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bikedoctor 07-08-2008 08:50 PM

DX ROC and weight recommendations.
I am ready to join the club.

What are the differences in flight characteristics for a 158ROC vs a 165ROC vs a 172 ROC?

My best throwing discs have been a 150 leopard and a 169 Star TL (before "the incident").

Good consistent upshots are weak and drives are inconsistant.

School me please.

Three Putt 07-09-2008 01:01 AM

I like light discs and I use light drivers, but my Rocs need some beef. I get them 175-177g. If you are not getting very good D from a Roc (225 ft or less) I'd back down to a 166-170g Roc as you might need the lighter disc at that power.

You really don't need Rocs in different weights, because the trick is to beat the thing senseless. Once your newish overstable Roc gets beat in and starts to fly perfect, you get another new one for overstable shots. Once your perfectly beat in one gets flippy, your new overstable one should be just right for long straight shots and you can get a new new overstable one. And so on, and so on, until you have a whole basement full of stacks of Rocs of about the same weight in various stages of beatness that cover the entire spectrum of mid-range shots.

At that point you will reach Rocvana and be in a state of total Roc consciousness. It involves some chanting, burning some incense, the ritual sacrifice of a Discraft Wasp and a little dance (nudity is optional), but otherwise it's harmless.

Welcome to the Cult...or, um, the Club, I mean the Club. Membership has it's privileges, like beating the snot out of your buddies that can't seem to figure out they need to throw the BEST disc there is.

nosajeel99 07-09-2008 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by Three Putt (Post 3752)


Three Putt (I have continually noticed over the past few weeks) is right. That is how I got into the Roc business... Now I carry 4 with me at different levels of beaten-ness.

I carry 170 Rocs and have the understable, stable, overstable, and straight-as-an-arrow choices. In terms of weight, lighter discs are more understable and I think that if you got one of each weight you listed you would notice differences in their flight. When you have about a 3 or 4 gram difference in weight I tend to notice flight differences; not so much with a 1 or 2 gram difference in weight. This goes with all discs, not just Rocs.

So, my advice to you is what 3P said. Get one Roc, play with it for a while and when it starts to hold anhyzers the entire line, get another for overstable shots. (Maybe even before then... depending on your addiction) Rinse. Repeat.

bikedoctor 07-09-2008 06:29 PM

I love the fact that we are apart of a hobby that we can use words like flippy, beateness, and rocvana.

You guys are funny.

My wife just asked me what these words meant ....... I really love this hobby.


Iceman 07-09-2008 08:51 PM

Well put Three Putt. I needed some clarification on rocs. I've got a fairly new one(bout 20 rounds old) and I love it. I've been wondering how it is going to "evolve" as time passes. Thanks.

petecarp 07-09-2008 09:58 PM

i currently have in my possession a 2008 super roc. ive only played with it 4 or 5 times but i was wondering what i can expect from it as it ages? as of now it has become my go to disc for any straight tee shot 300' or less.

Three Putt 07-09-2008 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by Iceman (Post 3827)
Well put Three Putt. I needed some clarification on rocs. I've got a fairly new one(bout 20 rounds old) and I love it. I've been wondering how it is going to "evolve" as time passes. Thanks.

Just to clarify, I'm a weenie arm. Your experience may vary if you have decent power.

For me a brand new Roc holds a nice stright line out to about 260-270 ft with a predictable fade, and I really can't turn it effectively as it will come back to the left pretty hard. It's great into the wind.

As time goes on I'll notice that when it should fade it doesn't anymore, it will start to glide to almost 300 ft with a slight fade...$$$! Get some height on it and watch it GO! Plus, it is deadly accurate...no need to hyzerflip or anything that takes a lot of room to work with, you can put it on a straight line down a tunnel on a dime! Those I can turn more effectively, but it will still fade back AND it will start to flip into the wind some.

As more time goes by I'll have to put more and more hyzer on it to keep it going straight as it will want to flip. At that point it is a deadly turnover disc as it will flip and stay on that line...eventually you beat the fade out of them. Really if I need a disc to turn over on a high line, a beat-up Roc is the only option I have. Hopefully by the time my $$$ Roc starts flipping my overstable Roc has beaten into a straight flyer and I can just move them down the line.

