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TxDiscGolfBoy 02-27-2010 03:21 AM

DiscMania Discs?!?!?
Was at the Quickstop out at Veterans in Arlington and noticed Disc Mania Discs. Bad*ss stamps, but know nothing about them. Say they're made by Innova. Went to the discmania website but they didn't have near what the Quickstop in Arlington had.

Who throws 'em. Feed back would be nice.

Sloan 02-27-2010 03:29 AM

was it the freak stamp? maybe you found some counterfeit discs that would be awesome!

TxDiscGolfBoy 02-27-2010 03:48 AM

The Freak, the Mania, the Psycho (or something along those lines), but all with crazy cool stamps... and some others I think.

Sloan 02-27-2010 03:51 AM

somthing like this? http://www.primediscs.com/imagebank/...-pdfreak-s.jpg

TxDiscGolfBoy 02-27-2010 04:23 AM


Originally Posted by Sloan (Post 281299)

yes that.

Dfwdscglfr 02-27-2010 06:08 AM

yeah they really have stepped up there selection best in dfw by far

Three Putt 02-27-2010 09:54 AM

I'd have to look them up, but the "Freak" is just an extra stamp on the PD. The disc is still officially the PD.

OK, so I looked them up. The Control Driver (CD) has a "Craze" stamp that looks like a heroin addict in a coma. The Distance Driver (DD) has a "Hysteria" stamp, the Power Driver (PD) has the "Freak" stamp, the P1 has a "Maniac" stamp and the Greater Midrange (GM) has the "Gremlin" stamp. The discs are still officially the CD, DD, PD, P1 and GM, and all of the new stamps also have the Initials on them as well.

BTW...the last time I looked the GM was not on the approved disc list. Not legal for PDGA play, folks.

Three Putt 02-27-2010 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by TxDiscGolfBoy (Post 281292)
Went to the discmania website but they didn't have near what the Quickstop in Arlington had.

Mark Molnar is the US guy for Discmania. He sells stuff here: Disc Golf Values. You will find that his retail site has much more up-to-date info than the "official" Discmania site.

Technohic 02-27-2010 10:12 AM

There has been an uproar for these discs lately. Particularly the PD. Heard it was awesome.

Three Putt 02-27-2010 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by TxDiscGolfBoy (Post 281292)
Who throws 'em. Feed back would be nice.

The PD is the keeper. It's like a longer TeeBird. It is seriously worth a try.

The DD I thought was pretty short, not a lot of glide. It could have been me.

The GM is the old Innova Gremlin. It's a really good small diameter Mid, great for people who throw a lot of forehands from those distances. Assuming they ever get it approved it's a good disc.

The MD1 was OK. Nothing to get all excited about, but usable. It's in a tough market, though. There are at least 15 mids I'd throw before I'd chose the MD1.

The P1 and P2 are modified Aviars. The P2 is actually a pretty cool overstable putter, but the rim was pretty deep. I liked how it flew but hated how it felt in the hand.

I have not seen a CD.

Those were my perceptions. I really don't have enough throws with any of them for my perceptions to be considered reliable.

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