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Strauss 05-13-2010 10:11 AM

My 176g Opto Fuse is more stable than either of my Z-Comets. I do agree that they fly similar with the amount of glide both discs have. The Fuse can get out there, it just likes more height like a Comet would.

So far my Opto Fuse is still pretty stable. If thrown with light hyzer it still won't flip up to flat, it will just hold the line I throw it on....which can be a good thing. It's the most neutral mid I've ever thrown, truly holding any line I put it on without favoring heavy fade or easy turnover.

I LOVE my ESP Comets, so it looks like I gots to pick up a GL Fuse to try out now.....

sloppydisc 05-14-2010 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by discspeed (Post 348991)
Alright...I was definitely premature in my criticism of the Goldline Fuse. After watching my buddy throw it really well, I left my Opto in the car and played with the Goldline exclusively today. After a couple of throws I started to groove and see what this disc is all about. It flies very much like a glidey, understable Buzzz. Its understability allows for some great touch shots. It is a little faster than the Opto, and doesn't hang in the air the same, but it still has awesome glide and it may actually be more effortless to throw. I also think that it compliments my Buzzz better than the Opto because it is less stable where the Opto overlaps with my Buzzzes more in stability. It feels almost exactly like the Buzzz in my hand, and shares a lot of the same flight characteristics as well. All in all I'm really changing my tune one the GL Fuse and its quickly becoming the first GL disc I've liked.

Now you tell me goldline!! I just got my 2 new Opto's in the mail. Oh well, just means i may end up with more discs. Not convenient, but not necessarily a bad thing. Boy the missus is going to be pissed when i order the GL's.

volmed10 05-14-2010 05:24 PM

I was finally able to test my 178g Opto Fuse today, comparing it to ESP and Z Buzzzes, which are the only mid that I use. I start my warmup prior to playing a round by doing about 10x 100' upshots to one of the baskets. I'll use my putters, and the Buzzzes that I carry for the shot, just to get my forearm and grip warm. I'll usually hyser in the first couple shots, and then strait to the basket for the rest.

The Fuse was the first disc I chose to throw, which of course I threw as a hyser shot. Usually I'll release the Buzzz fairly flat with a little height, and to the right of the basket and allow the fade to carry the disc in to the intended target. The Fuse didn't do what I expected.... not even close. It just continued to travel straight, and then it continued further, until it was about 35-40' past and to the right of the basket, on the exact line that I had released it on.

This disc honestly does hold whatever line you release it on, and has hardly any fade at the end of the flight. I also tried the Fuse out on a 350' anny drive, which landed approximately 20' shy of the basket. Due to the Fuse's great glide, a large amount of power is not needed to produce decent distance. It really is a great midrange disc, and I'm looking forward to learning it's intricacies further in the future.

Apothecary 05-14-2010 06:06 PM

sounds hot. i tried to get one today but my shops stock got held up in customs.:(

BrotherDave 05-14-2010 06:19 PM

Well, I caved and got an Opto. If this disc does not make me at least 2" longer, I'm coming for you Discspeed, and if it does, I'm coming for Frank (Meow).

EL-KABONG 05-14-2010 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by Apothecary (Post 350908)
sounds hot. i tried to get one today but my shops stock got held up in customs.:(

we're hosed- or 'defused' anyhow

delayed 2 weeks by the volcanic ash...and have been sitting @ LAX for an additional 2+ weeks now because of hokey paperwork.

discspeed 05-15-2010 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by BrotherDave (Post 350916)
Well, I caved and got an Opto. If this disc does not make me at least 2" longer, I'm coming for you Discspeed, and if it does, I'm coming for Frank (Meow).

Frank's all about girth.

sloppydisc 05-15-2010 08:33 PM

Played 3 rounds today with my new Opto Fuse. I have only played 1 round with a Comet so I won't try to compare the 2 other than to say the Fuse is more comfortable in my hand, and I am able to get a better release. As said above it does have some excellent, slow glide. I had a few shots I thought were going to be very short, and they ended up getting me in puttting range. It also does hold whatever line you put on it. I was able to throw some anny's, and when I didn't drill a tree it went pretty much where I wanted it. It also has almost no fade when thrown with decent snap. And it doesn't take much power to get a good throw. All in all I am very impressed. It's a decent compliment to a more stable mid range. The Star Mako is officially out and the Fuse is in the bag. It's just a lot more consistent than the Mako for me, and not quite as touchy on the anny's. Now I can't wait for the River.

EL-KABONG 05-24-2010 06:09 PM

I wanna actually see how these feel in hand before I buy it...but dtw's shipment is still in customs after almost a month


EL-KABONG 05-26-2010 06:23 PM

This just in:
dtworld's lat64 shipment has finally cleared customs. Holy S#@t!

They could have them as soon as tomorrow...

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