Yeah, I agree. More people need to try the TD2, we were testing it with Jussi last time he was here and he was bombing it. Very under rated disc.


Originally Posted by sjberry2017 (Post 2731529)
Probably a true understable mid. Not everyone likes to cycle plastic (otherwise a P-line MD2 would work), and it is a major hole in their lineup. Yes, it seems their pros are more about angles with overstable discs and the company's goal is to simplify disc buying, but yet, that's still a major hole in the lineup.

We are working on this disc right now. We want it to be perfect before it comes out, so hold your horses until it's ready to go :)


Originally Posted by Bogey H8tr (Post 2731628)
Now that discmania has announced the flying circus and the cool gear and discs coming with it, will we see new gear on the discmania site here in the US anytime soon? Really itching for a discmania drifit shirt and won't be able to attend any of the events because they're only in the southern states.

We are working on getting them available.


Originally Posted by fasteddie (Post 2731651)
OS Putter - Rhyno/Harp/Scale key here is FLAT.

OS MID - Gator/Drone FLAT.

US MID - Stingray/Theory/Tursas

we all know (due to runs of JL gators/FTrocs/FTrhynos/*insert*3 etc.) that the capability to produce consistent flat tops in premium plastic is totally possible.

Our first goal is filling the straight to understable midrange, but we most certainly keep these in mind for future productions.


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 2731726)
Oh, did I say mega, I meant giga :D Your suggestions just dont quite do it for me. I do bag the FD2 but also a 12x FAF Firebird, completely different animals.

Glow P3 did not do it for me, I am talking about flat Premium Jokeri overstability, like something STUPID OS.

Mid more like Champ Gator stable, fwy more like flat champ Firebird stable. (then again, you can just bag those, even if you are a "loyalist"...)

I think CD2 might be the ticket for the last slot I was jabbering about, just gotta get to know it better.


Good insight. Thank you very much for that.


Originally Posted by bogeyfreetilinfinity (Post 2732409)
i'd love to see a pd3

PD3? like faster and more overstable than the PD2?


Originally Posted by onemilemore (Post 2732735)
Just picked up an X-P1x and I am digging it. The concave top is a nice touch. Any word on restocks of these ones?

They are up now, we will make sure we keep these in stock.


Originally Posted by JTacoma03 (Post 2732802)
Not sure what Ryan has planned...but I do know that when it does happen the black ones are STUPID concave and grippy...and that fresh cut grass foil make's a purrrrrty stamp on it.

Yeah, theyre up now :)


Originally Posted by pecosROB (Post 2732944)
Just wanted to make sure, the P1x is the only beaded putter, correct? The rest of the putters are all beadless?

Yes, the P1x is our 2nd beaded disc (behind the GM), but 1st beaded putter.

rarintal 04-03-2015 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by rexdp10 (Post 2733102)
All this pd talk in the other thread got me wondering about the original gummy p-line PDs. Nowadays and for a while even, p-line PDs are very firm and break into very understable fliers. Any idea if that gummy p-line plastic will ever be back, or is gstar my closest bet?

You should really try the G-LINE PD. We have seen it test a lot like the P-LINE but wear slower and more consistent.


Originally Posted by Rikster (Post 2733804)
I would also like to see more of those gummy P-line PD's that I've heard so much good about. I've only had a stiff one and I simply loved it until it got too beaten. I've been wondering to buy a new one but I've also been thinking is there anything in premium plastic with such a nice straight flight.

There's been much talking about how CD2 is like a longer FD (which my P-PD kinda was) but I'm afraid C-CD2 needs more power to fly straight than what I can throw. So G-line could be better? The only problem is that I prefer yellow drivers and I haven't seen any yellow G-CD2's anywhere.

This brings me to another question. How much CD2 (g-line) differ from (s-line) CD? Or how about the S-line TD, I've heard that those are more straight flying than what you'd expect from a disc that has -2 turn. So if there's someone who has thrown these (P-PD, G-CD2, S-CD and S-TD) I'd love to hear how they compare with each other.

Oh and one more thing. Is there any chance to get those domey glow MD3's to Finland?:)

When new, the P-PD is the most overstable followed by the S-CD, CD2, then TD. When we tested the S-TD we could get it to ride right the whole flight. the G-CD2 would turn a bit but then come back. The S-LINE CD is best described as gently worn in PD, if you're looking for a disc to experiement with try this guy. The P-PD was still a PD when it was new, but then it wore in and became like the CD (straight with a light fade) and then finally to the CD2 flight path. We didn't abuse it further than that because it was no longer a PD at that point.


