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esdubya 09-18-2017 05:21 PM

Portable Base for really old Mach III
A local disc golf course recently replaced their old Mach IIIs with shiny new Discatchers. The Mach IIIs were auctioned off, and I was luck enough to win one.

So I get it, and find out it was sawed-off at the base. The only easy use for this is as a portable target, which I'm fine with.

This brings me to the purpose of this post. DGA started using a smaller diameter center pole around 1998 or so, and this basket is circa 1991 and has the larger (2") diameter pole. What this means is that the standard off-the-shelf mach series base from DGA will not fit around the pole on the old baskets.

So, now I'm looking at either making my own base, or trying to find something available to fit. Any ideas?

I want to avoid replacing the entire center pole, as the chains assembly and cage would not have a tight fit without shims.

I'm thinking all of the other auction winners may be looking for the same thing, so any answers would not just benefit me FWIW. Thanks!

Jenga54 09-18-2017 07:59 PM

Grab a ruler and give us the closest measurement you can on the OD of the post

Jenga54 09-18-2017 08:06 PM

I use this A LOT for building projects...
Find a material that has the ID just a little bigger than the OD of your post. Buy that pipe (maybe it's 2" SCH 80 PVC, maybe it's 1.5" SCH 40 PVC, maybe it's 2" EMT conduit, maybe it's 2" steel pipe...) and put it in a 5 gal bucket filled with cement.

MAYBE you can find a drill bit that is the right size, but not likely.

esdubya 09-19-2017 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by Jenga54 (Post 3223009)
Grab a ruler and give us the closest measurement you can on the OD of the post

Just a hair over 2" OD on the center pipe.

Jenga54 09-19-2017 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by esdubya (Post 3223206)
Just a hair over 2" OD on the center pipe.

Well SCH 40 2" PVC Pipe is 2.067" ID so if you can find a really cheap piece of 2" to take home, see if it slips over the pole. There are lots of other pipes with slightly bigger ID but that's your cheapest and probably most readily available first try.

esdubya 09-19-2017 12:31 PM

Schedule 40 2" steel is also 2.067. At this point I'm planning on buying a chunk of that then trying to find a local welder to make me a base.

I want something easy to transport, so the traditional metal base with a rolling wheel is what I really want. This basket will get used a lot for local events and demonstrations and things, as well as in my yard.

Jenga54 09-19-2017 02:05 PM

If the 2" does fit, you could look for a 2" closet flange and bolt that thing to some kind of base, depending on your budget and aesthetic desires.

esdubya 09-19-2017 02:40 PM

The "closet flange" has opened up a few doors.

What I'm thinking now is I buy the same standard schedule 40 2" steel pipe, and this essentially becomes an adapter to a 2" galvanized RAIL flange. This then gives me some holes to bolt on whatever type of base I can dream up. No welding req'd is the key here.

So it goes
Mach III pipe in the center, 2" steel pipe in the middle, then 2" (2.375 ID) rail flange outer.

esdubya 09-24-2017 04:57 PM

Just finished this project and basically got lucky and only drill one hole. Not even a trip to the depot. More to follow

Jenga54 09-24-2017 05:27 PM

I suppose with that 2 inch pole, a 2 inch hole in a big monstrosity of wood should be good enough !

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