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fasteddie 04-24-2015 10:41 PM

as a huge supporter of discmania color me underwhelmed.

from what I've read we have the same situation as before, three stable mid range molds.

a saving grace at this point would be if the MD1 is still retooled to an understable flight and the offerings go:

MD-stable/neutral I suppose
MD2-as is
MD3-as is
MD4-flat overstable hog.

GM-just hanging around by it's lonesome.

Jenga54 04-24-2015 11:45 PM


Originally Posted by sjberry2017 (Post 2757065)
Yeup, that's my definition of an understable mid as well. Oh well; I'm sure the MD could find a spot in my bag, and it may, but I'll still be bagging an understable mid (rolling with a Fuse right now) for now.

Yup. Have a Mako3 that was just a hair understable out of the box, and in the long run (like a year or more) it might flip like my fuse does, but for me I guess I'm gonna hold tight. :\

For me there's a difference in a disc that "holds a line" and one that will turn in the air and move right coming up off a slight hyzer release. If I have height - this P1x is awesome at "hold the line" and I can sweep a long gentle curve anny (Mako3 also). However, it's a thing of beauty in the woods with tighter ceiling to rip one lower and straight and know it will glide easy to the right until it lowers slowly to the ground.

Stupid Champ Panther 5/4/-2/1 bought 2 of them and they were both more stable than my Star Mako. :thmbdown:

JoshL 04-24-2015 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by DinosaurThunder (Post 2756662)
For recent runs (the past year or so here) P-P2 is the softer of the two runs. The newest run of KP2 are extremely stiff and are for sale on the Discmania Store right now. Unfortunately they had a smaller run of the tacky P-P2 but that was just bought out by one person :(

If you ever want to offload those softer P-P2 I am your guy ;)

Hmmmmm.... I wonder who would have done such a thing. Must have been a jerk!


JTacoma03 04-25-2015 01:59 AM


Originally Posted by Rol6566 (Post 2756174)
Kinda sounds like an opto fuse, can you give any comparison to that?

How about a new D-MD2?

I haven't thrown the D-MD2 (shame on me I know), but I can say that brand new the MD I threw comes back to neutral whereas the Opto Fuse I owned never did...if it got to turning it never came out.


Originally Posted by fasteddie (Post 2756192)
I was under the impression that the MD1 was being retooled as an understable mid?

it doesn't sound understable from the reviews I've read.

Well, hold on you're crossing some wires here, not meaning to be curt but just being blunt for clarity's sake -

- The new disc is the MD, not the MD1

- The MD was designed to be dead straight, which I think it accomplishes, and has a unique flight pattern that our other discs don't have.

- I also put details in my review for specific reasons. I threw a very stiff and domey one. By and large, those will be the most (relatively) OS in any particular mold. So take that into account. Ryan did also tell me that the ones I threw were not typical of the batch, so it's reasonable to expect less of a "comeback" to them.

- I didn't sand, modify, or alter the flashing because I wanted to see what they were like out of the box. Just FYI. I personally would rather have a straight disc brand new that goes into understable after a tree hit or two because otherwise discs tend to get squirrelly.

- I don't know who you heard about a MD1 re-tooling from to give you that impression, but either way I just wanted to make clear to anyone who reads that this is a separate disc :)

fasteddie 04-26-2015 09:12 AM

AH! I was assuming that the retool was the next release, thank you for the clarification.

OB Four 04-26-2015 10:43 PM

Is there gonna be a stock p-line p1x release?

New013 04-27-2015 07:49 AM

I get the beating the neutral disc in to US thing but it's gonna take a long time beat a champ disc in to the US disc I was looking for. It'll be much easier and probably better in the long run to just beat up a PMD3 in to that slot. Honestly if they just made a champ/star disc that was a bit US out of the box it would probably stay that way for a while. I've been throwing the same star mako for close to a year now and it still flies pretty much like it did the first time I threw it.

vogurt 04-27-2015 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by AlexJensen86 (Post 2756614)
Are the "new" Shield stamp P line p2s different from "old" p line. Now that the KP2 are being sold as a separate plastic, are the regular p line way softer than they used to be?
For reference, I have p line p2s marked PP2 and KP2 from the last couple years, I also got a couple of the new KP2s and the KP2s feel slightly more rigid on the flight plate. I just want to make sure that the regular P line hasn't been made way softer now.

I have 3 of the stiffer blend P2's im looking to get rid of if you're interested.

Jenga54 04-27-2015 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by OB Four (Post 2757954)
Is there gonna be a stock p-line p1x release?

please! I have 2 mini shield stamps but still being unthrown i think they're gonna stay that way. nice stiff plastic. love it. And hoping for S Line sometime.... please :) I love S Line

vogurt 04-27-2015 03:28 PM

Petition to make 2nd run fD's a permanent thing.... I am bombing mine 400+ feet, on an absolute straight line. It will not turn over, and it finishes with just a hair of fade.

I honestly have to think about whether or not I should throw my 2nd run fD or my destroyer on the long holes...

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