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Bardu 07-02-2012 09:12 PM

Bardu's Bag 2012
Previous thread: http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums...ad.php?t=40694

Years playing/experience: About a year
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: RH
Throwing Style: RHBH only
Distance (avg/max) for putter/mid/driver: Ion: 220/240'; Roc: 250/280'; PD: 270/300'

Age: 31
Sex: M


165 P-PD seasoned - distance, drives

171 DX Roc freshy
171 DX Roc slightly seasoned - hyzers
171 DX Roc seasoned - main mid, anys, straight shots, drives

2 173 S Ion 3rd Run "Stormtrooper" beat - all putts, approaches, drives

I am trying to establish my Rocs in different conditions, so that I can work with different stages without switching molds. Would like to add a heavier P-PD perhaps or a S-PD to serve a similar purpose with drivers. In general I throw every shot that I can reach with my Ions with the Ions. Once I get outside Ion range I try to throw everything I can with my Rocs. I am reluctant to bring out drivers at this point. I guess I prefer to throw the lowest speed disc I can in each situation. I am trying to work on my form and learn how to throw all the shots I can with just my Rocs and Ions. Basically I am trying to minimize my molds and "disc down" although mainly for learning purposes at this point.

I put alot of rounds in last year, and have improved alot since then. After trying alot of different discs I settled on two that I really like, the Ion and Roc. I want to try to improve my form and continue to work with those two discs mainly.

Also tried: Teebird, Leopard, JLS, Comet, Buzzz, Fuse, Axis, Wizard, and Aviar among others.

Any advice or suggestions? Any good learning tools or things to read up on for still a relative newbie? Thanks for reading.

tdschrock1 07-02-2012 11:21 PM

I havent thrown a pd much, but i prefer the olf. Have you tried eagles? They might fit the bill for a step up from your rocs...

Bardu 07-03-2012 02:10 AM

No, I have not tried an Eagle and I have always wanted to. I think in general I see more people using Eagle-Xs than Eagle-Ls, right? What kind of plastic would you recommend?

StarFirebird 07-03-2012 10:35 PM

I would much rather use a Teebird than an Eagle.

In my opinion the Champion and Star Eagles are more for bigger arms,which I don't have.I'm much more consistent with my Teebird for shorter drives.If I do want an Eagle shot,I'll go for my Champion Starfire.For me if I tone down the power just a bit I can get the Starfire to fly like an Eagle,but that's just me.

Good to see you are going with the Rocs.You'll be glad that you have these in the bag.I keep 4 in my bag.Overstable,Stable,Straight and Flippy one.I use them on 50% of my drives.

Another good disc to have in the bag is a Panther.It's just a tad bit slower than an Leopard and throws the same.Recently I took out my Leopard for the Panther because I was starting to get the same distance out of both discs.

GLong 07-04-2012 12:34 AM

pro leopard and s-pd around the same weight as your p-pd would be good.

Bardu 07-05-2012 01:32 AM

Yeah I love the roc. My dxs aren't really over stable, but I am comfortable with the stability of the ones I have.

I have tried the teebirds a number of times and I do like it, but it's flight is kinda boring and I can't really get it to go much further than my rocs. I will try it again in the future.

Thanks for the suggestions, glong. You have always given me really good advice in the past and I would have been well served to heed it. I have tried a pro leopard previously and loved it. The only reason I am not throwing one now is because I lost mine. The s-pd obviously makes sense too. So, considering my p-pd is only going slightly further than my rocs right now, will I need a leopard and two pds? I mean should there be enough difference?

Oh and just curious. I do have a nice x comet sitting around. It is a nice disc for getting laser straight shots out of. I can get the roc to hold a line to the ground like that, but sometimes they fade too. Would I be better off keeping a comet for those shots or trying to stick with one mold?

StarFirebird 07-05-2012 11:29 PM

Sorry to post this again,but a solution for a low ceiling straight shot would have to be a Champion Panther.You may not think it will fly as far as Leopard,but this disc will amaze you with it's glide.I may sound a bit bias on the disc,but man it is one of the best discs that you don't hear much about.I got a friend of mine to start throwing it and he loves the thing now.

I've had mine for years and it's beat in as much as it's going to be beat in.The thing will still hold a nice straight line.

I just seen some of the new molds the other day at the Local shops around here.So they may be at your shops as well.

Bardu 07-07-2012 11:11 PM

Ok, well the same questions I had for the leopard apply to the panther. How much further am I gonna throw it than my roc, and how different from my p-pd is it going to be?

Also, a friend of mine has offered me his champion tl. It is a plus mold (are they all?). Would that be any good for me to try?

StarFirebird 07-08-2012 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by Bardu (Post 1493173)
Ok, well the same questions I had for the leopard apply to the panther. How much further am I gonna throw it than my roc, and how different from my p-pd is it going to be?

Also, a friend of mine has offered me his champion tl. It is a plus mold (are they all?). Would that be any good for me to try?

Well the Panther is a Midrange so It's going to have about the same distance as a Roc.In my bag I have just the 1 Panther with 4 Rocs also.So It's good to have both in the bag.

The Panther is a good Straight low ceiling Driver and it also is a good Turnover disc.

I'm not sure what the P-PD does I only know Innova discs.Sorry

Bardu 07-08-2012 10:55 PM

So how does a panther differ from a comet? That is a midrange with glide that I am already comfortable with.

Just curious does anyone have thoughts on dx teebird and champ teebird vs p-pd and s-pd as far as driver combos go? Keep in mind I am not really throwing all that far. I know I can theoretically a pd further, but I'm not sure by how much, if any. I definitely have better control with teebirds.

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