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GripEnemy 02-24-2016 01:04 PM

Supreme Oracle!
I acquired a Power Line (base plastic) Oracle years ago and loved it. Always wished they had a premium plastic version, even emailed back and forth with Ching a few times...they basically said we have no plans on ever running a premium blend of them. This was easily 5 years ago.

Wandering InfiniteDiscs a moment ago I saw the Supreme Line (urethane based) Oracle and am trying very hard not to impulse buy one. Anyone else ever throw this mold? Yes there's a couple other threads on this disc but none about the premium plastic, and none with more than like 5 responses. New thread time.


THUGNIFICENT763 02-24-2016 01:07 PM

I encountered a 78 year old man who putted with one of these at Rosland Park. Only time I have ever seen one on the course lol.

wims 02-24-2016 01:33 PM

What is that lol, kind of looks like a toy

Streets 02-24-2016 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by wims (Post 2952243)
What is that lol, kind of looks like a toy

Ching messed around with dimples in their discs. check out the Juju putter.

threevok 02-24-2016 02:34 PM

I bought a Supreme Oracle and a Supreme Legacy from Infinite. The plastic is awesome, soft and grippy. The Legacy is legit. The Oracle is a bit flippy, but I didn't give it much of a chance. It does make for a good forehand grip with the indentations. The dimples are avoidable.

I have a few of Legacies in Power, base plastic, and they start out like a DX Roc and get flippy quickly, which ain't all bad. The grip is super shallow and great for newbies. If I was limited to one midrange I could easily live with the Supreme Legacy. I'd get the Legacy over the Oracle if they have any left.

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