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chazman07 07-06-2018 12:39 PM

Zipper Pull/ Birdie Beads for MVP/ Axiom
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I have a giant bag of paracord laying around. I can do three types of knots (cobra, fishtail, ladder/DNA) and make birdie beads out of only paracord. I could also make you a monkey fist or salomon bar keychain. The salomon bar (cobra) and fishtail, I can make quick release so you can use the paracord in a hurry if need be.

The birdie beads take quite a bit of time, but look awesome.

I figure I could liquidate my paracord and get some discs in the process.

I have bright orange, purple, neon green, neon pink, coyote, OD green, tan, neon yellow, and a bit of blue.

Right now I'm looking to trade for Axiom and MVP.

Birdie (Ranger) Beads

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