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Tepi 07-03-2017 05:43 PM

Backhand technique help

got addicted to this amazing sport couple months ago and been working on my bachand form since then.

At first progress was fast but lately been pretty much stuck to what it is. From video I noticed that my front foot points too much to target when I plant it which opens up my hips. Think I somehow try to secure knee or something unintentionally. Tips to fix that and everything else would be great to get, thanks in advance!


josgood 07-03-2017 08:48 PM

You are planting a little open. More importantly, though, you are not bracing at all off your front leg and your upper body is coming through pretty early.

sidewinder22 07-03-2017 10:49 PM

Yeah you are turning open before you brace and shifting your weight from in front of you, instead of planting closed and shifting or catching your weight from behind you. It should feel very weird fixing and being in dynamic balance.


Tepi 08-18-2017 04:20 PM

Thanks for that bracing tip, I hadn't even heard of it before this. Been lately trying to incorporate it into my throws, should do way more field work instead of playing rounds...

Recorded one of my throws today and noticed my hips are still open (both toes facing outwards), guess this is what I should fix first atleast? Somehow still fear for my knee and I believe that is main reason why plant foot is open. What goes to left leg, that is probably something I can fix by focusing on it.


People also speak alot about "power pocket" and that is also something I don't seem to get anywhere near right. I feel like theres more of that "rounding" in my release.

sidewinder22 08-18-2017 07:45 PM

Turn your phone sideways and frame yourself closer in the video, you are only like 2 inches tall on my 26" monitor especially when filming phone vertical.

You can't really create much space for a power pocket unless you plant closed, your front shoulder is barely turned back when you plant(really barely even turns back at all) and you also land flat footed on your heel first instead of your toes. Your upper arm appears to be hugging your chest/elbow not out leading forward with closed shoulder. When you turn your body/shoulders further back, you will need to widen your upper arm/elbow out away from your chest to keep the arm/disc in straight line to target. This will feel very weird and like there is no power you can generate, but you have to trust it and try it and prepare to be amazed. The Door Frame Drill should pull your arm out wider as your shoulder gets pulled further back as you go into the plant leading with your butt/weight. The door frame should turn your body/shoulders much further back.

Not sure what your fear is with your knee - previous injury or current injury? I've found less stress in the knee with a more closed stance which allows you to catch yourself more upright in balance/posture dynamically and "from behind you". You should be able to jump laterally back and forth between your two feet quickly without fear - this is bracing. Also work on slowing everything down, which should help your fear of injury. Do some Crush the Can drills - just crush the can with a one or two inch movement, don't try to rotate or swing, just crush the can and stay closed/butt and back facing target, this is only a drill for a very specific thing before the swing even happens - or well it initiates or triggers the swing chain reaction.

Tepi 10-05-2017 12:41 PM

Mostly just played rounds lately and feel like I've just taken steps back. Did some field training today and took one video, sorry about the quality and editing...

After watching this, think I finally understood what you meant with "Your upper arm appears to be hugging your chest/elbow not out leading forward with closed shoulder.", that Dan Beto drill could probably help me with this? At some point I tried it but it feels like I don't get any speed to the disc that way, probably doing something wrong or then I just have weak arm?

"Not sure what your fear is with your knee - previous injury or current injury?" No previous injuries to the knee, just been having some aches to it after playing much which kinda freaked me out. Feel like I get the plant bit more closed now, but should be more I guess. Have to continue with crush the can tip you gave me.

That door frame drill I don't understand, should I try to reach more back than I do now? Think I have to stretch more. :D

Gotta say this is by far the hardest thing I've been trying to learn ever, guess that's why it's so much fun. Thanks for help in advance!

Ps. Will try to get better videos sometime, filming with phone ontop of my bag is kinda tricky.

RFrance 10-05-2017 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by Tepi (Post 3229251)
Ps. Will try to get better videos sometime, filming with phone ontop of my bag is kinda tricky.

HUB suggested this a while back: Use rubber bands and a stake/pole to improvise a tripod. A 4 foot section of PVC should work

sidewinder22 10-05-2017 03:21 PM

Whoa, looks like you are trying to keep your head down. Keep your head up! Head should be balanced and stacked dynamically upright in athletic posture over shoulders over hips over legs. You completely change your tilted spiral axis during the throw.

Tepi 10-25-2017 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by RFrance (Post 3229342)
HUB suggested this a while back: Use rubber bands and a stake/pole to improvise a tripod. A 4 foot section of PVC should work

Thanks for the idea! Tweaked it a bit and took our broomshaft for this use, didn't get to use it today tho, final product:

Bet my GF is proud of me when she comes home!

Think I picked that head down part from one of Feldberg's clinic videos, it felt akward.

"You completely change your tilted spiral axis during the throw."

Think this explains why I've been turning over some of my shots so bad. Been lately focusing on this, not sure if it's any better atm tho.

Yesterday I finally realised how that bracing should feel, not in the disc golf swing but bandy hit. It's a sport that most haven't heard of, but to make it sort, it involves striking of ball from the ground with a club. I can hit, or atleast could hit it pretty damn hard back when I played actively and started to go through the motion to understand why I can smash that but not the disc.

That's where the feeling of all my weight against the leading leg hit me. It feels very simple but transfering that same feeling to disc throw is gonna take some hours. Tried it today while I was doing some putting training and this is how it looked:


Have to take one from the side next time.

I'm still not leading my shot with the elbow right and have no idea how to fix that. That Dan Beto drill isn't really clicking for me, any ideas?

Thanks in advance, really appreciate the time you are putting in to help others.

sidewinder22 10-25-2017 06:02 PM

That is looking better. If you are looking at yourself from the side of the tee, looking in a mirror, your chin should slightly lead your nose forward, this should happen due to shifting the lower spine forward underneath your head to the braced front leg, so your lower spine is leading the upper spine/head forward and will create a little backward spine tilt away the target. This may feel a bit weird, like a reverse pivot/weightshift, but it is not a reverse pivot.


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