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Discmania_Support 04-19-2017 11:03 AM

Discmania Support Reply

Originally Posted by Anthony_G (Post 3156032)
Non-First Run D-P3's are my main putters. I switched from XD's when they went away. I like beadless low profile putters and P3's are the only ones left in the Innova/Discmania line-ups. I honestly think the P3 was a big disappointment for what it was intended- an overstable harp type putt and approach, but it works perfectly for me for putting. I'm going to speculate the P3x or new putter will be even more like the Harp which will be awesome for that slot which the line-ups are missing. Ultimately, I hope there will be intended investment into a beadless low profile putter in a harder Pro plastic. A Pro XD or P3 would be amazing or even something new to compete with the Pure.

Anthony, good point. We had a wonderful version of the P3 originally and unfortunatlely that top no longer exists. We have been on the lookout ever since to find the necessary retooled version that we like best. The current run and version that we released (the ones with the Reinvent Retro logo) are fantastic. They are still not meathooks by any means, but will certainly get the job done for P3 lovers. I highly recommend everyone give it a fair shot.


Originally Posted by hartigan5279 (Post 3156366)
Is this the current run that is available in the store?

The run of FD that is in the store now are 7th runs and are extremely similar to the previous ones. These are equally as flat as the previous run and just as stable. If we were to nitpick a little, I would say that this new run has only a slightly higher dome but not much.


Originally Posted by DinosaurThunder (Post 3160791)
Interesting discussion happening on the facebooks regarding these P2's - Two school of thoughts:

- Eagle deserves this signature P2 (no one is arguing against that) and the demand for white P2's/To Support eagle is there. Fair amount of excitement for these!

- People wanting DM to figure out stock molds first and then focus on signature molds/special stamps second. The online store has been one of the few places to max weight P2's, s-line PD2s, etc. and newer runs of each mold period. Most of these have a DM store specific stamp or limited stock stamp release. I will attest to the fact that my local stores have slim pickings of the new DM stuff.

Not sure where I stand... I haven't started throwing any of the new DM molds or runs of the discs. I love my old buttery DDs, first run FD's and soft blend of DP2s. However my P2 stack is thinning out and I would love to find max weights in the shop nearby :)

DinosaurThunder, if you would like to see a better selection of DM products in your local stores, have them give us a shout and we will take care of them. We are stocking up on a vast amount of products and retailers will be very pleased with what they find. I agree that stock products are key in growing the sport and growing our brand. Although the specialty image we have built for ourselves has a great base of loyal and enthusiastic customers, those are the people who thrive on special products. Granted, many of them love the stock releases too, but it is the other 90% that needs to be targeted in local stores to give them a better understanding of what we really have to offer. We know that stock releases are a crucial part in extending our reach far beyond our growing, yet small store fan base. That being said, our current Discmaniacs play a big role in spreading the wealth and knowledge of our products too!


Originally Posted by dehaas (Post 3160931)
I'm on the fence with this too. Nobody know what the working agreement is between DM and Innova, but what I'm willing to bet is that the amount of plastic agreed upon manufacturing is enough for DM to move solely on their own site. If you can only get so much from Innova why wholesale it to other online sites and make a couple bucks a disc when you can sell out of everything at MSRP pricing.

The easy answer is just have Innova run more discs but it's not as simple as that. They have their own production schedule. If it's a choice between running star destroyers or p2s which realistically is going to happen? Frisbee factories don't operate with unlimited resources.

Dehaas good point as well. It can be difficult to juggle production between the two companies but can be done with proper planning. We at Discmania do not have the overhead to support an immense amount of blank and stamped discs. Though our business is growing, it can be a scary decision to double or triple the amount of inventory and not turn it around as fast as we need. Innova is well established and has the capability to make those sorts of risks because they have more liquid funds to plan for the future. All that aside, we are increasing our efforts as the demand grows and can justify the choice to house more stock for both store and wholesale operations. Iíll touch briefly on your store vs. wholesale question. Though we could make more money selling 100% of our discs at retail cost, that demand for the store specifically does not exist. Retailers are the key for any company to keep local players happy and get them what they need. In order to grow the sport and a brand as a whole, the primary focus should be on local markets and dealers instead of our own store. We would much rather have a local business thrive on the other side of the company than seek those higher profits just for ourselves. I hope that helps.


