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GirdleRoc 01-07-2016 03:31 PM

Discmania Prototype January 2016 (DDX)
Are there any threads started for this new disc?

thechamp 01-07-2016 03:40 PM

There is now.
The description is going to be hard to live up to but if it does...

ChainoutStar 01-07-2016 03:50 PM

It's a PDXX, the perfect hybrid between PDX and PD2! Leave no OS driver slot unfilled!

slowplastic 01-07-2016 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by ChainoutStar (Post 2920722)
It's a PDXX, the perfect hybrid between PDX and PD2! Leave no OS driver slot unfilled!

When you have Simon and Eagle on your team you can't have enough X/X/0/3+ discs. Just need those and putters for them basically. Can't say my arm works the same way though...

hugheshilton 01-07-2016 05:13 PM

Just what the world needs: another high speed driver. Seriously, can we stop pretending that any new high speed driver is going to be "disc of the year" or that it will "rival all drivers." Jussi is a great guy, but the marketing hyperbole he puts out sometimes is just so ridiculous.

bosstosser 01-07-2016 07:01 PM

Bet they made a Destroyer-like 12 speed driver.

The Albatross 01-07-2016 07:12 PM

Looks like a fairway rim width to me.

The Albatross 01-07-2016 07:14 PM

Who has the enhance editing feature for those specs?


clard 01-07-2016 07:16 PM

Enhance that!

The Albatross 01-07-2016 07:22 PM


Ok, I'm done. What do you guys think? Overstable? Straight?

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