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RickPC86 09-30-2015 07:35 PM

Infinite Mystery Box - How did I do?
Very new player, so I decided to get a mystery box from infinite discs, mainly to increase the amount of discs I had to practice with. Also with the hope to add 1 or 2 to actually use on the course. I thought I knew most discs - until I opened this box and didn't know what anything was.

Mainly just looking for some feedback on these discs by anyone who has used them before, or knows anything about them. For a quick overview of my distances so far - I drive for around 330-350 regardless if I'm using teebird, teedevil, or the boss. Mid ranges/putters up to ~250'

Also - I received an "F2 factory second" from innova, how do you identify what it actually is?

Here is a list along with a picture

CrossLap - Credo
Gateway - Magic
Salient - Antidote
Discraft - Ti comet
Discraft - Mantis
Innova - F2 ?????
UB Hand Candy


Thanks in advance for the feedback!

DesertFox 09-30-2015 07:38 PM

F2 disc looks like an Orc to me

ranger 09-30-2015 07:38 PM

Depends on how much you paid

Rol6566 09-30-2015 07:39 PM

As a beginner, thats a solid starting pack! Lots of great discs there

RickPC86 09-30-2015 07:48 PM

It was 75 including shipping

cjman 09-30-2015 07:52 PM

If you tell us the letters near the weight on the f2 we can tell you which mold it is.

RickPC86 09-30-2015 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by cjman (Post 2862424)
If you tell us the letters near the weight on the f2 we can tell you which mold it is.

162g...just the letter O. Orc?

ranger 09-30-2015 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by RickPC86 (Post 2862421)
It was 75 including shipping

Okay I suppose

I would much rather buy $75 worth of discs I know I want.

kw83028 09-30-2015 08:02 PM

The UB disc is a Monstrum. Pretty overstable. I threw one and it was a meathook for me, but I have a weak arm.
The Salient Antidote is an understable mid. Not too bad of a disc in my opinion
The Innova F2 looks to be an Orc, based on what looks like the initial "O" on the bottom
Credo is an overstable putter. Haven't tried one.

Some decent discs to try out or have trade bait for <$11/disc. Not a bad deal.

Innova63 09-30-2015 08:06 PM

No picture of the "Hard Candy"????

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