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Jay Dub 02-23-2021 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by ru4por (Post 3692835)
The problem is....you have NO idea if it is true, or really what it meant.

Why is it that your contributions to this thread consist of posts about other posters, as opposed to the topic? While I appreciate the dedication to following my posting, I am just a bit uncomfortable with the obsession. Now do you have any COVID input?

Most if not all know his agenda in here.

DG_player 02-23-2021 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by dysmike (Post 3692824)
Wow, so now the media is at fault for reporting facts.. because the public is too ignorant to interpret them correctly? Isn't that the governments education policies that's ultimately the issue?

signed, engineer.

Personally I think the media has a duty to present facts honestly in the way a layman can understand. You shouldn't have to be an expert of the immune system or how vaccine trials work to be able to piece it together.

So far I've had to deal with the "it only lasts 3 months" and "it doesn't even prevent infection" trying to convince vaccine skeptical friends and relatives to get it. The sad thing is it's difficult to refute because they can quickly pull up a news headline that says essentially that. It's hard enough battling the crazy conspiracy theories, but with most news outlets putting every minor story through the most negative prism possible to get clicks, it's nearly impossible to get through to people.

Monocacy 02-23-2021 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by DG_player (Post 3692816)
I have vaccine ambivalent friends who think it doesn't work and isn't "even as good as the flu vaccine". This is a direct result of the litany of "you can still catch covid" messages. Most people don't understand that many vaccines do not provide sterilizing immunity and you can still get a sub-clinical or mild infection. They interpret the information . . . to mean that the vaccine is ineffective.

This is a very good point. The CDC no longer requires fully-vaccinated people to quarantine after COVID-19 exposure as long as they remain asymptomatic. The CDC is also developing more relaxed public health guidance for those who have been vaccinated.

Preliminary data, not peer-reviewed, suggests:

85% lower risk of infection after two doses (Pfizer)
70% lower risk of infection after one dose (Pfizer)
67% reduction in asymptomatic infections after one shot (Moderna, AstraZeneca)
1.6 to 20 times lower viral load for those infected after vaccination (Pfizer)
Significantly reduced viral loads 2-4 weeks after one shot (Pfizer)
49.3% reduction in asymptomatic infections (AstraZeneca)
99% reduction in mortality (Pfizer)

Should these preliminary data be confirmed, I hope that this good news is shouted from the hilltops, even as people are cautioned that some precautions remain advisable.

Can a Vaccinated Person Still Spread the Coronavirus? | Bloomberg

DavidSauls 02-23-2021 04:43 PM

In the meantime, there's all sorts of wonderful news and terrible news about one of the worst disasters of my long lifetime that we could discuss. Even disc golf, like how I was impressed that a car with 3 players arrived at Stoney Hill a few days ago, and all 3 were masked while carpooling. Even though one has had both vaccine doses. They unmasked when playing, but it was nice to meet someone taking it seriously.

discerdoo 02-23-2021 04:47 PM

Have they ever landfilled a 500+ page thread?

Jay Dub 02-23-2021 05:03 PM

New thread please. 5000 posts gets shut down and new threads are made. THE only reason. :)


DavidSauls 02-23-2021 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by Jay Dub (Post 3692927)
New thread please. 5000 posts gets shut down and new threads are made. THE only reason. :)


You missed your chance. You could have titled it, Did we take Covid-19 seriously?

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