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Innova63 11-28-2019 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by R-Ogre (Post 3524687)
I volunteer to test that theory

All ready working on it....

Innova63 11-28-2019 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by Moose33 (Post 3524762)
Lemme get a Red Bull and try again

Maybe Red Bull and something to dull the pain from the headache trying to decipher Casey's posts.

SuperWookie 12-02-2019 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by jakebake91 (Post 3524579)
Came here to post this. Usually would say plasma, but they are going oop. My proton does this shot nicely though, and it's flight will never change.

I already have a nice stiff Swirly Neutron Ion that is a GREAT driving putter, but still too neutral and easily yankable for me right now. It does throw really well at near or full power every time though! It's my money throwing putter. I've used it about 5-7 times off a tee since I got it late in the summer/fall, and EVERY SINGLE shot has been almost as long as any mid in my bag and dead straight with a super soft baby fade at the end! At this point, I feel it's kind of a magical disc that ONLY goes far and right where I want, haha.

But for softer up shots/approaches at 80-200', it has too deep of a lip on the rim and not enough High Speed stability. I have accidentally yanked it right many times trying to softly approach the basket from 80-200'. And since it has such little fade, if I throw it off line right away, that's it. It never comes back and ends up way right. But.... it's an incredible disc otherwise, and once I learn how to throw more consistently and accurately, it will probably be used ALL the time for lots of short shots and driving up to 300' or so.

I think maybe the mold is what is more important as well? Something with a lower profile rim? Not so deep and putter like. I think that is why I like the A3 so much. It is a little domey, but overall... it's kind of a thin disc and has a pretty thin rim depth, which makes it slide out of my hand easily without my fingers digging in so much and catching the rim and yanking it right. So I guess a disc that flies with a tad less hard fade at the end but in the A3 mold would be perfect? That disc just comes out of my hand so easy and smooth. NEVER catches or yanks right. ALL my putters and approach type discs can and do catch and yank right on me occasionally. So maybe I need to be asking which approach discs have a mold more like an A3?

I also know I just need to practice this shot a LOT next spring/summer in my field work as well. Once I get much better, I'm sure I could use almost anything. But having a disc that has a good feel is also important. And right now with my consistency and accuracy not being so good, that super easy throw it and forget it A3 type of a disc is money for me. Just not every approach.

I think I'll check out an A4 first and see how that flies. Then maybe try some of these other suggestions if that doesn't work. I also need to do some field work with my Berg A3 and see if that does what I want as well. I've never really thrown it too much (just putt with it and use it for weird short shots I don't want to roll or skip). It might be exactly what I'm looking for. I know the few times I threw it in a field, it just dies. It's like throwing a lite weight bowling ball. It just goes exactly how far you throw it. And NEVER skips or rolls much when it lands. But the few times I did throw it medium distance (~150') or harder (~250' distance) it didn't fade much. It just goes more or less dead straight. We'll see. Thanks for all the suggestions so far and I'll keep them all in mind come early Spring next year!

bsammons 12-02-2019 11:01 AM

A4 is an A3 with less fade ;) I’ve got one if you’re interested to try it out

SuperWookie 12-02-2019 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Finny (Post 3524621)
OP already has an Ion and says it doesnít work for this shot.

OP, my concern is that you canít get a straight-to-fade flight out of your Reko, Ion, Link, or P2. Are they all beat-in baseline plastic?

Iíll nominate DGA Breaker, PA1, and Envy.

I can get the Ion to fly either dead straight or straight with a fade. That isn't the problem. The problem is that my fingers accidentally stick in the rim on discs like this too easy and I YANK them right bad. The A3 is so low profile and has such a wide low profile rim, that it just slides out of my hand and goes dead straight release every time. It then flies however I threw it, but the release is perfect and easy to throw those soft 80-200' approaches with.

The more I think about this, the more I think I need to just find a disc with a mold VERY similar to the A3 or Gator, but not quite as much hard fade. Then I'd probably have the exact disc I'm looking for ;) Thanks for the advice.

SuperWookie 12-02-2019 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by ChefKoolaid (Post 3524656)
Check out a K3 Berg!!

