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Moogerfooger98 04-20-2018 04:50 PM

Millennium QMS flat tops
Does anyone have any experience with the flat top QMS? I saw on their website they have some test runs available. I have no experience with QMS, but I've been reading it's a good alternative to a beat in dx roc? Can anyone confirm that fact?
I'm getting tired of cycling rocs! Don't get me wrong, I love my rocks. But if I could get away with just using a QMS for the flip up to straight/right to left duties, echo-star Sanny for straight, and champ roc for overstable, I would happy! Any thoughts?

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phishbiscuits 04-21-2018 04:35 PM

I had the QMS Test Run flat top (Jolly Launcher-y). The bottom rim proved to be VERY sharp in the hand. It is a nice disc, though. I gave my stack to a friend and wish I had them back...

I acquired them via Sun King about two years ago.

7ontheline 04-22-2018 12:59 PM

I've bagged the same QMS for 6-7 years, thankfully it was already seasoned to flip to straight when I first got it, and now it covers my most understable mid slot. My bud turned me on to the sweet feel of the early 2000 Millennium ce blends that were still available when I was a buy every disc noob. Those early runs were less domey than later champion runs so I'd expect a lower profile QMS would be okay with me. I bagged a couple well seasoned AMSs (both had lower dome profile) that would hyzer flip to turnover without fade, unless they're thrown high, at 300'+. I also bagged a gummy QMS with a small dome that would point and shoot on a low line with just a tight wiggle at 300', hold a sweeping hyzer, and handle a mild headwind. Most of my old school throwers have lower domes and cover MS Midrange Straight shots very well. Fresh ones have a touch of fade at the end of a stable straight flight. I enjoy the QMS's HSS as they season, the disc rolls on its axis while holding the line, very predictable.

It will take a few seasons to beat in a QMS into a turnover. You might try to season an Aurora MS (Innova's Pro plastic blend) for that turnover line then get a QMS for workable durability that one day will be that beat roc before it gets squirrely forever. By testing out the AMS first you'll save a few bucks, get a better grip than champion type plastic, and in a season have that beat roc flight in a plastic that should last a while.

Good luck!

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