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rarintal 07-01-2016 04:43 PM

Still trying to catch up! keep it coming!

Originally Posted by Reniger (Post 2995806)
The new Mega Huks look awesome! Any chance of those being released on other molds?

Yes, however it is kind of hard to stamp so it may be limited to what we make on it.


Originally Posted by Dinnerfan (Post 2997576)
In the last 6 months I've gone from having random discs in my bag, to a 99% Discmania bag (still gotta have that gator in there. Unless you guys release a gator-esque mid ;)) Love your discs, and recently hit my first ace with an Eagle Glow MD3. So yeah, thanks for being awesome and making a quality product! Now for the beef...

Just noticed you guys snuck the S-Line MD in your store. Any chance there will be a Shield stamp run of that coming soon?

Yeah, its coming soon.


Originally Posted by SpikeHyzer (Post 3002418)
My apologies in advance for the wishlist post...

How long until a regular prod release for the C-DDx? The S-Line's are ok, but need something that has just a notch more stability to it.

Also, any timeline on MF MD3's? I really like the MF FD3, so I'm guessing the MF MD3 could be money as well.

Also, any thoughts on S-Line P1x's?

I can tell you the C-DDx is coming. I just cant say when. S-P1x is interesting. Were going to work on getting still P-LINE first.


Originally Posted by vogurt (Post 3002584)
I think I saw a screenshot of a metal flake mid. Hopefully a flat MD3.

Any news on P line FD's? I saw a few on infinite disc, but I'd rather grab a stack from a DM official run.

And, same question regarding C-line or MF DDX. Tryna kick out the destroyers :) Than all that's left is my hyzerbomb mortar

We will be working on getting more FDs in stock and the Metal Flake DDx will be available at the Discmania Store at some point this year.


Originally Posted by hurricaine (Post 3006360)
Oh my god, The C-line MD is amazing. One of the most underrated discs ive thrown. For perspective i play am1 golf. 450 accurate distance. Playing a shorter course this weekend, the MD helped me shoot a 986 and 976 rounds of golf! very very straight disc with 0 fade and some tiny turn. Great job Discmania.

Yes, it is a fantastic flying disc. Weve found it to be able shape almost every type of shot here in California. Were really happy it helped you shoot better!


Originally Posted by okiebullgod (Post 3006758)
Did you guys come up with your own blend of star plastic? The cd2's and DDX's I've purchased lately are really shiny.

Its very slightly different.


Originally Posted by crater77 (Post 3007263)
When will we see some max weight D-line p2? I swear it's the hardest to find disc out there. Lots of my buddies locally looking for them as well.

Sorry about that, we were out for a while. We just recently were able to get more stock. Well do our best to keep that disc in stock. We know you guys really like the D-LINE P2.


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3007542)
i seen them say they are looking to make some in 1-2 weeks. beside any new molds/plastic requests this must be the most common thing they get asked for. seen it like 20 times in different contexts

Yeah, we werent prepared. Were working on ways to keep it in stock better!


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3007551)
Is there a specific reason(s) why a molds first debut in S-line seems to be swirly s-line lately? Recent culprits include CD2, MD3, DDx, PDX at least...

Well, at the Discmania Store we like to try to bring the most successful version of the disc to the market first. So the Swirl is a unique way to offer a cool and exciting new disc to more customers. We know there is a group of you waiting for solid colors. Youve been heard.


Originally Posted by Jenga54 (Post 3007612)
Probably sold like crazy so they'll stick to it. I'm a fan of SLine but not swirly - for throwers - but I don't think these are meant to be throwers anyway.

Most people really like the aesthetics of the swirls so we like to give them what they like.


Originally Posted by Strauss (Post 3008066)
Will you hopefully be getting more shield patches in stock in the future? I have my Octothorpe on order, and really want to swag up my new bag with a sweet Discmania patch when it arrives next month!

We have them in stock now!


Originally Posted by Um... (Post 3009260)
Any plans for the PDx to go into full production?

