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DiscFifty 07-31-2019 07:15 PM

Laura Nagtegaal 2019 Amateur World Champion FA40
If you don't know why the subject may or may not be newsworthy, I would suggest some research first.

joshuajames 07-31-2019 10:59 PM

Well...let's hear your opinion.

jmdaire27 07-31-2019 11:47 PM

The suspense is getting to me...

But I think some background (i.e. supply us with the clif notes) would be nice. I’d like to be convinced to do further research than given some ambiguous suggestion.

cox3 08-01-2019 12:01 AM

Laura Nagtegaal was born a male. The individual now identifies as a female. The PDGA is allowing transgender individuals to compete in the division of the gender in which they identify. Nagtegaal won the FA40 division by 21 strokes in a field of 17. Nagtegaal competed exclusively in mixed divisions (also, no longer referred to as men's divisions by the PDGA) from the time they became a PDGA member in 2010 until 2019.

Hampstead 08-01-2019 12:48 AM

Getting worked up about a geezer?

I'll save my outrage for something more interesting.

DiscFifty 08-01-2019 05:28 AM


Originally Posted by joshuajames (Post 3479003)
Well...let's hear your opinion.

I started the thread because regardless of anyone's position, this was an historic day for disc golf.

Flick Maniac 08-01-2019 08:13 AM

Fun little story... I was at a event in Mijas, Spain. Waiting for the missing person in our group to arrive at the tee. Dude walks up, says hi I am with you, I tell him no actually we're waiting for a Laura, thats me he says. Oh okay. *awkward silence ensues*

Nothing against her, just was a odd little incident. Now I know who she is. Shes done a lot for the PDGA, kudos to her.


_MTL_ 08-01-2019 09:02 AM

Her response.


SonicGuy 08-01-2019 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by _MTL_ (Post 3479114)


Would I drive further from the tee box than my competitors?" was the biggest worry I had.
But I knew from experience already, that especially on driving distance, I was most beatable.
When my body still ran on testosterone, I max-ed out at 420-430ft on a good day, and averaged about 370-380ft. Now I barely reach 330-340ft on a good day. And that 330-340ft is totally feasible for a cisgender woman
Glad that she agrees with me that you cannot be a good male disc golfer only driving 300' :thmbup:

DiscFifty 08-01-2019 10:41 AM

Consistent 330+ distance would easily put her up there with some of the better fpo players. Maybe she'll play fpo.

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