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notroman 03-15-2013 06:33 PM

My Legacy Rival for your Eagle-X
I bought a Pinnacle Legacy Rival last week to see what all the hype was about, threw it a couple times, and did not like it. I'll stick to my Eagles.

Have: pearly white 173g Pinnacle Rival with blue stamp 9/10 no ink

Want: 175g Eagle-X (Star or Champ) 7/10 or better, prefer a stiffer feeling one

nkhoury 03-15-2013 06:53 PM

let's do it. i have a new champ eagle x 175g for ya can i see a pic?

notroman 03-15-2013 07:52 PM


xjohncandyx 03-15-2013 09:51 PM

If he doesn't work out, PM me.

6.5swede 03-16-2013 01:58 AM


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