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AndyJB 11-09-2013 06:38 AM

Well what about the Birdie?
Hey everyone!

With the new course I built here in Korea, and our new League (first international PDGA-sanctioned league, by the way) I've been introducing a lot of new players to the game...either freshly new or people who have only played a time or two. Since doing so, I've greatly reduced my stack of unused beginner discs. Generally, the first putter I tend to give someone is a Birdie. In fact, when I made my recent order from Innova for prizes for league, I made sure to order a few Birdies (and Hydras, but that's a subject for a different thread) because they are so popular with said beginners. And not just beginners...my brother uses the same Birdie he's had for years as his main putter and approach disc.

Now, my question for you all is: why does nobody on here love the Birdie? There is a decent amount of lid enthusiasts on here, but most seem to prefer the Polecat, with the occasional Rattler thrown in and even a few Sonic throwers. For my lid curiosities, I tend to ask my dad...the man is a master of lids and large-diameter discs. He bags all the aforementioned discs, and uses them for different things.

So what don't you guys and gals like about the Birdie? For me, it flies like a slightly more stable Polecat. I can actually drive a Birdie pretty well because of this. It floats, drops, hits and sticks just like a Polecat but holds up better in the wind. So let's hear everyone's opinions...what makes the Polecat/Rattler/Sonic/Te Moko/what have you, better than the old standby Innova Birdie?

whitefedora 11-09-2013 06:55 AM

The birdie is actually a pretty decent disc imo; however, I think it's a stepping stone kind of disc for people. Its not as overstable as a rhyno and not as straight as a polecat. You are right that a birdie can handle a slight headwind, but a rhyno can handle any wind, lol. And if people are looking for a straighter lid, polecat just seems to work better. And rattlers actually feel like lids, so that's just a different animal all together. That's my two cents at least.

Aim For The Chains 11-09-2013 07:03 AM

I blame the stamp and the name. 2nd what ted said. I threw this with a bowfly and DX viper :D

dehaas 11-09-2013 08:55 AM

Yep, the stamp gives it the n00b disc stigma. I've pitched one here and there, didn't seem like a bad putter.

tbird888 11-09-2013 09:03 AM

I prefer Polecats because they have a lot more glide, don't have much trouble with headwinds (was really surprised when I first tried it), and are much more comfortable. I like the Thumbtrac on Rhynos and Pigs, but I don't find the Birdie at all comfortable.

I wouldn't necessarily put any blame on the stamp (sorry, Aim). The Polecat is pretty much a skunk and has one of the cheesiest stamps I've ever seen.

All that said, the Birdie may seem to not get a whole lot of love here, but remember that we're a very small part of the disc golf community.

gokart95 11-09-2013 02:40 PM

I just recently decided to pick up a lid style putt approach type disc. I was wanting a slower disc for approaches cause I was over shoot the basket on shorter shots. I picked up a birdie and have been very happy with it. :thmbup:

AndyJB 11-09-2013 04:21 PM

I mean, if I was throwing a lid-style approach disc, my first choice would be a Zephyr or Te Moko, but after that it would be the Birdie. I kind of like the Rattler too. I don't know why me and the Polecat never clicked. My daughter digs it..she has one of the 99 gram ones and uses it as her mid. She also putts with a Pro Birdie.

I seem to be the only one in my family who doesn't throw lids...

BrotherDave 11-09-2013 06:31 PM

I don't like the thumbtrac and the less glide compared to my Polecat. The Birdie is more stable which is nice in a way b/c you can get away with a bit more OAT but I like the neutrality of the Polecat to help keep my OAT at bay too.

Crazy Runner Guy 11-09-2013 07:50 PM

It's a very tall lid - 1.9 cm rim depth (for reference, Wizards are 1.8) - with basically zero glide. Quite straight.

Birdie was my first putter, a 175 DX, and I beat it up quite well even without driving with it. Like other lids, it's good for hit-and-sit shots, measuring OAT and reinforcing clean throws, and dead-straight shots.

I don't throw it anymore - I've moved to Rhynos, likely because of their thumbtrac - and don't like the feel because of the height, but it was a great first putter.

Grungedude42 11-09-2013 08:07 PM

My first putter was a birdie. As a total noob in 2000, with no one to help guide my disc selection, I bought a max diameter, sharp winged disc (pro-D Tracer) and the tallest, bluntest putter I could find (DX Birdie).
I kinda liked it when it worked for me, but most of the time, it didn't.

When I finally bought a Wizard, I put the Birdie on the wall, and pretty much never looked back.

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