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Quinntastic 05-07-2017 09:56 PM

What is different about the plastic in the s-line gremlin? It doesn't seem to be your typical s-line to me or anyone I show it too. Also if you could make other molds with that blend I'd be very very happy :)

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Discmania_Support 05-08-2017 10:17 AM

Discmania Support Reply

Originally Posted by bogeyfreetilinfinity (Post 3170066)
will x-outs ever be restocked at the discmania online store?

Good question. X-Outs have been restocked in small quantities here and there. We are saving our special ones for our upcoming Mystery Box release soon. Keep an eye out!!

Discmania_Support 05-08-2017 10:49 AM

Discmania Support Reply

Originally Posted by Anthony_G (Post 3156032)
Non-First Run D-P3's are my main putters. I switched from XD's when they went away. I like beadless low profile putters and P3's are the only ones left in the Innova/Discmania line-ups. I honestly think the P3 was a big dissapointment for what it was intended- an overstable harp type putt and approach, but it works perfectly for me for putting. I'm going to speculate the P3x or new putter will be even more like the Harp which will be awesome for that slot which the line-ups are missing. Ultimately, I hope there will be intended investment into a beadless low profile putter in a harder Pro plastic. A Pro XD or P3 would be amazing or even something new to compete with the Pure.

P3x is going to be quite the crowd pleaser . No details to spread on that topic unfortunately.


Originally Posted by hartigan5279 (Post 3156366)
Is this the current run that is available in the store?

The current run is 7th and will be just what you are looking for in stability.


Originally Posted by DinosaurThunder (Post 3160791)
Interesting discussion happening on the facebooks regarding these P2's - Two school of thoughts:

- Eagle deserves this signature P2 (no one is arguing against that) and the demand for white P2's/To Support eagle is there. Fair amount of excitement for these!

- People wanting DM to figure out stock molds first and then focus on signature molds/special stamps second. The online store has been one of the few places to max weight P2's, s-line PD2s, etc. and newer runs of each mold period. Most of these have a DM store specific stamp or limited stock stamp release. I will attest to the fact that my local stores have slim pickings of the new DM stuff.

Not sure where I stand... I haven't started throwing any of the new DM molds or runs of the discs. I love my old buttery DDs, first run FD's and soft blend of DP2s. However my P2 stack is thinning out and I would love to find max weights in the shop nearby :)

Hit up your local stores and have them give us a shout! We are increasing our efforts to get dealers the things they need, or haven’t thought about getting yet and now is a good opportunity for them to do so. If you need help pointing them in the right direction, please shoot us an email at the store and we can help. I do agree with what you said above as well.


Originally Posted by Owensjef (Post 3171057)
Actually theyre DGWT throwers editions, not first runs



Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3171068)
I think the proto/prerelease/FR business is pretty muddled nowadays and I think all of them were actually produced at the same time and only stamped differently and released at different time. Stock run may even be from the same run. They admitted to all the first runs of the FD3 to be from the same batch. (EO, FR, stock first run).

These CD3’s were definitely two batches and labeled as such. The first runs were technically the Konopiste CD3 and were followed by the First Run release. These discs were not released until the Thrower edition which were second runs. The scheduled FR release then occurred and the ones we had been saving were then set loose. I hope that helps.


Originally Posted by racer93 (Post 3171198)
I love the DDx and was getting some serious D with it today at Jacobson and Graviss McDonald's in Lexington, KY. I was getting over 500' consistently but had a question. Is there a possibility you will produce a disc with just a tick more HSS? Mine turn *deeply* understable mid flight and then fight out of it. I'd love to have something that was ever so slightly more HSS. (Not as much as a destroyer, mind you.) Thanks and keep up the great work!

Good points. The unofficial “DD3” which would be commonly speculated, will be exactly that. We have some other projects to complete first and then will set after something like that. We have been working with the idea of a more HSS DDx but as said before, just need to iron out a few details and release a few scheduled molds beforehand.


Originally Posted by Aveksi (Post 3172939)
Discmania, please make a disc with the PD2 wing and CD3 top. The top on the CD3 is hands down the best feeling top among your higher speed drivers. DD3 perhaps? :thmbup:

That’s a fair request. Unfortunately, not all tops and bottoms of discs are compatible. We would surely like to create some sort of DD3 but have just a couple of projects to finalize first before we head down that path. We are very happy to hear that you like the feel of the CD3 and we feel the same way too. Our goal is to create more hits like the DDx but have a slightly deeper rim so it is more comfortable for everyone.


Originally Posted by smarkquart (Post 3172948)
Which plastic are you throwing? There is a noticeable difference between S and C and then Metal Flake. There is not enough to call them different discs, but there is enough difference where you might actually carry both in the bag.

I noticed that S has a touch more glide than the C; at 400 feet power, it is about 10 feet difference, but I get truer, more trustworthy flights out of the C.

Well, let me give you a quick breakdown of my bag for starters. I recommend keeping your bag as simple as possible and diversifying the loadout of plastics amongst the molds in there.

P2: 2 P-Lines for putting, 1 D-Line for throwing, 1 S-Line for straighter throws and upshots, and 1 C-Line for maximum stability throws and upshots
MD: 1 C-Line
MD3: 2 Metal flakes for most shots and versatility, 1 Glow for more reliability in windy spots
FD: 2 C-Lines for most shots and reliability, 1 S-Line for straighter lines and rollers, 1 D-Line for anhyzers and rollers
FD3: 1 S-Line for straighter power hyzers, 1 C-Line for more overstable shots and thumbers
PD: 1 S-Line for straight consistent shots with some play in the air, 2 C-Line ones with varying stability depending on how much wind there is out there or how much it needs to fade
DD: 2 S-Lines (one beat up one new) for reliable max D shots
DD2: 1 S-Line for the occasional big D forehand or longer backhands
PD2: 1 S-Line for straighter power shots and 1 C-Line for max stability
1 mini for super sweet marking skillz

I hope that helps a bit or answers your question somewhat. I know everyone is different.


