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MiDiscsAreCold 03-04-2022 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by dehaas (Post 3794652)
What do you like better about it than a firebird?

I think most of it is comfort, honestly. It feels a bit thinner with my grip where Raptors and Firebirds feel identical to me. Probably feeling the difference in comfort more with my forehand than backhand.

It seems faster and I felt I was able to get it out straight, low and flat for some skip shots and didn't have to focus on flex angles since it carried the initial distance quicker. Used it over the top on hyzer a few times and I felt like it was easier to carry the distance while still getting it dive straight down to eliminate a ton of ground play.

mas30066 03-04-2022 06:36 PM

Gonna try and get out to Hobbs Farm tomorrow morning. It's been a good week in the mail with a pair of Wraths, a Wave and a Trace.

On the Fireball conversation, it's turning into a solid - if very specific - forehand disc for me, but it's fading straight from the release on backhand. I'm astonished when I see James Conrad make it look like the most neutral thing ever on coverage.

mas30066 03-05-2022 12:09 PM

Quick vent: Hobbs Farm has so much potential but the swampy morass that encompasses holes 2-6 should disqualify it from any conversation about the country's best courses (#27 on UDisc's list this year). It's unpardonably bad and a semi-permanent condition according to the regulars this morning.

Forehand form continues to improve, and I was able to rely on it freely without any pain today. The shots themselves are still of variable quality, but that spectrum did include some pretty effective throws, especially a touchy downhill tee shot (8 maybe?) with a Clash.

zendragon 03-05-2022 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by ThrowaEnvy (Post 3794647)
I went looking for an uplink release date.. Didn't see it.. But I found out the uplink available as low as 165g hmmmmmmm. That might be fun, maybe that would kick my 165 Spin out and stop my thoughts of a heavier paradox.

March release, so sometime this month. Also the Defy will be restocked, so that's cool.

Monocacy 03-05-2022 06:53 PM

Looking forward to an Uplink vs. Wombat3 showdown

ThrowaEnvy 03-05-2022 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Monocacy (Post 3794875)
Looking forward to an Uplink vs. Wombat3 showdown

Yeah I wondered about the Wombat and the Foxbat. And heavy paradox's. I know in my heart I should just get a 165 uplink and throw one of my 179's... I've been curious if 4g up from a 176 will make much difference. It sure did with the Comet for me.

**** I sure want more people to jump on the uplink bandwagon, I made a space for you buddy!

discerdoo 03-05-2022 10:46 PM

Finally got another Hex from OTB, 174g swirly yellow, very pretty. Plastic seems a touch softer than the first run, feels great. Got one a little lighter on purpose, just because.

Threw it and the first run in the yard in 25mph winds so that didn't tell me much. I did throw a yard ace with the first run from 220'.

I'd like to see Drew Gibson hyzer flip one of these about 500'.

Erknjerk 03-06-2022 02:56 AM

Got a couple sweet Plasma Orbitals. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...781da98582.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...d422ea6597.jpg

Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk

mas30066 03-06-2022 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by jakebake91 (Post 3794588)
For those of you who bag fireballs.....would you also see a slot for a resistor? Or vice versa?

TL;DR: Grab a Fireball.

Started replying the other day. Deleted. I think I'm ready:

I don't see any overlap.

Haven't thrown a first run Resistor, but I think your assessment that the current ones are mellower is probably correct. Both the Resistor and Fireball are listed at 0/3.5 but my Resistors will hold a backhand turn and straighten, which is *not* what the Fireball wants to do.

The Resistor still has a stronger finish than any other MVP family 6.5 speed, but the current run's probably more of a -0.5/2.5 than 0/3.5. It'll skip hard left, but it'll also do other things if you tell it to clearly. Point being, one is most definitely not a longer version of the other.

Between 6.5 and 9 I'm carrying a pair of Hokom Craves, a pair of Servos (one original, one current), a pair of Resistors, an Insanity (having finally retired a lightweight right turn specialist), three (!) Wraths, and a Fireball. The Wraths were a bit of an accidental splurge. I do like having good things in pairs though. All in the 160s except for one of the Craves at 172 or 3.

To my eye/hand, the Fireball is a utility FH disc (unsurprisingly, not unlike a stout Firebird): if I absolutely need to get right after a bit (or I if I need a pronounced FH flex), it's the one. If I want something a little more accommodating for FH or BH at that speed, it's the Wrath. But the Fireball will tell you what it wants to do where the Wrath's more likely to listen.

All that to say, I think MVP's done an exceptional thing in creating a real palette of colors here. Maybe not in the same quantities (if needed, I could easily go one per), but there's a legit reason for bagging each of the molds above, something that each does better than the others. It's not night and day, but it's not super subtle either.

ThrowaEnvy 03-06-2022 06:41 PM

Well first time entering a waffle, first time winning! Haha unless you count that fundraiser mega one (I got 23 or 27 choice, and got the glow svea that was the only thing I could throw or was mildly interested in) anyhow. Time to glow it up rainbow style. I present to you the envy.. A disc of unity and broadly accepted and embraced by many..


And hey Monocacy keep an eye out FB BST groups, people dUmPLINKing all over the place. Saw one go..ing? for $17 today.

And hmmm. I think there's a thread I need to troll somewhere.. BRB

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