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grotto 10-09-2014 09:23 PM

What molds have you tried this year and rejected?
So? Title say's it all. This year, what molds had you been dying to try out, or maybe just bought a disk on a whim and ended up rejecting it. Why was it rejected?

For me;
Innova Hydra (way more glide than the numbers suggested)
Discraft Mantis (unpredictable)
Discraft Meteor (inconsistent)
Lat64 Fuse (inconsistent)
DD Renegade (Prefer the Archon and Tern)
Discraft soft Magnet (too soft for me)
Lat64 Saint (Prefer Valkyrie's)
DD Judge (Didn't feel right)
Innova Star SL ( couldn't make this thing fly to save my life)
Innova Skeeter (Had my only ace with this disk, but it was a fluke, could never get used to the dome)

I had a good year experimenting and found a few keepers, but these are my live and lean blunder purchases.

Streets 10-09-2014 09:27 PM

Tried some MVP/Axiom and they sucked.

Tried a lot of Trilogy and they all sucked except the Pure.

Tried a few other big bead putters, but Wizards just reign supreme.

Stardoggy 10-09-2014 09:28 PM

Buzzz OS

bradharris 10-09-2014 09:32 PM

A whole lot. See my avatar, that's mostly rejects.

B3NDER 10-09-2014 09:35 PM


Also, the tern. f#@k that disc.

Stardoggy 10-09-2014 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by B3NDER (Post 2595145)

Also, the tern. f#@k that disc.

I've lost more Terns than any other disc. They fly all over the damn place.

natedg1976 10-09-2014 09:38 PM

MVP Inertia, switch, and servo. Too nose angle sensitive.

Kodachrome 10-09-2014 09:38 PM

zero pure (again),
ridge (again),
wizard (again),
pa4 (again)
teebirds (love them but i try to build my bag for efficiency),
rival (again),
PD2 (carry over from last year),
OLF (again),
patriot (again),
yeti aviar,
10m brick -seriously, i really did try it for kicks and giggles
summit (again)
comet (love it, but can't commit to it)
QOLS (again, still love it)

that's all i can think of. i probably had a couple more.

putters were rejected for comfort in the hand for putting or stability while driving.

mids were rejected . . . because. ghosts had the longest run. i liked having base plastic in the winter. not heart breaking to lose and also better grip in the cold, easy to beat into various stages of wear.

basically everything was rejected as a means to achieving the most simple bag that i personally feel i can get away with having on the course. starting with stable/overstable and having a base/premium counterpart is a big deal for me, stability wise.

my bag philosophy revolves around having well-defined roles while still having enough overlap to keep my options open.

my dx polecats are my driving and approach putters for the most part. my kc aviars are for putting and driving when the wind kicks up. i could drive with my seasoned aviar but i don't want to.

rocs are for everything. kc and dx. zone is for going left.

gazelles will be my workhorse fairway. cover everything from left to right, hopefully. PD will do the same. destroyer will do the same. H1 goes left.

essentially i've discovered that if they don't have it in a good or okay base plastic or semi-premium like pro or gstar or kc pro/dx, then i don't want it because i will have to learn a new mold and i like the molds i have.

JTdisc 10-09-2014 09:45 PM

Discmania C-line MD3 - way too understable
Discmania C-line MD2 - didn't like the MD3, the MD2 didn't click for me either
Prodigy H1 - too stiff, very OS and dumpy fade.
Prodigy F3 750 - too stiff plastic, also the disc had a bigger S curve than a F5
Prodigy M2 - Deeper than other mids, not as comfortable as a Truth
Discmania P2 - Too deep, too much fade for a straight putter, not enough for an OS putter
Discmania P1 - not bad flight, but I liked Prodigy putters better. Too deep dish.
Discmania CD2 - they took a nice disc in the CD and made it more unstable and shorter.
Discmania PD2 - too much disc for me
Discmania DD - I don't get this. Like a less comfortable wider rimmed PD
Innova Teebird3 - higher power, shorter, dumpier Teebird
Innova Roc3 - Too much turn and lots of fade. I like nice and straight like a Truth
Innova Mako3 - Very nice, but couldn't edge out my Meteors
Innova Beast - Like a Discmania CD/TD better
Dynamic Discs Witness - too flippy
Lattitude 64 Fury - my Opto was way too OS, more stability than an Escape
Lattitude 64 Scythe - I liked the enforcer better
Lattitude 64 Bolt - I love the Havoc, Bolt seemed to similar
Westside Giant - too much disc for me
Westside Sword - doesn't do anything my other distance drivers can't do
Westside Harp - I like the disc but the classic soft and medium plastics were too fragile
Discraft Zone - I'll stick with my Suspect. More workable, more comfortable, more distance if needed.

4th Rock 10-09-2014 09:53 PM

DD Fuzion Escape ( No good FH, trying to like it as a BH)

G* Beast ( Got it in a trade to replace a Champ Beast that i donated to the river, trying to figure it out, it's almost too US)

Champion 11x Eagle X ( Great disc, but It won't replace the 11X KcPro Eagle in me bag)

Star Boss ( Over stable as all hell, moreso than my two (beat) Champion Bosses

Blizzard Boss ( found in creek, seems to be also OS as hell)

RFF Voodoo ( Good catch disc, got kicked out of bag by two anodes. Glides like an rounded off brick at times)

Legacy Outlaw ( OS, nothing special that my other Bosses/Destroyers cannot do)

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