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ncgamedog 08-12-2013 01:12 PM

Control Drivers for T-Bird/Egl/Leo Thrower
I took all of my high speed drivers out of my bag a long time back, and have been working only with mids and fairways. I love my beefy Teebirds, Eagles, & Leopards.
In the bag now:
C-PD (169)-Domey stable GL River (175)-Gummy Pre-flight Champ Banshee (167)- Avery Star TB (175)-11x KC Pro TB perfectly seasoned (175)-10x KC Pro TB beatish, but TL stable (175)-Gummy Star Eagle X (175)-2nd run CE Eagle L (174)-1st run CE Leo OS! (174)-2nd run CE Leo flippy (175)
05 USDGC champ ROC (180)-08 USDGC San Marino ROC (180)-GL Mace (174)-RC3 (180)-BUZZ SS (180)- Glow Champ Gator

I can now get my Teebirds out to 400'-415' on max D/open hole shots, and average 350-365' with them on normal golf shots.

The rocs and Mace will get out to 325 (Maybe more but I usually dont use them for this distance)

On some of the longer Par 4-5's I am beginning to feel like I could handle a bit more speed to try and reach out a bit further for more birdie ops.
I carry my star Wraith sometimes and I can get it out past the Teebirds with about the same effort as my normal drives. Its not a lot longer for me though, maybe 15-25' on avg.

I'm thinking some speed 9-10 drivers might be nice to carry once in a while, or start working into my bag.

A DD Lucid Escape has been suggested to me, and I'm thinking about trying one out.
What are some other suggestions you guys have for control drivers around this speed, that might be an easy transition from Teebirds and Eagles??


xjohncandyx 08-12-2013 01:13 PM

You'll love PDs.

ncgamedog 08-12-2013 01:19 PM

^ I'm already carrying an older beatish C-PD. I had a nice S-PD that was cherry and I left it on the course the other day like an idiot. I didnt get enough throws with it to have a strong opinion. Both are nice, but I didnt find myself reaching for them much unless I was facing a strong headwind and still needed the full fade of a Teebird. I dont notice a huge distance advantage when playing, but I need to work in the field with them side-by-side with the teebirds to see if I am gettting a significant difference.

xjohncandyx 08-12-2013 01:20 PM

And since I can't edit:

Thought C-PD said C-FD, try cycling some S or P line PDs along with the C. It will take a really long time for the C to get beat in enough to change the flight.

Edits are awesome: You just replied. Point taken but maybe check them out if nothing else works.

Titan037 08-12-2013 01:21 PM

Volts and amps? Given those a shot?

Stevo 08-12-2013 01:24 PM

Edit: misread op

SteezeOG 08-12-2013 01:26 PM

I like the C-PD, Opto Striker, and Saint from Lat64 for control drivers. I do carry two escapes but they're my fairways. I guess I like fast fairway drivers. Works though I have mids that people think are more like fairways.

Try an escape to pair with the PD. I have yet to meet a Teebird thrower who didn't like them. They can be very similar to a worn star teebird that is longer and has more glide without sacrificing the control.

Scoot_er 08-12-2013 01:44 PM


The FD would probably be another one to look into....Currently I have two and you would never know they were the same mold since one is similar to an FL and the other is like a TL...and I like that

ncgamedog 08-12-2013 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by dgfanatic7 (Post 2126854)
Volts and amps? Given those a shot?

What are these like? MVP stuff right?
I never bonded with their putters, but I use an Axis some and really like it for super straight tunnel shots.

I just put the Buzz SS I'm the bag and find it overlaps with the Axis & Stable Leo. Gonna keep messing with it, it might bet both of the latter from the bag. I secretly hope not, cause I'm just not a big discraft fan...

ncgamedog 08-12-2013 01:48 PM

I thought a Rival was just Legacy's Teebird w less glide?
I'm looking for maybe something faster/longer

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