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discspeed 08-28-2019 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by Mike C (Post 3491449)
I bag Wraths for that role. They're really close to Volts speed wise so they might not fit your bag as well as my Crave/Wrath/Mayhem setup, but they go surprisingly far. They always glided better than Photons for me.

I haven't seen any domey neutron Photons, but have seen domey fission. Haven't thrown one in Proton or Plasma.

For me the Photon was a touch more LSS than I wanted for that role, being a bit beefier than I'd like for good distance. Defy's fly very nice for me but lacked the HSS I wanted for moderate headwinds. Wrath hit the sweet spot for me.

I've been bagging Wraths most the summer and they are really nice discs, but the Photon really is like a longer version for me. It also does seem to go really well with the Volt/Relay.

As always I think it is the difference in our power and preferred release angles that dictates our preferences. The Relay/Volt/Photon fly the most intuitively for me.

wolfmandragon 08-28-2019 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by discspeed (Post 3491454)
The Relay/Volt/Photon fly the most intuitively for me.

Add a Crave and all the speeds are covered.

ThrowaEnvy 08-29-2019 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Mediocrefellow (Post 3490999)
I think maybe my octane is just getting beat. It's neuron and has hit a few fences and landed on pavement and skidded a few times so a heavy proton or eclipse may work.

Anyone know the most stable plastic for an octane?

Wouldn't the eclipse be the beefiest? I don't know just going on past runs of other stuff.

I think Discspeed has some Craves.. If you have enough arm the right Volt is a better disc. In my bag it's the Crave since I'm weak, too many putter rounds haha and short holes out here. Funny my putters are going further than ever but I'm out of practice with big drivers. I use a Relay/Crave/Inertia/plasma Wave setup with a light fission Photon. All of those discs I can get up to speed easier than a heavy Volt.

discerdoo 08-29-2019 11:14 AM

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I didn't know Team MVP Series discs were a thing but found this 9/10 beauty Inertia at PIAS yesterday for $9. Not really a stamp guy but this one is kinda cool.

Monocacy 08-29-2019 11:33 AM

Re chunks - my favorite fairway driver is a 156 Plasma Insanity with a fresh chunk out of the rim. Perfect amount of understability for my limited distance; hyzer-flips to dead straight beautifully for wooded tunnels.

Unfortunately when the chunk smooths out the Insanity regains some of its stability. Still turnable, but regains its fade. Wish MVP/Axiom could make a disc that flies like a freshly-chunked up Insanity all the time. :D

Of maybe I just need to hit more rocks.

ThrowaEnvy 08-29-2019 12:24 PM

Holy f*** f*** have you seen the newsletter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Today, we are announcing that we will be retiring 15 molds from the MVP and Axiom lineup, as well as some plastic options in some models.*These molds include:

24.5mm Class (Distance Driver)
Limit - MVP Disc Sports

21mm Class (Distance Driver)
Thrill - Axiom Discs

18mm Class (Fairway Driver)
Amp - MVP Disc Sports
Shock - MVP Disc Sports

16.5mm Class (Fairway Driver)
Clash - Axiom Discs
Inspire - Axiom Discs
Switch - MVP Disc Sports

13mm Class (Midrange)
Axis - MVP Disc Sports
Vector - MVP Disc Sports
Vertex - MVP Disc Sports

12mm Class (Midrange)
Alias - Axiom Discs
Tangent - MVP Disc Sports
Tensor - MVP Disc Sports
Theory - Axiom Discs

10mm Class (Putt/Approach)
Particle - MVP Disc Sports

Plastic Options going out of production (These are specific plastic options only; these molds will NOT be going out of production and will remain available in the other plastics):

Anode - Soft Eclipse - MVP Disc Sports
Anode - Soft Proton - MVP Disc Sports
Anode - Plasma - MVP Disc Sports
Anode - Proton - MVP Disc Sports
Atom - Neutron - MVP Disc Sports
Defy - Proton - Axiom Discs
Ion - Soft Eclipse - MVP Disc Sports
Ion - Soft Proton - MVP Disc Sports
Ion - Plasma - MVP Disc Sports
Spin - Proton - MVP Disc Sports
Wrath - Proton - Axiom Discs

We speculate that the news of these items may be a surprise to some of you, particularly the widespread retirement of our midrange lineup.*The primary mold used in making most of our midranges (i.e. the mold used to make the center core) was the second mold we have ever built, and the function of the nearly 10-year-old mold isn’t compatible with the new state-of-the-art molding equipment we have now.*Furthermore, with our midranges being some of our earliest models, we see a lot of areas of needed improvement. We have heard the same feedback from our fans, and we agree with them.

Rest assured that while your favorite midrange might be about to go out of production, we have every intention of making new additions to our midrange lineup that we feel will be better and more modern options."

rakamkram 08-29-2019 12:32 PM


Jouni 08-29-2019 12:40 PM

I will be missing Tangent. How does the Neutron compare to Proton? Have to buy some while I can.

What about Wrath? I have only used Proton, is there big difference to Neutron?

bsammons 08-29-2019 01:05 PM

And I thought axis was one of their best molds...

Emoney 08-29-2019 01:06 PM

Respect. Great move. Really opens up alot of new release potential.
Hopefully will help with consistency.

The Shock is a good disc. I just felt it was a little slow.

Oooohhh and Electron Matrix in the works!!! Yay

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