Originally Posted by rexdp10 (Post 2733811)
^ STDs are very straight for 350 and under. I have found the non slanted TDs in c-line to be more understable than their star counterpoints. Also if you find any TD with a slanted rim it will be more overstable than its newer run. I get nice hyzer flips on my TDs. I can get them to 375-400

Personally CD and CD2s never fly right for me. I like glidey discs.

Have you tried the TD2? It's a fun disc for those who like glidey discs.


Originally Posted by rallyguy (Post 2734047)
My G CD2 has more turn than my S TD, but it fades back to straight or a little left depending on height. My P PD will flip up to flat if I throw it with hyzer, and will fade a tiny bit but if I throw it low it's pretty straight. The PD is beat up a little bit while the CD2 and TD are fairly fresh.

The CD2 reminds me of a longer 3rd run C FD, I really like it and am trying to work it into my bag more. It's just hard to find shots that my FDs and PDs can't cover.

The CD2 is very versatile. We would say it's one of those discs that really allows the player to control the disc. Meaning: you're the one in the driver seat, you throw it anny it should go right, you throw hyzer and it should go left.


Originally Posted by thatdirtykid (Post 2734197)
I have been considering the CD2 as a P PD replacement, but I have a couple P Pds yet to break in. I also like the GPD flys much like a fresh PPD. I have two, and they are stiff enough I like them, but I would prefer stiffer. I am betting by the time my PPDs are too beat, My GPDs will replace them, and my S PD will be broken in enough to replace the GPDs... Someday I want all CPDs broken in for all the shots (Believe it or not I used to have Z Predators beat in for the same range of shots). That will be years away though.

Nice plan!


Originally Posted by Mr. Butlertron (Post 2734276)
I have a question about the ever popular PD. I've noticed there are not any CPDs in lightweight plastic. Is that something Discmania might be making in the future?

We have some light weight S-LINE PDs that are still pretty beefy.


Originally Posted by onemilemore (Post 2735271)
I know this is the Discmania thread, but if you wanna keep it in the family there are 150 QOLFs out there. If it doesn't need to be champ plastic, the 150 S-PD I've thrown before was beeftastic.

yes, Jussi and Simon were both bombing 150 S-LINE PDs in Japan.


Originally Posted by bogeyfreetilinfinity (Post 2735383)
Which run of pds was pearly and stiff?

3rd Run.


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2735553)
Ok Ryan...spill the beans...when will we start seeing the KP MD3's up for sale? Inquiring minds want to know :D

They're up now! soon to be followed by mini shield stamped ones.


Originally Posted by Sir-Hucks-A-Lot (Post 2736188)
This. Or D-line. Or X-line. Flat and seasonable!

Did you snag a prototype?


Originally Posted by JohnnyBee (Post 2736286)
I will echo Mr Butlertron's statement. 150 class C-PD's would be awesome, along with more of the 157-158 P-PD's that so many want. When i use the P-PD's, it is my distance driver. Go so long, make me very happy.

We need more upper 150's P-PDs!

We will keep this in mind for the Discmania Store.


Originally Posted by krooster (Post 2736338)
When will we see a C-line CD?

We might test the waters with this, it might fill a small gap between the S-CD and S-PD. Who else would want this?


Originally Posted by fasteddie (Post 2738479)
FLAT putter in P/X/D/C line 2/1/0/4

FLAT mid in X/C/S line 5/2/0/4

driver in C/S 12/5/0/2

I would love to see some flat top GMs run in champ/metal flake.

Thanks for the insight! how's the weather up in Michigan?


Originally Posted by booter (Post 2738607)
Any chance of releasing s line md3's soon?

We would consider it in future productions. We would have to run either really soft S-LINE or really hard S-LINE plastic to make it different from the C-LINE version.


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2738924)
And he ain't joking. The new S-DD2's are super beefy. Just as overstable as my S-PD2.

I love the new C-DD2's. They flat out crush (I posted a video, over the weekend in the DM collectors group on Facebook, of one of my throws with one). I really hope the current run of C-DD2's hangs around for a while. The plastic feels great and you can really get on one without worrying too much about where it's going.

We really like the response we have been getting from the new C-LINE plastic, the DD2 flys really good in the more grippy jolly launcher C-LINE plastic.


Originally Posted by hellbound (Post 2739567)
I will agree the current run dd2's are dang near as stable as the pd2's

Those are the hard feeling S-DD2. They are almost like those chartreuse star destroyers that Paul McBeth likes to bag.

rarintal 04-03-2015 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by pecosROB (Post 2739582)
Is Discmania's "green" that super bright green? I'm assuming yes... lol

Most of the time, the green will be a darker green. The Yellow/Green is more what you're looking for.