I have one! Haha. I should try throwing it more often in the field to practice this shot and see if it does what I want. I just feel like maybe the rim shape and depth will be a hindrance. It's too deep and catches on my fingers. But maybe if I practice with it more (haven't really thrown it much since I got it a few months ago), it might be exactly what I'm looking for.

But like I said in my last few posts, I think it's the rim profile and shape (the mold) that is the biggest help or hindrance here. So I'm going to try an A4 and anything similar to it first before trying a bunch of other discs. That A3 just slides out of my hand SO well and NEVER yanks right or gets stuck on my fingers. Thanks for the suggestion!

SuperWookie 12-02-2019 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by bsammons (Post 3525614)
A4 is an A3 with less fade ;) Iíve got one if youíre interested to try it out

Thanks for the offer. But I'll pick an A4 up sometime in late winter/early Spring and see how that works. If it's the same mold, it may be EXACTLY what I'm looking for!

riltim 12-02-2019 11:48 AM

This issue would probably be easier to fix by going to the course and practicing 150' upshots for 30-45 minutes than buying new discs. Mix in backhand and forehand so you can get comfortable landing on hill sides without fear of rolling away.

SuperWookie 12-02-2019 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by riltim (Post 3525636)
This issue would probably be easier to fix by going to the course and practicing 150' upshots for 30-45 minutes than buying new discs. Mix in backhand and forehand so you can get comfortable landing on hill sides without fear of rolling away.

I realize this. But the way discs feel in my hand is a HUGE part of how they fly for me. All the putters and discs that have deep dish rims, feel HORRIBLE for throwing to me personally. Especially shorter approach shots. Driving off the tee, it's not so bad. But they all feel like I could either throw it really well or yank the HECK out of it right because of the steep and deep rim shape that can easily grab on my fingers. I've NEVER thrown putters or deep dish rimed discs well. Always do better with shallower discs. I even use a fan grip on almost all shots (except long drives with a FW or Control Driver) and only have my index finger resting on the rim. Putters and discs with rim shapes like that almost ALWAYS catch and yank right. The A3 NEVER catches and because of it's very unique blocky, thin profiled shape and shallow but wide rim, it just feels PERFECT for approach shots where I need some touch. And is money for shorter Forehand shots as well! So I have a TON of confidence throwing that disc. But it hooks so hard left, that it's not super useful for all approach and shorter shots. So I think after watching videos and getting suggestions here, that an A4 might be exactly what I'm looking for and will allow me to feel much more confident throwing approach shots and touch shots that are under 250'. And then my K2 Berg will probably be the perfect approach disc for much straighter approaches. So I'll have the Berg, then the A4, then the A3 and have a perfect setup for every type of approach or touch shot possible ;)

Like I've mentioned already, I know it's the Indian, not so much the arrow. I need to practice this shot in field work WAY more. But there are a million discs and molds out there for a reason. To give the thrower a confident feel in hand to allow them to throw a great shot. And NONE of my current discs (other than the A3) feel amazing and inspire confidence for softer touch shots and approach shots. So that is why I'm asking for some suggestions. But It seems like after doing a ton of searching on Infinitediscs that the Prodigy A discs are the only discs that have a rim profile like I want AND lower speed, lower glide and medium fade. The Gator looks very similar, but it's a speed 5 and a hard meat hook. The A4 seems PERFECT, so I'll try that and go from there. Thanks for all the help everyone

riltim 12-02-2019 01:05 PM

My comment was based on this part of your original post. You're only going to get this shot dialed in with practice, not a new disc.

The second I get out of the car I loosen up by throwing 20-30 upshots from 180' or so. It's a skill that saves way more strokes than bomb drives or long putts.

My A3 is a perfect example of this idea of a forgiving easy to throw approach disc. Just too much hard fade and skip. I can release it poorly and it ALWAYS ends up near where I want it too. Whereas my Reko, Link, Ion and P2's go EXACTLY where I release them which for me right now, isn't great, since I'm still learning to throw well and can not release the disc consistently.

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