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Disc Fiend 11-22-2012 10:20 AM

Turkey Day HOD 11/22/12 Turkey Creek-Iowa City, IA
Turkey Creek
Rating: 3.65
Hole #13
309 ft.- Par 3

Hole #13 Tee:

No course map, and no other photos or information provided.

Disc Fiend 11-22-2012 10:25 AM

Fuse off the tee, Wizard to finish it out.

smarkquart 11-22-2012 10:30 AM

If I am playing well, Axis nice and soft for a layup birdie. If I am a little off, Ghost low and hard for the ace run, long birdie attempt, likely a three. Good enough and move on for another attempt on the next hole. May not get it every time, but I will get a few if the whole course is like this.

BogeyNoMore 11-22-2012 10:34 AM

With all those trees, I'm probably throwing Champ or Star plastic.
Assuming it's pretty much a straight shot off the tee: Beast.

nstraz 11-22-2012 10:39 AM

Z Comet

the Duff 11-22-2012 10:58 AM


KDFrosty 11-22-2012 11:26 AM

River low and hard, right up the gut. Putt out with Anode

BADman 11-22-2012 11:40 AM

Axis up the gut, sliding right up at the basket. drop in.

Midnightbiker 11-22-2012 11:56 AM

Z Stalker, right up the middle, and finish with an approach with a Soft Magnet

whentherainscome 11-22-2012 11:57 AM

12x Teebird, putt.

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