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Forehand Shiver 06-12-2019 05:53 PM

Something's missing -- need help fine-tuning my bag ...
Looking for any suggestions to fill gaps in my bag or help identifying overlap. While the bulk of my discs are Trilogy, I’m not wedded to any brand and am open to everything.

Been playing for about a decade but have really only tried to improve my form and play in leagues over the past 5 years, or so.

Throwing Style: RHBH

Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Innova Nova: 250/300'; E-Mac Truth: 280/330'; Ballista Pro: 350/375'

When competing, I lean on my beat-in Ballista Pro off the tee, but have been trying to work in the Raider since I can get a little more turn. For most long upshots, I’ll throw the Culverin. But if I need something more stable, I’ll go with the Getaway or Explorer, depending on distance. In the woods, I usually go M4 or Truth. The M1 only comes out when I’m scrambling or in the wind. For short approaches, it’s the Nova, but I will throw short spike hyzers with the slammer.

172 Ballista Pro (beat) – main driver that I also will use for forehand drives
172 Raider (new) – distance driver
168 Moonshine Ballista Pro (used but stable) – overstable/headwind
172 Defender (new) – overstable/meathook for tight corners BH/FH
168 Crank (used but freakishly stable) – distance forehand driver and for turnover BH drives
172 Ballista (beat) – turnover BH drives
175 Culverin (new) – straight, stable, control driver
175 Getaway (new) – headwind/overstable
178 Ahti – headwind/overstable
178 Explorer – straight to slightly overstable, spike hyzer

175 M1 (beat) – slightly overstable, slight headwind
178 M4 (beat but stable) - hyzer flips, annys
178 Bard (new) – overstable, headwind
175 Pine (new) – slightly overstable
178 E-mac Truth – straight control mid

175 Prototype Luna (beat) - main putter
178 Slammer (beat) – hyzer
178 Nova – main approach


VictorB 06-13-2019 08:02 AM

Lots of overlap, especially in the distance driver slot.

You mention that you lean on the ballista pro off the tee, so you can probably remove the others. Is the raider really that different? Simplifying your distance slot will increase your consistency.

Also, Culverin/Explorer and Ahti/Getaway, probably pick one of each, which ever you're most comfortable with in each slot. Not sure if you want something that is true overstable in your bag like a firebird/felon/predator etc but that's something I see missing. The Ahti and Culverin I have thrown in the past aren't nearly enough to fight the wind properly.

The M1, Bard, Pine, and Emac are all really close in flight and use for the most part. All stable to slightly overstable mids that wear in to straight or slightly understable. I've never thrown an M1 so not sure if pairing that with one of the other 3 would fill out the lineup next to the M4.

SD86 06-13-2019 01:09 PM

Agree that you have a lot of overlap. My recommendation in these cases, especially with regard to the drivers, is to leave one or more discs at home during your next round. If you really miss those left-out discs, put them back in and take others out. If you didn't miss the removed discs, you likely don't really need it.

I agree with VictorB about the mids. Take the M4 and Emac Truth, then choose your favorite amongst the Bard, Pine, and M1.

Putters are a personal thing. When it comes to putters, keep doing what you do...

Forehand Shiver 06-13-2019 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by VictorB (Post 3461930)

The Ahti and Culverin I have thrown in the past aren't nearly enough to fight the wind properly.

Thanks VictorB. Good info. ... Further complicating matters, I have two Felons that flip and are unreliable and my Ahti is a meat hook. Just the luck of the draw, I guess.

thirtydirtybirds 06-13-2019 03:03 PM

What about turnovers? Everything seems stable/OS.

Fairway drivers?

Forehand Shiver 06-13-2019 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by thirtydirtybirds (Post 3462193)
What about turnovers? Everything seems stable/OS.

Fairway drivers?

What do you suggest? ... Currently, if I'm playing a woods course, I'll rely on my M4 and bust out a Thief. Otherwise, I throw way more FHs than turnover backhands. The Crank is my FH straight flyer and turnover driver.

thirtydirtybirds 06-13-2019 04:29 PM

Forehand hyzer and backhand turnover are 2 different lines. Should be able to cover both. Maybe something like a leopard, roadrunner? I have had some fun with a hatchet as well if Swedish is your preference.

Forehand Shiver 06-13-2019 09:58 PM

Man, I have a Hatchet and Leopard. I just don't trust them in competition. A gust of wind or my angle is slightly off and I'm way right. I might bag the Tursas -- the one I have is not quite as understable as the Hatchet or Leopard for me. But great observation. Thanks!

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