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bruce_brakel 06-25-2019 08:57 PM

I saw a headline today that Jessie Smollett googled his name 50 times after that bit of performance art he put on, so I googled my name and found this thread. It gave me a warm feeling that I'm remembered for coining "Am Scam." If you will remember me, please also remember me (and the Minnesota crew that same summer) for Am 4, of which I am more proud, and trophy-only as an optional reduced amateur entry fee, and half-in as an optional reduced pro entry fee, and Open-2-4 as a way of dividing the field for split-weekend tournaments so that most players could play up a division on the other day if they could not play on their day, and running the pros on Saturday because if we were adding much cash, it was sponsor provided cash.

So do Am payouts stifle pro growth? I did big am payouts when my daughters were growing up. They are ams and they are short. And they had good nutrition, so it wasn't that. So, could be.

Does a TD have any moral responsibility for fostering pro growth? What if he prefers for the obvious or less obvious reasons to foster tournament playing am growth? Or what if he has other goals that he thinks are more likely to be achieved with big am payouts?

Run your own damn tournament! :-D

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