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discallday 02-15-2017 10:37 PM

2017 Prediction Contest - Main Thread
This is where the tournament prediction threads will be announced, and the cumulative results posted. I may not always be able to post a screenshot of the results after every tournament, but if you send a PM with your email address, Iíll try allowing you to view the active spreadsheet. I believe it works best if you have a gmail account, but I may be wrong.

Please subscribe to this thread if you would like to receive notifications.

If you would like to donate a disc, etc. for prizes, or help with scoring, send me a PM.

The events included in this contest are:
The Memorial (March 1-4)
Waco Charity Open (March 16-18)
Nick Hyde Memorial (March 31-2)
Jonesboro Open (April 13-16)
Glass Blown Open (April 27-29)
Masterís Cup (May 19-21)
*Utah Open (June 1-3) OR Beaver State Fling (June 9-11)
Worlds (June 20-24)
Ledgestone (August 3-6)
Idlewild (August 18-20)
Vibram (August 31-3)
Green Mountain (September 13-16)
USDGC (October 4-7)
DGPT Championships (October 19-22)

Iíve limited the contest to events in the US, and further eliminated a few so that none were on consecutive weekends. This left me with the choice of whether to cut the Utah Open or the Beaver State Fling from inclusion. Iíll make this decision based upon survey responses

Weíve 14 events, and the 4 lowest scores will be dropped from predictorsí totals.

I do plan to include optional gambles/wagers (Iím thinking for Worlds, USDGC, and the DGPT Championships), but the percentage of possible point value will be roughly half of what it was last year (which ended up being ~29%).

Questions, comments?

_dj_ 02-16-2017 10:00 AM

I'm along for the ride. I can also donate to the prize pool.

discallday 02-27-2017 02:08 PM


The Memorial has posted.

discallday 03-12-2017 12:09 AM

The Waco Open has posted.

discallday 03-17-2017 11:14 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here are the results for The Memorial. As always, let me know if you see a scoring discrepancy.

discallday 03-23-2017 02:36 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here are the Waco results. Only Ben17 chose to exclude Wysocki from his list, but they were perfect for their FPO and Bonuses, giving them the hot score for the week.

discallday 03-27-2017 01:55 PM

Nick Hyde has posted

discallday 04-12-2017 12:29 AM

Jonesboro has posted. Predictions are due by the end of the day on Thursday.

The next totals update will likely wait until after this round.

discallday 04-25-2017 04:55 PM

2017 Prediction Contest - GBO

discallday 04-25-2017 04:58 PM

GBO has posted.

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