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Erik.SR 06-05-2019 10:28 AM

Hammer time
I'm getting tired of consistent inconsistency of my driving and therefore looking for help to improve. I get lots of early and late releases, I cannot really guide the disk with momentum. As I mainly play in wooded course, distance is not HUGE concern, but of course I'm not the one to say 'no' in this regard if it happens to improve as well.

I'm currently using only few disks, two fastest being River and Maul which both fly around 300-330 feet on my best throws. Also speed 7 is my star Eagle, which I can throw more or less same distance but for me it takes close to max effort and success rate is rather low. Gstar Mako3 flies up to 250 ~ 260 feet, zero medium Mercy up to 230. I rarely throw putter for distance though.

I mainly throw without run-up, as really small increase in distance does not make up for added inconsistency.

About the video, sorry for not following best practices, I promise to fix that in the future!

Where should I go from here?

sidewinder22 06-05-2019 11:34 AM

Your stance is too staggered closed and you are leaning/tipping back past your rear foot, instead of turning centered and in dynamic upright and making the forward hip move in the backswing.

Erik.SR 06-09-2019 06:34 AM

Thank you for response!

Went to the field for the first time to get rid of trees and baskets. Have to say I do not throw as far as I thought I did :) , have been relying on course markings so far which are obviously not terribly accurate. On the field I only threw 250 to 280 feet from standstill and best throw with run-up was 315 with few more breaking 300.

I guess I have to admit I'm arming the disc, and this rocking/staggering motion I have so ingrained is to gain some momentum. Tried to get rid of it, but it's definitely still present, albeit in lesser degree to my eye.

In x-step I noticed I set up heel of my left foot towards the target which makes pushing off it impossible. In picked clips I was able to step more sideways.

I picked few examples from session, raw folder contains full session (some early releases, one griplock). Still some improvement needed on camerawork as well.


I've been filming my throws only few times and I have to say there's a really big difference between what I'm doing and what I think I'm doing. With guidance and practice I hope to reduce that gap.

sidewinder22 06-09-2019 10:14 AM

You are trying to muscle the disc with your arm instead of using your body like Olympic hammer thrower to sling the arm/disc. Spin around upright/centered and feel your arm/disc pulled out taut and toss the heavy weight to target line apex. If you lean back over the rear leg like you are doing, you lose tight center and tautness/heaviness and create bad sway/slack/knot/jerk.

Erik.SR 06-10-2019 05:58 AM


Originally Posted by sidewinder22 (Post 3460183)
You are trying to muscle the disc with your arm instead of using your body like Olympic hammer thrower to sling the arm/disc. Spin around upright/centered and feel your arm/disc pulled out taut and toss the heavy weight to target line apex. If you lean back over the rear leg like you are doing, you lose tight center and tautness/heaviness and create bad sway/slack/knot/jerk.

Definitely spot-on!

Think I managed to improve somewhat, throw felt alot easier, flew about as far. Also some sensation of heaviness. Even right shoulder seems little bit less raised than before.

sidewinder22 06-10-2019 03:21 PM

Your feet are spread too far apart setting up. Setup with a natural standing stance like a pitcher with feet about shoulder width and then stride forward 6-12" after you start turning back away.

drmay 06-14-2019 07:11 PM

AS mentioned already. You are getting no power from your lower body. You are snapping your legs instead of rotating them and your shoulder is leading everything. Rotation and power come from the feet up. The arm directs and provides a straight pull through path and snap at the end. Lead with foot, hips, then elbow.

Erik.SR 06-18-2019 05:37 PM

Words of wisdom, drmay and sidewinder22, but I'm just too good at strongarming! Alas, more than week from my last report and nothing to write home about. And can't say it's because I have not been trying. I can lead with the hips as long as I just let straight arm dingle back and forth. When I flex the arm from elbow I either lose tautness and end up jerking disk/hammer/hand or in attempt to keep arm taut I overrotate into hugging myself.
Can't feel any power when I try to use less arm.

Anyway, here is my current state:


First one being lower power, in second I tried to get onto leading foot more quickly, but it ended in rushed movement and very stiff apperance.

I've been trying to use sidewinder22's bh standstill video (https://youtu.be/ok26o-xSVRA) for comparison but the fact that it's slowed down complicates things for me. Can it be made available in full speed?


sidewinder22 06-18-2019 06:27 PM

You need to swing your front shoulder back to the rear foot, so your CoG moves back some toward the rear foot. Pretend the back of your front shoulder is a battering ram moving back and forward and then release the arm. The front foot/heel should get pulled up off the ground and away from the target from the momentum of your backswing, then stride forward. You are picking your front foot up off the ground and stepping it out forward away from your CoG instead of striding with your CoG, leading with the CoG.

The BH standstill was shot in 240fps.

Erik.SR 09-20-2019 10:29 AM

It has been quite a journey for me since my last post, it includes basically losing all little form and ability (and consistency) I had, and go (presumably) forward with wisdom you gave me! Have to say there have been days that included some frustration. Just to be honest, otherwise it's not worth even mentioning.

Been reading mainly slowplastic's and SuperWookie's threads, but many others too. Picked up alot (or so I think), both technique and philosophy wise. Been throwing some too! All of it helped I'm sure, I'm more happy to be able to throw discs around and I'm better at it too!

Distance wise I can do more now with less exertion. Best I've managed was parking a disc (168gr Sidewinder on low hyzer flip to minimal turn) on 394 feet flat hole (not my usual playground). In disbelief I measured hole and got 387 feet, landed 7 feet short so let's call it 380 which was/is still HUGE for me. My star eagle that I got to use only when I needed strong fade has become my main disc, it goes really straight if I get the throw right. I got myself a ESP Comet which also can get me around 300 feet (very uncomfortable in my hand, but still flies). There used to be two holes on my home course which I had not been
able to birdie yet, now there's only one! Etc, etc!

Am I happy? Sure am! Do I have some issues? Yes, I do!

So, the video:

As I rarely film my self, I had no idea I still have such backwards lean when I turn sideways in x-step. Keeping myself more upright, by feel even slightly forward, now.

First. My right (forward) knee gets sore when I play alot or when I try to crank alot. From video it looks to me my follow-through is lacking, I end up jammed on front foot (often feeling strong tension in outer knee/thigh area), but automatic pivot is not happening. I must be doing something wrong. I notice that when I forcefully push with the leg, I usually pivot.

Second. Accuracy. More like a normal release vs griplock release issue. Except that it's not griplock. Feels more like when I try to use more force I also use more range of motion and overturn the torso in forward swing. I guess that keeping move mainly lateral has not yet clicked with me.

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