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Gmtata01 03-09-2020 08:00 AM

ITB 2020
29 yo
Play 1-2x a week.
1 tournament a month at most
PDGA 99587, Rating 869.


Fireflys X2 (putting putter)
Bullfrog X1 (stable thrower)
Woodchuck X1 (Sit and stick,utility)
US X1 ( Trying: BT soft maiden, Atomic Tui, Infinite Cohort)

Mids: max around 300ft

Mcpro roc3 X3 (Stable to US cycle)
Gator X1 (Beef/FHs)

Drivers: max around 380

Leopard X1 (hyzerflip/annys)
Valkyrie X2 (hyzerflip/ annys/roller) max D
Firebird X2 (Beef/FHs)
Anax X2 (Stable) max D with reliable fade

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