Originally Posted by Jenga54 (Post 3173009)
Is there a list on here or FB with known tops and bottoms to the DM lineup? I know there's a lot with the Anhyzer top, and a lot of claims to what bottom and other tops are used...

I am sure there is a list somewhere but am not sure on the location


Originally Posted by Owensjef (Post 3173070)
The cd3 acts more like a wraith, and my terns act nothing like my ddx, for now. Fd3 is a firedbird, not pd

We are glad you like your CD3, assuming acting like a Wraith is good for you. We are happy with the way the DDx and CD3 turned out and have gotten very positive feedback on both so far.

Discmania_Support 05-08-2017 11:05 AM

Discmania Support Reply

Originally Posted by drew2000 (Post 3174536)
Are there any plans for Discmania to ever produce a disc similar or possibly even the same mold as the Innova Max the same way as was done with the Gremlin? I love my pop-top Star Max and flat top Champion Max, but the online supply of these discs is very small and I would love to see full production runs of a disc with the combination of speed and stability the Max gives because of how usefull these discs are for me and how much fun they are to throw something that massively overstable.

And before anyone throws out a response talking about a Metal Flake or Swirly S Line PD2, the Max is still more stable.

We have definitely talked extensively about making something similar to the Max. Obviously, Eagle preaches about it and throws it on some crazy lines that some of us could only dream of. We have elected to go with a few more molds that will be good for everyone first and then proceed again with discussions about a disc like that. You are correct, though, in saying that the Max is more stable than a PD2.


Originally Posted by Reniger (Post 3173870)
The Swirly S-Line Hypno Huk are stupid OS. Eagle and Simon have talked about them in commentary, ITBs, interviews and such as being one of the most OS runs. I got one just because I think they're pretty, but there's no way in hell I can throw for anything other than a Firebird shot. And I have Firebirds for that. :D

Those Swirly Huk PD2’s are definitely one of the most OS versions to date. The luster and MF ones are certainly in the same ball park and are honestly too difficult to tell which one is more overstable. The only difference is that the Swirl ones just have a considerable amount of dome compared to the new runs of luster and MF.


Originally Posted by skizzle34 (Post 3173607)
Only problem you are going to run into with G line is that in the middle of the summer it is going to feel floppy. PD2 is such a naturally OS disc that getting real turn out of it is hard without anhyzer release. I have an S line I have been beating in for about a year and it is still basically a fresh destroyer.

Other than the P-Line, G-Line is what will give PD2 throwers the most distance out of the disc. Although it gets kind of floppy in the summer, G-Line will be very useful if you can handle the gummy nature of the disc. The new S-Lines at the moment are fantastic as well.


Originally Posted by racer93 (Post 3173592)
What I meant was if the Luster PD2s were more overstable than the other PD2s in other plastics. Aberration just means to be unusual or a "freak" accident.

The point is I have known the PD2s to be overstable but the lusters I have are just stupid overstable. As I pointed out above, my G-line is much less overstable.

If you want a less stable luster PD2, seek out the 170-172 ones. Those are what you are looking for. Same thing goes for the metal flakes as well. Those discs in particular are long bombers and are not freakishly overstable. Take my word for it.


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3173552)
What do you mean? All luster PD2s are super OS is what I heard. Not all C-lines are super OS. Not sure what you mean by aberration or the norm, but as there has only yet been one run of luster PD2s, for that mold, overstability is the norm. Luster plastic itself does not seem to make ALL molds (super) overstable, but some molds it does.

Luster made the PD2 a piggy PD2 like the others. And you are right in saying that not all luster molds are made more stable by being made in luster. Two molds that come to mind are the PD and P2. Those discs tended to be a bit less stable in luster and we were happy with that as well.

Thavoc 05-08-2017 11:07 AM

How is the dome on the current run of C-line pd2s?

Discmania_Support 05-08-2017 11:07 AM

Discmania Support Reply

Originally Posted by Quinntastic (Post 3174551)
What is different about the plastic in the s-line gremlin? It doesn't seem to be your typical s-line to me or anyone I show it too. Also if you could make other molds with that blend I'd be very very happy :)

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The S-Line GM was more of a champy-star plastic that we commonly refer to as hybrid. Though this term came to be much later than this disc was made, it can be combined in to the same phrase. Most GM's were more on the champion side than true S-Line plastic and were only unique to this mold alone. Though our versions of hybrids still differ quite a bit from what the GM was, it provides at least some clarity as to what we are talking about.

Discmania_Support 05-08-2017 11:08 AM

Discmania Support Reply

Originally Posted by Thavoc (Post 3174698)
How is the dome on the current run of C-line pd2s?

The dome on the current run of C-PD2 is very mild. Some of the lighter ones are flat-topped the rest of them have a very gentle dome on them. They feel fantastic too.

Thavoc 05-08-2017 11:11 AM


Originally Posted by Discmania_Support (Post 3174701)
The dome on the current run of C-PD2 is very mild. Some of the lighter ones are flat-topped the rest of them have a very gentle dome on them. They feel fantastic too.

I usually throw 168's with mild dome. Would I be able to find one of those, and hows the stability of the current run?

racer93 05-08-2017 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by Discmania_Support (Post 3174697)
The new S-Lines at the moment are fantastic as well.

How can I tell it's a new run of S-line pd2s? Just curious...

booter 05-09-2017 12:32 PM

will DM ever produce soft d line p2's like the first runs?

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