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Technohic 02-20-2011 12:18 PM

Little bit about everything
Got out this morning. First time since the snow melted and first real round since the start of January. Had to go early because of everthing else going on. Anyway, got a few different things I want to talk about and figured Id just do one general thread instead of several across different subforums.

First thing is, I played around with some hammer drills and whiping my arm trying not to use any arm muscles at all while I was a shut in with all the snow. Before, I would touch 350' with the River and Preds every now and then but today is seemed to happen more often, but not with the Preds. More with my River and DX Teebird. Each of them having a stand out hole marked close to 350' +/- 10 and I was suprisingly about 20' high still coming over the basket and probably would have wound up past, but each time caught a tree and kicked me 20'-30' in another direction. Both times, I had about a 20' putt for bird and... missed both times. :\

Technique and equipment
One thing I noticed is, I have always had shoulder problems and I thought muscling the disc would cause my shoulder to pop, but messing with it, its when my shoulder is really relaxed that it can just pop out. Almost like I have to use my shoulder muscle to hold it in. So was wondering if anyone has ever tried a shoulder brace while playing. I really dont want to go get pins put in like the doctor said I would have to do one day if it really started bugging me.

Another thing I noticed; I was all over the place at times. Some of it seems like I was just off a bit from the rust, and then there were times where with that little bit more of distance, the disc didnt fade out before it hit a tree like I expected, or it just turned a little more and caught some trees. Im thinking a bit of field work and getting a feel for what Im doing again will help.

Then, I was worried with adding DX Teebirds back in with it actuall overlapping with the X Preds but thats not the case. More of a problem with the DX Teebird which is getting really nicely seasoned being closer to the GL River, but I think I have it figured out. Teebird is much better at straight long shots but is getting somewhat workable while the River I typically will use if I need to back down and thread a needle and really control it or off a hill taking advantage of its glide.

DX Teebird
Im really glad I put the Teebird back in. That thing has beat in so nice, its like a friggin lazer beem! It cant be blamed for the marksmanship of the idiot firing it off though.

Throwing the River more, i liken it more to a faster DX Cheetah in premium plastic than a more aggressive Leopard. On turnovers, with height it tends to move forward when it slows down rather than come back and more forward than right than a Leopard.

X Pred
X Preds, that I was affraid of being close to the DX Teebird, looking like its not the case at all. Actually, its kind of neat and I have to explore it more but it seems like its getting a little more high speed turn than my ESP, and fades out at about the same time, but stays in the air longer after the fade begins letting it carry left about 30' more than the ESP would but gets out there just as far befor doing so. A rare disc for those holes where a hard left turn (RHBH) is a ways out there yet you still have a ways to go from the turn. I liken it to being to the ESP Pred what an Eagle-X is to a Teebird, but its not really more fade, it just doesnt drop as fast when it slows.

Thoughts on any of this?

thrembo 02-20-2011 12:55 PM

Seems like you're happy to be out throwing again. Threw one this morning myself. I shot 1 over my personal best on the course! I've never seen anyone throw with a shoulder harness, but I have seen people switch throwing styles and in extreme situations switch witch arm they throw with.

sidewinder22 02-20-2011 01:18 PM

Now looka here son, does your shoulder pop in the follow through? If it pops at the hit, then you are not using your muscles and/or at the right time. When you strong arm, you are decelerating your arm and your follow through typically puts more stress on the elbow then. When you are snapping, your arm is accelerating which may put more stress on the shoulder in follow through especially if its stopped short. I would focus on your follow through and make sure your left shoulder is pointing at the target(which it should with good form) or past the target to help relieve the right shoulder stress.

Have you ever rehabbed your shoulder? Strengthening the shoulder muscles should help keep it from popping, short of surgery. A shoulder brace may help keep your shoulder from popping, but may also decrease snap and put more stress on the elbow.

Technohic 02-20-2011 01:25 PM

Yeah, I rehabed both shoulders about 16 years ago. The left one was put in a harness because it was the worse and the right one (My throwing shoulder) was left go so I'd have an arm to use and it wasnt as bad.

Usually, it pops on the reach back before I even begin my pull, or with just a little weight, I can let it pop just hanging by my side.

sidewinder22 02-20-2011 01:57 PM

I hate to say it son, it sounds like you either need to use a more compact throw and be happy with 350', or surgery if you want to throw far. You may still benefit from more shoulder rehab/strengthening since it keeps popping and its been that long since you have rehabbed them.

Technohic 02-20-2011 03:17 PM

The popping doesnt hurt so much; its if I move it once it pops, then it will grind. I actually am pretty aware of it most of the time and am able to avoid problems. Today, I was stupid after throwing backhand to pick up my previous lie and throw it FH and thats when the pain hit; which is odd because I never have had any issue with a FH and the shoulder before, but the grinding was audible.

craftsman 02-20-2011 06:09 PM

Liz carr has a pretty compact throw. Being a petite woman with such a compact style, I'm surprised at her d.

Technohic 02-20-2011 07:06 PM

By compact, you mean I should minimize reachback?

I was doing that a little bit after I did that stupid forehand (still baffled because I would go to FH in the past when my shoulder got sore to save it basically by putting more stress on the elbow) and it seemed like I was doing ok. Maybe exhagerate my body rotation a little bit more?

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