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Aim For The Chains 10-19-2016 08:56 PM

That was my concern... Feel free to group email mnhomes @ live if that is easier.

Aim For The Chains 10-19-2016 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by Noill Golf (Post 3086548)
yep, I am monitoring this e-mail:



:p welp literally i guess. Your are aiiiight. :)

BennettUA 10-20-2016 09:40 AM

Yes, confirmed, truth, we WILL make this happen!

I apologize, I have not logged in, dyed, or even played but one round in the last few months. That's no excuse though, so let's get this thing cranked back up!

Obviously our deadline for posting will change, but that's of little concern, we've gone into November in years past(maybe not THIS late, but it's happened).

Start pulling donations and sponsorships from your local clubs, from your own stock, from anyone you know that would be willing to donate cash, discs, swag, or anything else to the prize pool. Remember that this contest is solely fan supported!

Will be dusting off the laptop and getting something up tonight, thank you to those who emailed me to light the fire.

Noill 10-20-2016 11:14 AM


We'll have a thread going for submissions later today or early tomorrow... FYI dyers.


roggenb3 10-20-2016 12:24 PM

Nice! I finished my entry last week. Already getting antsy to post it!

twistedmangled 10-24-2016 06:34 PM

So whats the status of Okthroberfest? Is it going to happen? Any updates anybody know?

BennettUA 10-25-2016 10:00 AM

Thread will be up shortly :D

Jermy 11-03-2016 05:00 PM

Oh, damn.. I haven't dye'd in YEARS. Brings back all kinds of memories! Glad to see your still involved Bennett!

Edit - Looking back, I still feel I got jipped on the first year! lol

Noill 12-17-2018 08:35 PM


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