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Dbryant10 03-26-2020 12:23 AM

Lat. 64 Mercy Comparison
Last year I picked up a retro line Lat. 64 Mercy. I've been putting with it ever since, and it's my favorite putter. It's super straight out of my hand and has nice glide. I cant find any regular retro mercys anymore, so recently I picked up 2 retro bursts. They seem to have much more stability then my retro mercy and almost no similarities.
**Is there any where I can still get Retro line Mercys?
**What putter/mold feels like and putts similar to mercy?
(I prefer more shallow putters, but would try other options)

Streets 03-26-2020 08:48 AM

It's possible your original Mercy is a little more worked in, hence it being straighter. Do you use it for just putting or do you throw it?

Dbryant10 03-26-2020 10:03 AM

I only use the Mercy for putting. It is possible it's more worked, but the retro mercy I got last year was very straight right out of the box

Buiscutboy 03-26-2020 06:24 PM

My Mercy knowledge is extremely out of date, but my Zeros were somewhat more over stable than my Eze, though my original Strawberry was somewhere in between.

Not sure oop plastics are the best references.

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