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SuperWookie 11-27-2019 12:16 PM

Looking for a specific Approach Disc
Just looking for some suggestions on a good disc to fill this void in my bag between my Prodigy A3 and my putters. The A3 is still newer and fades way harder than I thought it would based on people's descriptions in reviews and from the videos I watched of it. It's a meathook right now. I can throw it more or less flat release, hard and any height, and it goes left real quick. Which is useful for certain shots and I use it at least 3-5 times a rd at my local courses.

But when I'm around 100-200' out and need to sort of finesse an approach shot, but have it fly and land VERY consistently, I don't really have anything that does what I want. My putters go exactly where I release them, and being a newer player, that means I can grip lock easily and those putters just take off right. Whereas with the A3, it doesn't matter how I throw it or release it, it goes straight and then left, and when it hits the ground it goes left even more. And if I want, I throw it lower and on a slight hyzer angle release and it gets a good skip left with spin curling it even more left. So it's stupid reliable. But sometimes on approach shots where you need the disc to fade at the end, but land softly and stay there, the A3 is horrible as it always hits the ground and kicks or curls even more left. And on certain sloped angled approaches, that is NO good. As the disc will hit and go left down the hill and end up another 30-80' away from the basket.

So.... it's only good for certain approach shots. If I have a straighter approach, but still need to have it fade at the end and don't need/want the disc to hook up so hard left and spin left when it hits, I don't have that disc. My putters just float dead straight and they are very sensitive to the release angle. So it's really hard to use them to approach as I have no confidence in where they will end up. Plus if I accidentally throw them too well, they will just glide right past the hole by 20-70' depending on things. I'm just not consistent enough yet.

My A3 is a perfect example of this idea of a forgiving easy to throw approach disc. Just too much hard fade and skip. I can release it poorly and it ALWAYS ends up near where I want it too. Whereas my Reko, Link, Ion and P2's go EXACTLY where I release them which for me right now, isn't great, since I'm still learning to throw well and can not release the disc consistently. So the A3 is such a great throw it and forget it disc. I can literally stand on any shot at 230' or in, and just mindless throw it 20-40' right of the basket and it ends up within 10-20' every time! Unless the basket is near an area of land that slopes away to the left, then I can't throw it, as it will roll down that hill. Whereas my normal putters either end up 5-10' away from the basket on a good throw or 30-60' to the right or left depending on how bad I released it. And obviously I keep practicing and want to become so good that it almost doesn't even matter what disc is in my hand. But for now, I need something more forgiving.

So I'm looking for something sort of like the A3, just not as much hard fade and equally forgiving but with a soft landing that stays where it lands.

The perfect flight path would be more or less straight with a consistent fade, but land soft and not want to skip or curl left more. As well as be very forgiving to not so perfect release angles and NEVER turn right even on hard throws. Not sure if there are any putter/approaches out there like that, but if there are, I'm all ears. And I think the most important thing is that it has at least 2 fade and is very forgiving to not so great release points.

Maybe a Prodigy PA-1, Discmania P3x? Something like that? Thanks

BuzzzChief 11-27-2019 12:25 PM

Soft or Jawbreaker Zone would be good. They will start off similar to your A3 but beat in straighter and compliment it well. They also hit and stick.

VictorB 11-27-2019 12:28 PM

Having a disc stay close to where it lands is more of a skill and not a trait of a disc. Being able to match your landing angle to your target landing zone is the best way to do this. Everyone wants a perfectly straight reproducible flight from a disc, that won't have much ground play on approaches. A disc that can do that exists for everyone.

In the range you're talking about, I lean on forehand approaches with a cryztal drone. I find it easy to control how it lands and it's consistent because it's so overstable.

bsammons 11-27-2019 12:34 PM

If you like the A3 but want a little less fade I’d suggest an A4; they’re very straight fliers overall.

Timthenchant3r 11-27-2019 12:43 PM

What putters are you using for straight shots? Have you considered buying that putter in premium plastic? For example if you are using DX Aviars try out a Champion Aviar.

GoobyPls 11-27-2019 12:45 PM

Learn to throw a FH for this shot, preferably with a low glide disc. I use a Soft Harp since it doesn't have much ground play. Zones and Pigs work too.

jmatthews7157 11-27-2019 12:59 PM

I throw a z-zone for this shot. I do use a p3x for straight up shots, but when I power that disc to 200' and release flat it drifts right for the entire flight. The zone throws the same and has a similar hand feel, but will always drift slightly left and offers the control of a hyzer line when released flat. If I force the zone to flex it always comes back too. Drones go longer for me (300ish) and normally skip, but the zone drops and sticks fairly well.

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Monocacy 11-27-2019 01:07 PM

100-200' straight shot with gentle fade sounds perfect for a stable (not overstable) putter in baseline-ish plastic. Take a stack of putters out to a field or play catch with putters until you can hit that line. Your game will benefit immensely.

You can also flex an overstable putter (throw it on an anny line) to get a straight flight with gentle fade. For me, throwing a stable (straight) putter on a slight hyzer-flip is a more reliable shot. But others prefer to flex something overstable.

But either way, practicing the shot outside of a scored round should be beneficial.

BeRReGoN 11-27-2019 01:31 PM

Soft X Zone, Rat, Berg

Broken Shoulder 11-27-2019 02:26 PM

Throw your putter with hyzer.
There's no magic disc.

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