There are plans for it to into full production but not for a while still. Fun fact the PDx was originally found when we were looking to make the FD3. It was too fast and not overstable enough to hold that spot in the lineup. However, we really like it to so we found a spot for it!


Originally Posted by Reniger (Post 3011481)
Shipping is still pretty outrageous, but you can still get a buck off (10%) with DGS-ST-JUDE, so $25 for two discs with a sick stamp isn't bad.

We have made and adjustment and finally gotten the USPS to get us better shipping options. As a new company it is sometimes hard to get better rates. Rest assured its one of those things that were searching for weekly.


Originally Posted by VictorB (Post 3011485)
Any ideas as to when there will be another run of the DDx? I snagged a couple of S-Lines and would like to get a stack for backups/field work (in colors I prefer, too)

They should be available shortly.


Originally Posted by Strauss (Post 3014401)
The flat top glows are not as stable as the domey ones. I've found that more dome equals more stability on every plastic for the MD3. Chances are that your S-line will be just as stable, if not more stable than the flat top glows.

I'm still on the hunt for an "overstable" MD3.

We hear you. We are on a mission to make a more overstable midrange driver. But these things take time. Especially because we like to be particular with our discs.


Originally Posted by fasteddie (Post 3016115)
your prices and shipping are absurd, sadly I know I'm not alone in fact that I've taken my buisness elsewhere. Seems like DM has effectivly priced out A LOT of your long time supporters. agreed reign, the mid line still lacks an overstable mold dispite the md3 being labled as such.

Were sorry about that. We know our pricing is not the best. Thats why we strive for the absolute best service we can provide. And the MD3 thing. We know that its not overstable and probably should be a 2 fade on the disc. However its probably one of the best point and shoot midrange so we really dont want to be tweaking it that much. We are working on trying to find a solution for this.


Originally Posted by fasteddie (Post 3016366)
my hasty lunch break post was poorly phrased and not constructive, sorry about the aggro.

Its ok. All feedback is good for us.


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3016535)
i have a hard time thinking the postage pricing is to put more $$ in DM pockets. more likely for some reason they have yet been unsuccessful in getting a good deal going with the delivery companies (that put the $$ in their pockets at the moment)

We did not have a good deal. However, were getting better at getting better pricing for you guys!


Originally Posted by Reniger (Post 3016565)
I'm also a bit bitter about the shipping costs and lack of option for a standard First Class instead of Priority Mail. However, I will whole-heartedly cheer for the excellent speed of delivery. They may only have an option for 2-day shipping, but they package and ship their product quicker than most online retailers outside of Amazon.

Weve added 1st class and still strive for the best service possible for you guys.


Originally Posted by crater77 (Post 3016728)
I buy from infinitediscs. They have lower pricing, cheaper shipping and insanely fast shipping. Love discmania but the new pricing sucks. $7 shipping also sucks.

Were working on it at all times. Rest assured one day well get the best pricing!


Originally Posted by Rol6566 (Post 3017052)
Hard to see how Innova store has free shipping at $75, and discmania has no free shipping other than the promotions they run

Were sorry we cant offer free shipping. We wouldnt be able to make money to help develop our brand into one of the biggest on the market.


Originally Posted by Jenga54 (Post 3017055)
They are not the same company, so that's how

yes, they make our product for us


Originally Posted by Um... (Post 3018644)
If you're talking about PD's, 4th runs are long gone (they're up to 8th runs now).

There were two different '4th' run PD's; more of the firm, slightly more opaque C-Line plastic that had some dome and flew with a touch of turn and less fade - AND - the first run of Jolly Launcher C-line plastic, which were flatter, more translucent, slightly softer, and more high speed stable with a heavy fade.

If you want a PD with no turn and a strong fade, 7th/8th runs are what you're looking for. If you're looking for one with a bit of wiggle in it's flight, then look for a non-pat# Freak stamp S-line.

