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RistoS 01-18-2017 01:27 PM

Anchor (midrange)
Latitude is coming out with an overstable midrange, the Anchor. Flight numbers are 5 / 4 / 0 / 3 so we'll see how close to the Roc this thing will fly, maybe a bit faster than the Mace? It has a bead too.

Team players already have this disc, so maybe we'll get some early insight.


ilmcgee 01-18-2017 01:33 PM

I don't know, it might hold you down.

Snap-it 01-18-2017 01:40 PM

And I just started throwing the Mace, lol.

Pymm 01-18-2017 01:47 PM

I love the Verdict for OS mid but, as a retired Navy Chief, I dig the stamp, so, maybe I get one of these.

ThomasOrion 01-18-2017 02:27 PM

Looks SO much like an M2 or Roc3...mix....not a bad choice tho. Looks like a standard Slightly OS midrange. - dig the name tho and the art

wims 01-18-2017 02:37 PM

I hear that this one is between a Verdict and a Justice when it comes to stability. I imagine that it will be a bit more stable than a Roc3 for sure

VictorB 01-18-2017 02:40 PM

I don't know, this reminds me more of a drone than a roc. (The mace certainly wasn't like a roc to me. Fade was too dumpy.) I'd say wims is on to something, and will probably go between the justice and verdict.

Marmoset 01-18-2017 02:40 PM

It sure looks like a Roc.
The PDGA has the wing width listed as:
Anchor 1.4 cm
Roc 1.2cm
Buzzz 1.2 cm

Also the PDGA measured height is listed as:
Anchor 1.8 cm
Roc 2.0 cm
Buzzz 1.9 cm

These are the biggest differences according to the PDGA numbers.
With the wider wing and the lower profile I'm assuming it will be in the "speed 5" category. I'm up for auditioning a new fast OS mid!

hugheshilton 01-18-2017 04:11 PM

Looks a lot like a Bard to me. Seems like Trilogy people mostly throw Verdicts or Bards so Latitude is probably trying to get a piece of that action.

hugheshilton 01-18-2017 04:14 PM

Has the same flight numbers as a Bard too (not that that actually means anything).

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