Originally Posted by AlexJensen86 (Post 2739589)
Posted a thread in the main discs forum but figured I would ask here as well. I am going to make a marketplace thread and want to know exactly what to ask for. I am looking for the most overstable md3 available what run or color should I be looking for?

See below


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2739595)
Currently, the most overstable MD3 are the Glow C-MD3 with the store stamp or mini shield stamp. They have a moderate dome to them. You might not find too many in the marketplace because these are a relatively new release. There is one up for sale in the DM Collectors group on Facebook though.

Good response!


Originally Posted by pecosROB (Post 2739617)
I grabbed an MD3. I only have PDs, a DD, and a PD2. Also grabbed some X-Outs - FD, FD2, MD1, another PD, and some minis. Figured I'd get some shopping done now so I don't have to carry so much on Monday when I go to the Flying Circus :-P

How was the Flying Circus?


Originally Posted by AlexJensen86 (Post 2739635)
Do you generally want the md3s to have a smooth small dome or flat if you wan them overstable? Are any colors of the jolly launcher more overstable than others and on the store they have jolly launcher md3s that are flat, or you can get domey. which are gonna be more overstable?
Thanks for the help!

If you want a straighter flying one try to find a flat one that feels more gummy, the flat is more important the gummy. The newest run is harder feeling and has a smaller dome but theses are closer to the 3 fade. But, the most overstable would be our Glow C-LINE MD3 for sure.


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2739663)
I throw both the flat and domey MD3's. The flat MD3's will fly straight with a little fade on the end. The domey MD3's will fly straight'ish and start hyzering out quicker and finish more left(RHBH) than the flat ones. In this particular case, domey is more overstable than flat.

PecosRob...the FD is one of the best kept secrets out there. It is a very versatile disc.

very true. I feel like the US market really has not discovered the FD.


Originally Posted by pecosROB (Post 2739753)
This is what I hear! I am so psyched, they already packed my order and got me a tracking number. Got some X-Outs along with the proto MD3 (grabbed a white but thinking about grabbing a black one for the wall):
SMD1, Glow CFD2, GPD, GFD - all 175g

Then I grabbed a red hat, some minis and a couple of patches because, why not?



Originally Posted by JTacoma03 (Post 2740301)
^ Yep.

See you there!

- MD3's are straighter when flatter in C-line/JL, and I'm pretty sure this is also true for Glow.
- The dayglow/green flat JL MD3's are super-duper point-and-shoot. Ridiculously straight.
- Glow MD3 with dome is what you're looking for as far as most overstable. I will say though, P-MD3's are surprisingly overstable...and the KC Pro plastic feels awesome! They will season quicker too if you like to cycle, JL lasts a long time.

good response Jamie!


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2740397)

The flat JL MD3's remind me a great deal of another manufacturer's "modified" popular midrange. I really like the feel of the MD3 and with the release of the P-MD3, the MD2 might leave my bag.

The P-MD3 has been really good disc for us so far. The most I personally beat one was to the same stability of the Innova Mako3. but, once it got there it stayed there and hasn't changed much. please keep in mind this disc was severely abused to get to this point.


Originally Posted by vogurt (Post 2740624)
So I have a glow MD3 Euro champ stamp. And too many mid ranges and at this point with all the fD's and pD's I have, and thinking about switching back to my Pro P2 for putting... And the Pro MD3 coming out.. I was thinking I might as well just stick with Discmania with how vocal and reliable they are. The only thing realistically not DM in my bag would be My Envy, Zone, and Destroyer.

My question is should I keep the glow for my OS mid? (Zone covers anything the needs more beef, I bagged a Buzzz OS and didn't even throw it during rounds.)

With the P MD3s out I want to have an OS, a slightly stable, a laser Straight and a turnoever Mid and I might as well have them all be the same mold.

Should I pick up a flat Jolly launcher md3 as this post above says they are unbeleivably straight, or should I stick with my Glow, and see what these KC Pro MD3's are all about? I ordered a 176G Prototype last night.

This coming off of getting a box of 2 2nd run fD. a G, S, and C pD's 2 days ago :p

I have question: what does the envy fly like? My personal set up right now looks like: 180 Glow C-MD3 for overstable shots, 180 C-LINE MD3 (newest almost flat run), 177 C-LINE MD3 (Flat top) for straight shots with a light fade, and 2 P-LINE MD3s one that's straight and one that's super beat.


