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Mark_it_a_zero_dude 08-21-2013 04:23 AM

Has anyone had a chance to throw the factory store circle stamped champs? Would they be considered "good" gazelles. Looking at trying them and want to know if these are a good representative of gazelles.

tbird888 08-21-2013 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by Mark_it_a_zero_dude (Post 2139565)
Has anyone had a chance to throw the factory store circle stamped champs? Would they be considered "good" gazelles. Looking at trying them and want to know if these are a good representative of gazelles.

Did you even try to look back 30 or 40 into this thread?

Originally Posted by simpletwist (Post 2122690)
Finally got around to trying this disc. A pretty peachy, salmon colored 161g DX came Fedex yesterday. It was very nice. First hole I played yesterday evening; a downhiller with a tight donut hole opening to begin and the basket nicely protected by Weeping Willows. Damn those willows are growing like weeds this year with all the rain.

Anywho, parked it, best drive I've ever had on this hole! :clap: I used it a few more times for approaches. Carved some sweet lines and it was as predictable & forgiving as my Champ Leos. Just not quite as far. I think a Gazelle is in my cart to stay.


Originally Posted by b-mart (Post 2125678)
I threw my 175 and a 175 Glo in my round this morning, and they're pretty similar. I have a horribly inconsistent backhand, so it took some doing to get anything out of it. When I really seemed to get behind it it would fly a lot like my DX, but with a tiny bit more fade at the end. On flick shots where I would put too much anny on it it would turn over, but once it came out of the anny it would hold the straight line for longer than expected and then fade gently at the end. After my round I did some field work with a 10x, 11x, Glo, the Circle Champ, a DX, and a Star. The two Champ ones were consistently landing in the same area, and if I would put more effort into throwing the Circle Champ backhand it would fly on a right turning line very much like a DX does when you overpower it. Pretty sure that with some work and some beating in, this will become my go-to Gazelle because it will hold that sweet spot for way longer than a DX will.

Can't compare it to a Cheetah though. Anyone else?


Originally Posted by pnasalberta (Post 2126288)
I took my gazelle and cheetah out today. The gazelle was so money it flew straight and then faded hard not as hard as a trident but more than my cheetah. I was getting it 370ish and it was money. Exactly like a short teebird.


Originally Posted by thejake78 (Post 2126586)
Finally got one of mine (175g orange) out yesterday for some field work. For comparison I pitted it with a 175g Totem Teebird that I've thrown some but is definitely not broken in much, and I was maxing out on a Beast and an S-PD yesterday in the 320-340 range on low flat lines.

The Gazelle flew, for me, like a new, beefy Gazelle. Very straight with a good fade at the end. I could get the Teebird about 20ft further on average. The Gazelle (probably because it is brand new) had a bit stronger fade than the Teebird, but I expect some of that will come out. It was flying kind of 6/4/0/2.5 for me, I'd say. It did not want to flip at all. I had a few throws that were a bit OAT-y, but still it resisted turning.

I also threw a couple of forehands with it, and saw similar results.

Overall, I agree with the above posts... a little bit shorter Totem Teebird in flight. Nice Gazelle, and a nice disc overall

jkdisc 08-26-2013 04:56 PM

im selling my orange 172g but im keeping the pink in that weight

jsc430 08-26-2013 05:19 PM

My pink 175 is SUPPPPPPPER beeeefffyy

ThomasOrion 08-28-2013 04:36 PM

I have a European Open Glo GAZELLE in my bag. A GREAT straight to slightly understable fairway.

jkdisc 08-29-2013 11:51 AM

my 172g pink is up for grabs

PhillyMatt 08-30-2013 02:12 PM

got jk's 172 orange in the mail today. went outside at lunch, tossed it a few times

then went back inside, got online, and bought 5 more from innova pro shop...

free shipping if it's over $75 ;)

DiscNutt123 08-30-2013 02:14 PM

In his new "old school round" video on YouTube, McBeth throws a brand new DX Gazelle 460' on the last hole. It was pretty awesome.

Wallerus 08-30-2013 02:51 PM

Would anyone be apt to selling a Black Rainbow Stamped Gazelle? Or trading for one? Doesn't have to be circle-stamped, or pre-flight. Just has sentimental value, as my first one was lost in a watery grave.

PhillyMatt 08-30-2013 03:40 PM

Don't think you'll find black with rainbow unless its circle or bar stamp.

And can't have mine, sorry

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