For me it never worked that way. Once I had my $$$ go-to Roc, I threw it all the time and put hyzer or anhyzer on it to get it to do what I wanted. Since I threw it so much more often, it got beat flippy before my beat Roc was useless or my overstable Roc was ready to be my $$$ go-to Roc. For awhile I used KC Rocs for my overstable Roc, and since they wear in more slowly than DX it really screwed everything up. What helped me out was when those KC Rocs finally were beat in they lasted for a long time and I was able to get several DX Rocs seasoned, so I actually have some nicely beat in Rocs waiting to get back in the bag now. And NO, I don't want to sell or trade them!

I carry 6 Rocs: two new, two seasoned, two flippy. I always carry a back-up for each disc, even though I'll search for hours for a Roc. My back-up flippy Roc is actually a 12 year-old Ontario Roc that never gets thrown because I have a BUNCH of beat-flippy Rocs ready to go. It gets the sentimental ride in the bag, and I throw it every now and then.

For whatever reason I really don't like beat-up KC Rocs. They are not as predictable as a beat-up DX Roc for me on an anhyzer line. I also don't like Super Rocs or Ching Rocs when they get beat up either, they are just too squirrelly. I've never been in the same room with a Champ Roc, much less thrown one. So for me I've settled on DX for my Rocs, as I just think the DX beats into a more predictable turnover discs than any other plastic, and to have a flippy DX Roc you have to start with a new DX Roc and get it to that point.

For me a Roc will work it's way through the bag over 5 or 6 years. Once a Roc is my $$$ go-to Roc it will last about a season and 1/2. The courses I play are heavily wooded, so I know they stand up to tree hits (and believe me I DO know about that!) I know some guys who play a renegade course with rock outcroppings and rocks and DX Rocs don't like each other, so if there are a lot of rocks on your courses beware! I'm also pretty careful when it gets cold out, since I've had DX Rocs come apart like they were hit with a shotgun when they hit a tree in the cold weather. I tend to break out the KC Rocs when it is cold and save the DX until spring.

That's really all I can tell you about Rocs. When I was young and poor I used one flipped upside-down as a dogs water dish for a while, but an old mold Birdie worked better. You can use one as a plate in a pinch, too. I used to keep one upside-down on a table by the door that I threw change and my car keys in, but the then-girlfriend, now-wife put an end to that. It hangs in my garage now, an odd random golf disc hanging on the wall for no apparent reason. 13 years ago that disc was $$$! I never forget a good Roc.

bikedoctor 07-11-2008 08:11 PM

Three putt .... I'm sorry to say this ... but you're addicted to the Roc ....


I ordered three Rocs from my "dealer". I hope to have my fix by Wed.

Three Putt 07-12-2008 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by bikedoctor (Post 3963)
Three putt .... I'm sorry to say this ... but you're addicted to the Roc ....

I'm not really. I know a lot of guys who have a blind allegiance to Innova and the Roc. I happen to think there are a LOT of good mid-range discs out there that you can do fine with. Just for me personally, I keep going back to the Roc.

When I started playing seriously I used a Lightning disc called the Spitfire for my mid...I think it is the # 3 Flyer now. Anyway I used those for several years. The first Innova mid I threw for a full season was the Hammer. I threw Hawks long enough that there is a guy around here that still calls me "Hawkman." (Nobody ever called me "Rocman.") I also used Comets for two or three years. I like the Discraft Buzzz a lot, I just have so many Rocs at this point it would not be cost effective to switch. As recently as this spring I had Sentinels in my bag for overstable mid shots, but I recently went up on the weight of my Rocs and that has helped ease the Sentinel back out of the bag. So I've thrown a lot of mids. I like a lot of the mids I've thrown. I could recommend a Buzzz/Wasp combo or an Aurora MS/Sentinel MF combo to you and feel like I gave you good advise.

The difference is that those are two discs. With the Roc, you can throw one disc and cover the whole spectrum of shots. That's the big thing for me. Once you have that beat-up turnover Roc you know and trust that disc, because that sucker started as your beefy overstable pig Roc you will have thrown it thousands of times to get it to that "fliipy good" point. I have not found another disc that you can do that with.

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