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NoThingness 04-21-2011 08:37 PM

did you add water? its needed to activate the dye as well as heat. also what plastic are you using?

frolf4444 04-22-2011 02:13 AM

im using champion and ions, and how would i use heat? just heat up the dye?

NoThingness 04-22-2011 02:36 AM


Originally Posted by frolf4444 (Post 809002)
im using champion and ions, and how would i use heat? just heat up the dye?

Mix the dye with water. I'm not familiar with the proper ratio for using liquid Rit but someone should be able to help with that the put mixture into a ppt and bring to a heat where it just starts to steam. Remove from heat then add disc to dye for 7-20 mins

ZBoazMobster 04-22-2011 09:33 AM

Anyone dyed CryZtal FLX yet? Brice L. just gave me one to do. Big guy, expensive disc, nerves. I'm sure it'll be fine. All my best dyes are on CryZtal. Just wondering if we have done it yet.

frolf4444 04-22-2011 03:37 PM

how would you heat the liquid dye then?

scarwig 04-22-2011 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by NoThingness (Post 809013)
put mixture into a ppt

How do I get the dye into a powerpoint presentation?

(sorry, nerd joke)

peabody 04-22-2011 11:33 PM

Had a friend do a dye for me. He put the disc in a manila envelope too soon and the disc got to me stuck in a few places and some envelope came off in the dye. Red and Blue dye here and where it was stuck it is still sticky. Is there a way I could dry this dye because it is still very sticky, esp. on the red dye?

NoThingness 04-23-2011 07:04 AM

Put it in the freezer for 24hrs. And tell the person who dyed it for you to do the same ASAP they finish a dye. It helps the dye cure properly and prolongs the inevitable blurring and fadeing of the dye

peabody 04-23-2011 08:22 AM

^thanks will do.

GameDayTested 05-05-2011 02:37 PM

Okay guys, I need some help. I've done a few dyes, with varying degrees of success, but nothing too tricky. I just ordered a clear Cryztal Z Buzzz from Marshall Street and am really wanting to put Captain America's sheild on it. I really, really want to get this right because I want this to be my main mid that I can use for years to come. Any ideas on making sure I get the curve of the circle right? Or exactly which RIT colors to use for the red or blue? I was planning on just keeping the white part clear. I use contact paper since I couldn't find vinyl near. Any help would be appreciated.

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