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Marmoset 08-24-2020 08:28 AM

CharloPalooza gyro event 10-11 October 2020
One of my buddies is putting on a gyro-focused tournament / event in early October.
Here is the information, hope to see you there!

or here:
https://events.discgolfunited.com/mobile/event-detail.cfm/tourn_id/10302?fbclid=IwAR027eTKdqitiFkaZ0m4GHro_3H0Lktnkqo 79oaWu3CYbqQk1i_t2AdKT4I

Hello! This event is a gathering of gyro lovers of all ages and experience. We hope to provide a unique specialty stamped disc for each players pack designed by Marm O. Set and have a great weekend playing disc golf. Disc selection is not guarunteed and prizes for winners and extras may vary on what is available at the time registration closes.

October 10:

(8am-9am) Check-In @ Nevin Park

(9:30am) Singles Shot-Gun Start @

(9:30-12:00) Round 1

(12pm-2pm) Lunch

(2-2:30pm) Check-In @ Hornet’s Nest

(3:00pm) Singles Shot-Gun Start @

(3-5:30pm) Round 2

(6-7pm) Awards Ceremony/Players Party @ Another Round Disc Golf?

October 11:

(8am-9am) Check-In @ Renaissance Park Gold (Random Doubles)

(9:30am) Doubles Shot-Gun Start @

(9:30-12:00) Round 3

(12-2pm) Lunch

(2-3pm) Ring of Fire @ Renaissance Park Gold

(3:30-5pm) Closing Ceremony/Awards

Division Prizes: 1st-3rd Round Winners per division and Doubles

*Schedule and Prizes may vary and are at the discretion of the Tournament Director*

**Divisions must have a minimum of 4 players to qualify, otherwise players will be grouped into the next division up or down at the Tournament Directors discretion**

***Covid-19 is an ongoing pandemic and certain restrictions or regulations may be put in place at the time of the tournament or may cause a delay. In the event the tournament must be postponed or canceled, the Tournament Director will ship out event specific players packs.***

****Refunds will not be processed after registration is closed****

JohnByers 09-06-2020 07:54 PM

Iím looking forward to this tournament. Going to be jumping in the fire as this will be my first time playing any of these courses but the artwork looks amazing, phenomenal work!

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