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DiscFifty 06-18-2017 06:43 AM

Catrina Allen Prediction Thread
This was one of the first videos I saw of Catrina. She can bomb! Look at that smile, that enthusiasm, etc, etc. :clap:


But...there's some talk about her attitude on the course the past year (or so?). And that smile of hers seems to be getting less airplay all the time. We witnessed somewhat similar behavior from PP last year ultimately leading to her leaving Prodigy and going with Dynamic Discs where to my eyes at least... PP seems very happy and is playing at a consistently high level.

Perhaps Cat is not happy with Prodigy anymore and wants to get out of her contract, kind of in a similar situation PP was. But for her it's even harder because her husband is part of the Prodigy team as well. I won't speculate about her personal life, that's been chewed apart already on the internet.

If she did leave Prodigy where would she go? Obviously not with DD. But...she's the #2 FPO player in the world so I'm guessing any company would be glad to have her.

I was originally thinking Innova would be a good home for her, especially so they exploit the rivalry between Innova and DD (Cat vs PP). But they already have an "Allen" as in Jennifer Allen. Discraft has Val, but I could still see Cat going there and between Val & Cat that's alot of talent to help push Discraft products to fpo players.

But...if I had to bet.. if Cat leaves Prodigy, it would have to be for Innova. I think Cat would make a great contribution to Innova's FPO team. Cat & Paul would do very well for Innova over the next few years, easily finishing in the top 5 or better at most events.

brutalbrutus 06-18-2017 07:36 AM


Halcón 06-18-2017 09:43 AM

I think we just need to let Cat be Cat.

Moose33 06-18-2017 09:56 AM

There are any number of things that could be giving her issues; family, injury, money, contract.

Too many to speculate on really. With Paige at least she made her dissatisfaction known. For all we know she could just be finding Paul's man bun distressing.

My guess is she will be fine in the long run.

@iDiscGolf 06-18-2017 12:14 PM

Just because her level of play is high does not mean every company will necessarily want to sponsor her. Look at Nikko for example. Have you heard of Kona? She's innova sponsored but only rated like 860 or something. BUT, she is good for the sport and promotes her sponsor very well. So there are different factors, and being a frumpalumpagus isn't highly sought after.

Hope she does well. Hope everything's ok and all that. And if that's just Catrina on the course then it is what it is. There's quite a few other players that are like that too to a certain extent, so let's not completely single her out.

M2daRizzle 06-18-2017 12:25 PM

I think her subdued, intense attitude is just her concentrating on winning. She just seems like a focused athlete to me. The video you posted also doesent seem to be a tournament round, so she probably is more relaxed. I cant think of any tournament video I have seen of her, this year or in years past, where she is overly outgoing. I think she just doesnt like to be overly smiley or humorous when shes competing. I have played plenty of tournaments with players who shut down socially during a round, but are extremely nice and personable before and after rounds.

cjman 06-18-2017 12:39 PM

Within the past year, I recall Cat posted saying great things about how her sponsor takes care of her. Remember last year when she won a bajillion events? Go look at all the 1s in her 2016 finishes. Good things happen when you win.
Maybe she's just tired of her cardmates. She plays with the same couple ladies.

takman 06-18-2017 12:55 PM

I predict she will mope her way through Worlds.

AndyJB 06-18-2017 02:15 PM

This will end well...

@iDiscGolf 06-18-2017 02:25 PM

It's a conversation, on a message board. Topics of all sorts, where are you supposed to talk about all things disc golf related?

Don't be a sensitive sally

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