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Major Tomahawk 11-08-2016 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by JR Stengele (Post 3091996)
are they going to cut the tall grass on all the open holes?

No sign of any tall grass.

Major Tomahawk 11-10-2016 05:19 PM

There is now an article about this tourney on the PDGA main page. The article left out the Gold Country team that featured Nikko and probably the most 1000-rated players in the tourney.

As for the format of the tourney, I didn't really like it. Each card had 4 players from each team: A, B, C, and D players. A and B were partners and C and D were partners. Only A and C threw their drives on the first hole while B and D threw their drives on the second hole. That pattern followed until the match was over. After the A's and C's drove, the B's and D's would throw the next shots. Hence, it was alternate shot all day long.

Only one point was available for each hole, so basically, it was a 4 on 4 battle for each hole. I didn't like that. I thought it would have been better if the A's and B's battled each other and the C's and D's did too. Throwing a drive every other hole was boring for me.
After 6 matches of starting and stopping I found it made it tough for me to stay loose and warm. It was also difficult to stay in a rhythm for putting and driving.

Based on the luck of the draw, our team didn't play the lower, bottom-feeder teams. We played all of the top 5 finishers though.

Based on the way the matches rotated, I drove on the same holes all day. My partner with the big arm had all of the downhillers and I had all of the tough uphillers and longer holes. That was a little unlucky and fluky.

I still had fun, met some cool players, and would do it again next year, but would like to be moved down to the 3rd card since I don't have the explosive power that I saw from most of the other first card players.

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