Give the CD2 a shot. You might be delightfully surprised in the flight. The 4th run PD was much more understable than almost all runs of the PD.


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3018740)
FB said they now have a cheaper option for 1-2 discs.

Yes we do!


Originally Posted by Jlee (Post 3018650)
I like the softer pearly 4th runs with the dome. But i cant seem to find them :( and i have a s line with no patents, its a firebird haha

try the CD2!


Originally Posted by Reniger (Post 3018753)
Sure do! Loaded up two discs, got shipping quote, and there was a $4 option. Awesome to see that they are listening to the fan base and delivering upon requests. :thmbup:

We really do try our best!


Originally Posted by ferretdance03 (Post 3019132)
But but but I want a flat OS one...

Were working on it. Its been another one of those discs weve been looking to create for over a year. Well let it loose when its perfect!


Originally Posted by LADamon (Post 3023600)
Still waiting for the DDx to reappear


Thank you all for supporting Discmania and giving us important feedback on ways we can help our fans and grow our brand to be one of the biggest and best brands in the game.

Reniger 07-01-2016 05:09 PM

rarintal; We most definitely appreciate your interaction and consideration. The new shipping option is freaking AWESOME and will certainly mean I'll be grabbing even more DM discs. Being a relatively new company, I completely understand the struggle of negotiating logistics pricing. However, everything I've tried from DM, I've loved. I went from mostly Prodigy to almost entirely Discmania and Reptilian (have to support the DGCR local boutique)

The MD3 is a FANTASTIC disc, but I'm still needing to carry a more overstable mid for that "never turns flat" slot. I would love to have an MD4 - Gator/Hornet/Verdict slot - but understand that developing new molds is an incredibly time consuming and expensive endeavor.

Keep up the great work! I will love to continue supporting the brand, and the great store. (keep the wicked awesome stamps coming - DDx Lion/PDx/DGWT) ;)

Peter S 07-05-2016 11:37 AM

I am happy to see the P3 is here is S-line. However, a bit upset to see there has been a re-tool on the original. I love the feel of my D-line P3 and just wanted that disc in S-line. I will still try the new S line P3 but may wait for a regular production run.

To help me decide can you please post a picture of a first run D-line & new S-line (laid flat side by side).

SpikeHyzer 07-05-2016 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by rarintal (Post 3029401)
S-P1x is interesting.

As an avid P1x thrower in all plastics...this too interests me a great deal. Also, some big shield stamped P1x's would be fantastic.

And as always, thanks for taking the time to respond to all of our yearnings and quibbles. Hope the biking is going well for you.

bogeyfreetilinfinity 07-20-2016 02:52 AM

still no s-line fd2s?

Dinnerfan 07-20-2016 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by bogeyfreetilinfinity (Post 3038664)
still no s-line fd2s?

Just curious (as a thrower of the FD2) what could the S-Line bring that the C doesn't already provide?

Jenga54 07-20-2016 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by Dinnerfan (Post 3038678)
Just curious (as a thrower of the FD2) what could the S-Line bring that the C doesn't already provide?

S Line Plastic.

DinosaurThunder 07-20-2016 10:42 AM

I prefer s-line's for forehand, would beat in differently and nice for winter/rain golf. Some of the c-lines came out so domey too! A flat s-line would be the bee's knee's.

Reniger 07-20-2016 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by Dinnerfan (Post 3038678)
Just curious (as a thrower of the FD2) what could the S-Line bring that the C doesn't already provide?

For me, it's just a feel thing. I prefer softer and grippier plastic. Also, they do beat in a little easier so you can have different shots out of the same mold.

Dinnerfan 07-21-2016 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by Reniger (Post 3038791)
For me, it's just a feel thing. I prefer softer and grippier plastic. Also, they do beat in a little easier so you can have different shots out of the same mold.

Gotcha. The FD2 fits more of a utility function for myself. Just didn't seem like the multiple plastic/multiple stages of wear type of disc, but totally understand the preference in plastic. Thanks guys!

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