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reallybadputter 09-04-2020 11:09 PM

What rules would you add (not really, but you might wish for)
My first one would be:

During a tournament round, you can only say how bad you are playing compared to normal or what your score would be if you didn’t suck 3 times a round. E.g. “I’d be 7 under if I didn’t keep missing these putts”

Penalty for violation: everyone on the card gets to yell “you suck!” during your next drive. The player does not have to be informed of their fourth complaint prior to the enforcement. 😃😃😃

rusch_bag 09-06-2020 09:29 AM

Cash payouts for all divisions.

Streets 09-06-2020 10:18 AM

No run ups outside of the teebox

tomte 09-06-2020 11:45 AM

no more facemasks

Nova P 09-06-2020 12:50 PM

Ban smoking at all sanctioned events.

R-Ogre 09-06-2020 01:04 PM

All tourneys on the pro circuit must have one round of ript revenge.

araytx 09-06-2020 07:48 PM

You must announce what your provisional is for in accordance with the rules.

And PDGA guidance for TDs

teemkey 09-06-2020 08:05 PM

Each player on the 1st card (aka lead card) gets one mulligan per round, 2nd card gets two, 3rd card 3, etc.

DavidSauls 09-07-2020 07:43 AM

The Emergency Putting Practice Card.

With this card, a player with a serious putting slump or yips, could get 5 free practice putts in the middle of the round, to try to get the wheels back on.

To maintain order, only one person per round would have an EPPC.

I would be that player.

reallybadputter 09-07-2020 10:44 PM

How about one I’ve heard in causal rounds... If your drive hits a tree, and you catch it, the throw doesn’t count. You get to re-tee.

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