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2740897)
I think if you were to order a Flat JL MD3 and a P-MD3...they would fit the same niche for a short bit of time, but the P-MD3 would slowly season into a straight to slightly understable mid, where as the flat JL MD3 would stay in the sweet spot for a really long time. So...if you're going to order again, I'd order both and put both in the bag. Then...every time you want to throw the JL, throw the P twice as much...at least for the first month or so and see how it goes. This should help season the P-MD3 and still give you a feel for the flat JL MD3.

That's a good plan.


Originally Posted by vogurt (Post 2740929)
Cool! Thanks, I'll see how it goes with the prototype; I don't like white or black discs usually haha. I also ordered a C dd2 and a P-P1X. I'm having a putter battle right now with P2, Atom, and P1x :p I need to commit to one haha I'm hoping the stiff P1x will be it

The P-LINE P1x is a pretty dang good disc! Especially for throwing.


Originally Posted by goeyj (Post 2740968)
I've been testing out the D-P1x as my straight-turnover putter. Also, GREAT for jump putts outside of 45 or so. It glides that extra distance my KC Aviars don't. This may simplify my throwing putter setup. Thinking of just going with a D-P1x and my gummy champ rhyno. Played with that setup a few times this week and didn't miss the KC Aviars with different stabilities at all.

A few more D and P line P1x on the way so more testing will ensue!

Please keep us updated on your findings!


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2741289)
The P1x is a very versatile putter mold. I've tested the X and D versions quite thoroughly over the past month or so. I putt with the D version and drive with the X version because of the extra notch of stability than it has over the D. I have some of the P's on order as well. Looking forward to testing these out for short drives. I agree with goeyj about how sweet these are for longer jump putts. They really hold a straight line and they seem to have a little more glide than other putters. Discmania has really hit a homerun with the P1x mold IMO.

Thanks! we have really liked them too.


Originally Posted by JTacoma03 (Post 2741882)
I'm thinking about personally also removing the MD2's from the bag in favor of the P-MD3. In one week it has become my favorite mid.

You certainly need to keep us updated on these. Is there a MD3 thread?


Originally Posted by Rol6566 (Post 2741896)
Thats what im worried about, i havent thrown the P-MD3 but I have a stack of various MD2 laying around that I dont want to be obsolete

Right now Im only throwing the MD2 for all my mid shots

I have one of the rare pearly/pop top c that is stupid OS that replaced my Glow Euro MD3

1 flat opaque C for my main mid

2 D for straight/understable shots

(pic of pearly MD2 attached)

Those pearly ones are really overstable. They have the same type of shape as the Prototype C-MD3s.


Originally Posted by AlexJensen86 (Post 2741938)
So I just got a x out cline p2 and in reference to an earlier post, the flight numbers are the same as the regular p2, not a 3 speed like the website was saying. So I am super happy about that and the plastic feels great and flies AWESOME. I love this thing after two one disc rounds, holes between 200 and 520 feet, it is exactly what I wanted. One D line for straight and annys, one c line for beefy straight to fade, and two plines for putting. switching from big beads to the p2 has been great. More throws on Saturday and get to test out the glow md3 I got.

Let us know what you think for sure!


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 2742091)
Got in a quick test sessions with the P-MD3 yesterday and all I have to say is it was love at first throw. I am guessing that all of the proto's are flattish? Now, I wonder how one of these would fly if it had the same shape as the recent run glow's? I really hope that DM keeps this version of the MD3 around. I can really see myself cycling P and C versions of the MD3 for my midrange slot. I wouldn't be apposed to a run of firm S-Line MD3's either. Those could be pretty sweet flyers as well.

Thanks for the input! we love to hear you guys opinons!

It seems I need to pay more attention to this thread, thanks Jamie for keeping everyone informed!


pecosROB 04-03-2015 02:07 PM

Thanks for getting back to me!

Any chance you know if the Flying Circus event in Dallas on Monday will have prototype MD3s for sale? I bought one but wish I grabbed a second for a wall hanger. Ordering from the store is kinda pricey due to shipping and I just received 4 other discs along with my MD3 lol.

vogurt 04-03-2015 02:37 PM

Ryan, thanks for the input. The Envy IMO probably doesn't fly very differently from an S-P2. I just can't take it out of my bag because it was the first driving putter I used, and driving and approach I am pretty much point and shoot with it at this point :p

Um... 04-03-2015 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by august dupree (Post 2727065)
Ohhhhhhhh, and XFDs too!!!


Originally Posted by rarintal (Post 2742408)
We have a had a lot of requests for this. In P-LINE (KC Pro like) and X-LINE. Would you guys be interested in the Driver P-LINE? like the P-LINE PD2 & DD2 plastic?

Definitely!! Would hopefully season into a nice turnover/roller disc quickly, but then hold at that spot for a while before becoming uselessly flippy.

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