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iLessThan3DiscGolf 03-10-2014 04:48 PM

I <3 Disc golf, but I can't decide on my bag!
For those that frequent the Bag Suggestion form, I'm at it again. I'm in need of an OS Fairway (Firebird, Duh) and an Overstable Mid (Need Input Plz)

Here's my March, my-form-and-armspeed-suck, bag:
Age: 28
Years playing: Back at it for a year, after a LONG break
Throw: RHBH 99% of the time
Distances: Average arm speed (Form sucks, working on retooling everything from Distance to Putting as we speak)

Metal Flake Destroyer - For shots that HAVE to go left, skip, or RHFH
Star Wraith - OS Distance
Lucid Renegade - Stable/US Distance & 'finesse' drives
Champ Sidewinder - Main Driver; Fairly stable for a Sidewinder
Icon Bandit - Secondary Driver; less stable than the SW

Champ 12X TeeBird - It's a TeeBird
Pinnacle Rival - Flexible and stable
Icon Rival - Gummy and semi-stable; These Rivals are my new Fav disc
Icon Patriot - STIFF AS HELL and semi-stable; (disappointed in how stable this disc is)
Opto River - Understable

Missing Overstable
ESP Buzzz - Beat to Neutral/Straight
DX Roc - Beat to Neutral; My 'old faithful'
ESP Meteor - Supposed to be US & flippy. Understable, but NOT flippy...at all! Thing wont turnover to save its life. And it's not me, its just a beefy Meteor.

Classic Firm Judge - X3 - One ONLY for Putts, one for Approach/Upshot, one is being beat in as Understable.
Going to purchase a Fuzion Judge as my Stable Driving putter

I need a Stable Midrange, and input for my Distance Drivers.


SteezeOG 03-10-2014 05:07 PM

If you think your form and distance sucks then it might be best to keep all those distance drivers out of your bag. Gives you more space to put slower discs to test or as backups to cycle. Store them for now until you can get them up to speed. Get a firebird if that's what you want and make that your most overstable and highest speed disc. Focus on throwing neutral and slower discs whenever you can and getting the lines and distance you want out of those. When one of those won't work then move up to the stuff like your firebird but don't rely on it's speed and overstability to mask your form issues.

You could try a Wasp, Drone, Verdict, or a lot of other stuff for an OS mid. Those are the ones I have the most experience with. The drone is usually a meathook, the verdict is more straight with fade that kicks in early and the wasp is straight with a little late fade. Try to use the Roc and Buzzz mostly though. It'll clean up your form better.

Cycling classic judges and a fuzion for driving and upshots is a great idea I think. Not just because I do the same thing either lol.

I really wouldn't throw anything beyond your teebirds and the firebird in heavy winds or for spike hyzers. You're just holding yourself back by throwing the wraith, destroyer, etc. When you do clean up the form and get more distance put the renegade in the bag and once you can hyzer flip that thing with good form move up to the wraith and beyond. Nothing you do right now with that destroyer can't be accomplished with a slower disc if you aren't able to get it up to speed.

iLessThan3DiscGolf 03-10-2014 06:00 PM

Thanks dude! Solid Advice

I've been debating on the "leave out the Max D" for a while; I just dumped out all my other Destroyers, Tern, and anything over Speed 10. I do have a Starfire available, but no Firebird yet.

Would I really need a Firebird if I could just use the Starfire, and get a Firebird later?

SteezeOG 03-10-2014 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by iLessThan3DiscGolf (Post 2382234)
Thanks dude! Solid Advice

I've been debating on the "leave out the Max D" for a while; I just dumped out all my other Destroyers, Tern, and anything over Speed 10. I do have a Starfire available, but no Firebird yet.

Would I really need a Firebird if I could just use the Starfire, and get a Firebird later?

I don't have experience with a starfire so I can't say for sure but if it handles headwinds and gives you the hyzer finish and everything you need plus can handle skip shots I wouldn't see why you couldn't use it for now. I don't throw forehand for distance but I know people do with the firebird. Same issues though, if you are simply using fast and overstable discs to cover up form issues with your forehand you won't get that worked out until you decide to fix the actual problem. So I would try using slower and more neutral discs on your flick shots until you can control them and get good flights.

Someone in the marketplace might have a used firebird for cheap you can try out. Or you could trade one of those distance drivers for one. Lot of options but I do know you won't work out those form issues until you throw the discs that teach you how to throw with proper form. A destroyer is not one of those discs :D

HybridZombiw 03-10-2014 07:31 PM

As im sure many might say, take out the high speed drivers and keep to your fairways. Those fairway drivers will help you learn proper form and technique to really rip those distance drivers. Give it a few months or something and you should see a difference if you keep consistent and really work on your technique if that is the thing.

As for OS Mids: Drones, wasps, Pains, Maces, Gators, etc. A good stable mid would undoubtedly be a z buzzz or something similar. You could also cycle rocs and stuff as some people do. Also check out the fugitive as a stable mid. As for your putters they are solid and rotating them is a good idea. The fuzion judge is a good call. Overall your bag from fairway down is pretty solid. Keep working on your goals and have fun!

iLessThan3DiscGolf 03-20-2014 11:10 PM

So I wish to update what I've finally narrowed it down to. This will be my bag for the entirety of the summer. I dropped pretty much all my high-speed drivers, except my old faithful.

Also, I've been playing as many Mid/Putter Only rounds as I can fit in.

Beat, Pre-AJ Destroyer - My only Distance Driver. It's old, worn, dependable, and I just can't not bag it. Only for when I gotta crank on something. Its bagged an Ace, and it holds a special place in my heart :clap:

My bread-and-butter drivers
Champ Firebird - Obvious
Champ Sidewinder - Max Weight. Straight or can roll it
Icon Bandit(Flexible) - Main driver. Very workable; my new fav disc!!!:thmbup:
Pinnacle Rival - Semi to Overstable
Icon Rival(Gummy) - Semistable. Flexes a little and I love that
Icon Patriot(Stiff) - Glidey and fun
Opto River - Understable & Glidey

Cryztal Z Buzzz - Stable to overstable
ESP Buzzz - Worn and STRAIGHT
ESP Meteor - Stable to Understable

Fuzion Judge - Drives & OS Approaches
First Run Classic Hard Judge - Stable to Understable throws. Beating it in,
2x Classic Hard Judge - Putting ONLY

I think I found my bag!

Vonbeezy1 03-24-2014 12:15 PM

How overstable are we talking? A meatball or something that flies straight in headwind with fade at the end? I use a whippet glow as my meatball midrange (even though its technically a fairway driver) and a hornet for the latter.

pmorgan1214 03-24-2014 12:27 PM

GATOR GATOR GATOR GATOR GATOR. That is all that you need. one of the most overstable mids out there.

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