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Reniger 06-07-2016 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by Strauss (Post 3014401)
I'm still on the hunt for an "overstable" MD3.

****. Me too. I love the disc, don't get me wrong - it's a staple in my bag. However, it's definitely not an overly overstable mid. I would love to find a really beefy MD3. I might just have to try the EMcM signatures. My worry though, is that while I'm certainly only about 1/2 as powerful as these guys, I have seen Simon and Eagle both turn over the Eagle Signature glow MD3. Hopefully, my non-robotic arm doesn't have the same problem. :D

fasteddie 06-09-2016 01:11 PM

your prices and shipping are absurd, sadly I know I'm not alone in fact that I've taken my buisness elsewhere. Seems like DM has effectivly priced out A LOT of your long time supporters. agreed reign, the mid line still lacks an overstable mold dispite the md3 being labled as such.

fasteddie 06-09-2016 06:37 PM

my hasty lunch break post was poorly phrased and not constructive, sorry about the aggro.

Flick Maniac 06-10-2016 01:29 AM

i have a hard time thinking the postage pricing is to put more $$ in DM pockets. more likely for some reason they have yet been unsuccessful in getting a good deal going with the delivery companies (that put the $$ in their pockets at the moment)

Reniger 06-10-2016 07:41 AM

I'm also a bit bitter about the shipping costs and lack of option for a standard First Class instead of Priority Mail. However, I will whole-heartedly cheer for the excellent speed of delivery. They may only have an option for 2-day shipping, but they package and ship their product quicker than most online retailers outside of Amazon.

crater77 06-10-2016 11:43 AM

I buy from infinitediscs. They have lower pricing, cheaper shipping and insanely fast shipping. Love discmania but the new pricing sucks. $7 shipping also sucks.

crater77 06-10-2016 11:44 AM

They are made by innova why should discmania be more expensive than them?

crater77 06-10-2016 11:45 AM

Other than special edition type discs that I totally understand.

Rol6566 06-10-2016 09:26 PM

Hard to see how Innova store has free shipping at $75, and discmania has no free shipping other than the promotions they run

Jenga54 06-10-2016 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Rol6566 (Post 3017052)
Hard to see how Innova store has free shipping at $75, and discmania has no free shipping other than the promotions they run

They are not the same company, so that's how

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