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ODRB 01-09-2017 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by DanJon (Post 3121390)
Yeah I am in agreement with you guys (except for giving them away).

I just don't see the need for filling such a small gap in my line up.

I'm sure it would be fun to throw them, but I'm already heavily invested in Teebirds/Leopards and know them quite well.

Tradesies? I have fancy TBs and Leos.

DanJon 01-09-2017 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by davidrboy (Post 3121392)
Tradesies? I have fancy TBs and Leos.

Shhhh were not supposed to do that in the regular forum.

smarkquart 01-09-2017 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by davidrboy (Post 3121391)

A little; definitely not flat, but perfect for what I want them to do.

Kodachrome 01-09-2017 11:36 PM

I love me some domey star gazelles. They just start out so neutral and glide forever.

The cfr glo are great in that respect too. Get some dome on them for that glide, but definitely more stability than the star. I'm waiting on more circle stamps...if they could make them in that pearly plastic like the cheetah....omg.

Really, though...it's the perfect fairway. I suppose if I could toss a gazelle 450' then I might want to change. I haven't hardly thrown at all in the last few months, though, which has only served to solidify its spot in my bag even more as such a comfy and beginner friendly mold as I recover my form each time I decide to go out again.

haier2 01-09-2017 11:50 PM

Sadly the Gazelle is not in my every day bag right now. While on a trip I lost my go-to 174 *GZ (luckily returned before I left) and picked up a 171 DX Teebird at a shop to use while out of town.

Ended up loving the DX TB and its great to be able to attack water holes with the knowledge I can pick one up locally. I still keep my favorite pair of *GZ in the small bag I carry in my truck.

Questatement 01-10-2017 01:08 PM

The CS champ gazelles, as stable any TB I've thrown, pair great with a mildly seasoned star TB.

Flight paths are varied enough and they land 40' apart for me.

b-mart 01-22-2017 11:48 PM

Well, it's 2017. In December of 2015 I was told by Innova that the Gazelle was on the "endangered species list", but was safe through 2016. They're still listed on the Innova site. I see that Disc Golf Center doesn't stock them anymore, but that's been the case for a while. Anyone seeing a scarcity anywhere else?

smarkquart 01-23-2017 09:25 AM

As probably mentioned on a previous page, I picked up two more Stars, bringing the whole inventory to nine Stars and one Champion Glow. Fingers-crossed, I have never lost a Gazelle, so hopefully I am stocked for a long time.

I am always flip-flopping with them and Star TeeBirds, but it is more a matter of what I am pairing them up against that determines whether they are in the bag or not. Right now I am sandwiching them between Rivers and Thunderbirds, so the Gazelles are perfect.

b-mart 01-25-2017 01:13 AM

I know it's probably been covered, but how do the domey Stars fly in comparison to the 11x? I have a couple of flat F2 Star ones that fly exactly like an 11x, but the only Factory Store one I have was custom dyed with a Gazelle dye by a buddy and won't see air. So I throw 11x in the summer and Star in the winter, but not sure what I'll do in 15 years when those two flat Star ones are too beat in...

ODRB 01-30-2017 03:29 PM

So, threw some old DX Gazelles yesterday for giggles. Barstamp and Circle Stamp. SUCH great glide and straight qualities.
Anyone else think they'd LOVE KC Pro style Gazelles? Stiff, but with good glide and nice for cycling?

Email campaign anyone?

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