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EricMoul 12-11-2019 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by Hampstead (Post 3528342)
That SF Giants relief pitcher, the MMA fighter and the Penguins goalie are all professional athletes who play disc golf. Are they dominating yet? I haven't been paying attention.

Not sure who the Giants pitcher is but Seth Lugo of the Mets has a win in the Southern Nationals Circuit and has tossed at least 1 1000+ rated round.

Ben Askren was runner up in the 2011 USADGC. Tossed rounds of 1012 and 1028.

And Casey DeSmith is currently 950ish rated after 3 career events.

While not dominating in any sense, it's quite impressive how quickly they have picked up the sport. There's a very small percentage of disc golfers who have thrown 1000+ rated rounds and even being 950ish rated is better than the majority of golfers. Not bad for playing DG as a hobby compared to the 1000's of hours they dump into their main sport.

aphilso1 12-11-2019 03:49 PM

It's a matter of sample size and incentive. Disc golf is still a niche sport with a much smaller participation rate than golf, basketball, etc. Couple that with the fact that the best disc golfers in the world make less money than players in the major sports earn even in the minor leagues. As an example, Ricky Wysocki's total career earnings were $357k as of a year ago...that is the same as the average signing bonus (not salary...signing bonus) for a 5th round MLB draft pick. Lots of 5th rounders aren't even good enough to make it the majors! (Sources: https://www.cypresspointgolf.com/how...-golfers-make/ and http://thecomeback.com/theoutsidecor...must-make.html)

These are the same factors that lead to modern athletes being better than they were a few generations ago; the number of kids playing baseball today is much higher than it was 100 years ago, and those kids have a much larger carrot dangling in front of them to incentivize them to try to pursue baseball as a career. As a result, the modern baseball player is a much better athlete in 2019 compared to 1919. Baseball is only one example, but you will see the same thing in basketball, track, etc. For top disc golfers to be on the same athletic playing field as top pros in other sports, we will need to "grow the sport" both in terms of participation and incentive.

Chains Bailey 01-02-2020 11:27 PM

The Brodie Smith idea from earlier in the thread is alive!

Could he walk into any disc manufacturer with his 2 million viewers and get signed on the spot regardless of skill level?

If so, which one is most likely and why?

I believe he may be the pinnacle of DDs business model - if they built their own social media wrecking ball from scratch, they would end up with Brodie.

I am sure I broke some unwritten rule about bumping a thread I started myself, so just deduct my DGCR points and then immediately jump on the Bro' Wagon with the cool kids!

Chains Bailey 01-18-2020 01:36 AM

:clap: to myself.

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