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Discraft Dad 12-03-2020 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by jakebake91 (Post 3664443)
I wanna live your life.

We all cant be this lucky. :p

etdefender19 12-03-2020 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by jakebake91 (Post 3664445)
I didn't make it far ....

Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s not the new year yet

txmxer 12-03-2020 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by uncle pennybags (Post 3664446)
And store employees have been physically attacked for trying to turn maskless people away.

Put yourself in the store employees shoes, do you tell everyone you see that they have to have a mask or just ignore it? Which is more important avoiding the possibility of reprimand or physical harm?

Yep. I feel for those workers—no win.

ru4por 12-03-2020 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by txmxer (Post 3664447)
Although there are mask mandate signs on many businesses around here, I see people going in unmasked occasionally.

Much more often I see improper wear of masks.

I was in HEB the other day—very busy. One woman—only one had no mask on at all. She was with another woman that was wearing a mask.

My 9 yr old son was sick last night. Vomited some. No real fever. Feels better this morning. Gave him watered down Gatorade for hydration. He said he can’t taste it. It’s orange flavor so not the strongest flavor, but still concerning. We have an appt for testing this afternoon.

Hoping for the best for your boy, Tx. Don't neglect to keep protecting yourself.

Jay Dub 12-03-2020 11:05 AM

I bought a new laptop 2 days ago. When I walked in that store there were 2 people in full protection at the door. They were checking to make sure people complied. The whole store was set up for the new guide lines. One way aisles was something I had not seen yet.

I know this was a bigger place than the local convenient store. They take good care to make sure guide lines are followed. Smaller places can't do that which is why it's even more important that the customers go out of there way to follow the guide lines.

Discraft Dad 12-03-2020 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by ru4por (Post 3664444)
I think you should go cry for attention on a different site. :| Your routine is lame and stale.

Get. Over. Yourself.

No one is making you or anyone read nor respond to anything I post. Don't agree with or like something I say? Ignore it. Put me on your ignore list if you must.

Discraft Dad 12-03-2020 11:09 AM

I pray that your boy feels better and he is ok, tamer.

Discraft Dad 12-03-2020 11:27 AM

That would have said txmxer.

Brodysseus 12-03-2020 11:31 AM

The ignore list is a heck of a feature.

ru4por 12-03-2020 11:42 AM

Vitamin D seems to be getting even more attention than it has in the past months. Anyone have some insight into the current treatment therapies seen for COVID patients? Not being currently at bedside, I don't really have much of an idea if Vitamin D in higher doses is part of it. I will try to take a look as some papers today.

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