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3160937)
Yeah I am willing to bet the the DM % of all discs molded at Innova is not as big as some people may think. Not like they can just tell them to up it.

It just takes proper planning. As mentioned in the statement above, we do not have the overhead to support massive decisions to gamble with too much inventory at the moment. Though we are constantly growing, we also need to be smart with our investments as any company would. I expect you will see quite the influx of options coming in the near future.


Originally Posted by Jenga54 (Post 3160949)
And I'm willing to bet a KP2 that the machines at this time of year are running 24/7 molding up discs. There's associated downtime and things, but they are likely turning out plastic day and night.

It's not a question if the discs will sell, it's just scheduling what and when. And the bigger questions of scaling up production with very big and very expensive equipment.

The tough thing is that scheduling part, when we like to complain that these special discs are coming out when there's no stock P2s and such to buy - anywhere.

And then I wonder why they're taking so long to add even more to the plate, with:

S Line CD2 (stock) (Using a S-CD and liking it for almost everything 275-350)
S Line FD2 (stock) (Using Star Teebird - 'cause what's better than that?)
S Line FD3 (stock) (Broke down and bought a swirly Lizotte to throw, just to support Simon)
S Line MD (stock) (Using Star Mako3 and it's buttery good)
S Line MD3 (stock) (Using Star Roc3s but need a Champ because Star is too stright, Ugg)
S Line P1x (Standing offer of $25 to DM to send me a pink one, since it was released)
S Line P3 (stock) (Using either Star Gator or Star Rhyno ATM)

All good points. All of these items will come eventually. As stated in our previous two comments, we need to be smart with our investments and will one day have that luxury of providing all of the options one can imagine. At the same time, no company would benefit in the long run when they put all of their eggs in one basket by releasing all of those products at once. Sure it would be neat at the beginning, but is not a good way to grow a brand and keep excitement alive. One product at a time, one day at a time. Again, all good points though. Keep up the good questions!!

tylerc 04-19-2017 05:04 PM

Confirmed, the new run of s-line pd2 is really nice

smarkquart 04-19-2017 06:29 PM

I have really become attached to my G-DDs and G-PDs, I would be more than appreciative if there was a way to find white into my hands.

Dustinms32 04-19-2017 07:15 PM

I'm also curious on the time table regarding normal production CD3s

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Flick Maniac 04-20-2017 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by smarkquart (Post 3167509)
I have really become attached to my G-DDs and G-PDs, I would be more than appreciative if there was a way to find white into my hands.

Not sure if white G-line exists...

smarkquart 04-20-2017 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3167635)
Not sure if white G-line exists...

I know they did a test run with GStar Bosses, so I know the possibility is out there even though I am also assuming that no other molds were given this treatment. I want them because my main set-up is trying to be filled with white discs with black being the secondary color. When I was throwing mainly trilogy, this did not seem to be a problem, but now I am leaning heavily toward Discmania, at least for the drivers. I already have two black G-DDs, but I could not even find a black G-PD.

My secondary bag is all yellow, so I am already covered in regards to G-Line.

Flick Maniac 04-21-2017 02:32 AM

Color coded people are funny :) But I sure have my own funnities too. Black G-PD should be available in European Masters fundraisers that I see pop up every once in a while in Finland, but not sure about the US market.

TKWolverine 04-21-2017 06:51 AM

No answer to my question about understable discs? Nice job, Discmania... :-(

DanJon 04-21-2017 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by TKWolverine (Post 3168072)
No answer to my question about understable discs? Nice job, Discmania... :-(

TDx is supposed to be coming out soon.

Jenga54 04-21-2017 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by TKWolverine (Post 3168072)
No answer to my question about understable discs? Nice job, Discmania... :-(

How do the P1, MD, FD, TD, TD2 round out for you? Without a ton of speed the drivers north of speed 10 would likely just cause more harm than good. I expect these 5 discs could carry a person through a whole round.

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