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Frank Delicious 12-18-2010 09:36 PM


Originally Posted by ArcheType (Post 619152)
What's better, Roc or Buzzz?

This depends on what you like in a midrange. The roc is slower and more stable and does better in base plastic. Buzzzes are better in premium plastic and faster and straighter out of the box. You should test out both and see which one fits your style better.

Other mids you should try:

Comet, Core, Fuse, Element, Warrior, QMS, Wasp, Hornet, Sentinel

Noill 12-18-2010 09:37 PM

why do my discs always go right? :confused:

Noill 12-18-2010 09:38 PM

Why is apothecary banned? What is an infraction?

ArcheType 12-18-2010 09:39 PM

Ya know Frank, that's the best response I've ever heard to the roc v buzzz question,

In honor of that, I'll stop trying to derail your thread. G'day Frank.

eegor 12-18-2010 09:39 PM

C'mon man! Let Dr. Frank be serious on this! This is indeed a VERY useful thread if used properly.

S.Cann 12-18-2010 09:39 PM

Serious Question: What do people mean when they say they're playing "skins"?

optidiscic 12-18-2010 09:40 PM

I think a lot of guys are gonna pick frank s brain and pretend to be facetious sarcastic but secretly have been afraid to ask along LOL I'm loving this

thrembo 12-18-2010 09:40 PM


Frank Delicious 12-18-2010 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by jhgonzo (Post 619159)
My buddy jump putts inside the circle, and I keep telling him that he can't do that. Who's right?

You are right. from inside 10 meters the person must stay behind their disc/marker and demonstrate balance.

from the PDGA rules manual


C. Any throw from within 10 meters or less, as measured from the rear of the marker disc
to the base of the hole, is considered a putt. A follow-through after a putt that causes the
thrower to make any supporting point contact closer to the hole than the rear edge of the
marker disc constitutes a falling putt and is considered a stance violation . The player must demonstrate full
control of balance before advancing toward the hole.

Frank Delicious 12-18-2010 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by Noill Golf (Post 619165)
why do my discs always go right? :confused:

Are you left handed? Right handed? Do you throw forehand or backhand?


Originally Posted by Noill Golf (Post 619170)
Why is apothecary banned? What is an infraction?

The first is a question for the mods so you could PM one of them or hope they stop by to explain it.

An infraction is a point that counts against you when you break the rules. When you get 5 you get banned for a certain amount of time.

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